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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Teams Share Halloween Photos -- Fall Sports Bracket Pick Em -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

 Teams Share Halloween Photos

Contrary to popular belief, players can have fun at practice.  Maybe football needs more practice and less fun, but other than that it can be more productive to have a little fun during practice. It can be relaxing to the mind and allow for mental breaks during what can often be intense and demanding practices.

Recently, players had fun by dressing up in Halloween costumes.  Many of the teams took to social media to share photos or videos. Since today is set to be a stressful day with elections I thought we could have some fun and laughs and share some of the photos.

Field Hockey

Our field hockey team took the field dressed as Harry Potter characters, some of the "Things" from Dr Seuss stories, members from the popular show "Tiger King".


Softball had plenty of fun with cartoon characters from Spongebob, Angry Birds, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We also saw some prison inmates show up.


The team got together for a large group photo instead of small groups.  It appears pumpkins, donuts, ghosts, and Jack Harlow (rapper based out of Louisville) all showed up.

Fall Sports Bracket Pick Em

There is no guarantee that we will do any type of Pick Em, but we did want to get a feel of who may be interested if we did some. With Field Hockey and Soccer both prepping for their ACC Tournaments the brackets have been released.

We missed out on our annual Basketball Pick Em with the NCAA Tournament, but maybe we could have some fun with soccer and field hockey brackets?

If interested, feel free to post your picks in the comments or emailing and

Make sure specify which sport you are submitting so there is no confusion.

Jared's Picks

Field Hockey

Virginia, North Carolina, Syracuse
Louisville, North Carolina
North Carolina

Women's Soccer

Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina, Virginia
Florida State, North Carolina
North Carolina

There are no cash prizes or gift cards this time around, but we may be able to offer a date with Paulie.  Or you can sit down and talk engineering with Worldwide and Case. Or talk to me about a possible photo shoot. 


You won't want to miss the Wednesday column here at Cardinal Couple! Paulie has arranged interviews (via phone, of course) with head coaches Justine Sowry of Louisville Field Hockey and Karen Ferguson Dayes of Louisville Women's Soccer. Hear the thoughts of these two as they prepare for the ACC Tournaments! 

Election Day

On a non-UofL sports note, it's Election Day.  If you have not voted yet we highly encourage you to do so.

We don't endorse any candidates here, but we just hope you use your rights to go vote.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. I will play along with the Pick Em. Just because I'm tired of hearing presidential candidates bash each other.

    Field Hockey
    Quarters: Wake Forest, UNC, Duke
    Semis: Louisville, North Carolina
    Finals: Louisville

    Quarters: FSU, Clemson, North Carolina, Louisville
    Semis: Clemson, North Carolina
    Finals: North Carolina.


  2. Those are great pictures!

    The Nick Picks

    field Hockey
    VA, UNC, Duke
    Lou, UNC
    Women's Soccer
    FSU, Clemson, UNC,Lou
    FSU. NC

    When I win, I'll pass with a date on Paulie but, is a date with Sonya an option? Jared can come take pictures of my Cardinal Room out at the house.

    Nick O

    Nick O.


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