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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Jared's Favorite Volleyball Photos -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

 Jared's Favorite Volleyball Photos

Recently, I shared some of my favorite photos from the soccer and field hockey seasons.  With conference tournaments and then some basketball announcements the volleyball photos got put on the backburner.

Volleyball ran into a slightly shortened season than regularly scheduled due to COVID-19 related reasons.  They went 2-1 at home, but I only made it out to the two matches against Syracuse. Where I was allowed to go was a bit restricted this year.  Floor access and the first couple rows were blocked off so I had to work from the middle of the stands or up against the walls.

Here's some photos including a mixture of action shots and celebrations.  Facial expressions are a bit limited from the masks.

Like field hockey and soccer, volleyball is planning for spring games.  If they will conflict with spring sports like softball and lacrosse is unknown.  If we will be afforded the opportunity to take pictures at games again qand be in attendance to cover the events is also unknown, but we are hopeful!

With numbers getting worse again and the state taking a step backwards I hope everyone remains safe and healthy.  Although the tests aren't the most fun thing in the world do not hesitate to take one.  I have had three COVID-19 tests since June and have been fortunate that all results were negative.

WBB Virtual Tipoff Luncheon

                             (Arica Carter and Asia Durr from the 2018 WBB Tipoff Luncheon) 

As mentioned earlier this week, today is the University of Louisville Virtual Tipoff Luncheon. Paulie has attended these since the early days of their incarnation and been to a number of local venues for them. 

You can watch on the Cards Twitter account beginning at noon or Facebook and it's free for the viewing. 'It should be a great time, there is a lot of excitement about this year's squad and so much talent on this team! 

Happy Thursday and Go Cards! 



  1. Please take COVID-19 seriously. I just lost an aunt due to it today. Masks and social distancing can help save lives.

  2. Where can I watch replay of tip off luncheon. Somebody decided to schedule seating selections at noon today.


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