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Monday, November 23, 2020

ACC WBB Opening Day Schedule -- ESPN + to show Lou. vs MTSU --- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


MTSU has cancelled Wednesday's matchup with Middle Tennessee State due to MTSU Covid protocols.  UofL is replacing MTSU with SEMO (Southeastern Missouri State). The game will be played at SEMO on Wednesday at 3 p.m. and shown on ESPN +.  The Bellarmine game was cancelled due to their pause of basketball operations.  We will update in Tuesday article. 


As we progress with Game Week for ACC WBB, let's take a look at the opening games for the 15 ACC squads. 

The breakdown is as follows:  Ten of the 15 teams will open at home . 12 teams will begin on Nov. 25th and three schools will start later than 11/25/20. It'll be a busy Wednesday for ACC WBB fans !! 

WEDNESDAY 11/25/20

FSU at Florida A&M   CANCELLED. FAMU has cancelled their season. 

New Hampshire at BOSTON COLLEGE    noon

George Mason at PITTSBURGH    noon 

Georgia State at GEORGIA TECH   noon

Longwood at DUKE       noon

Jacksonville at MIAMI   1 p.m.  (ACC Network Extra)

Radford at NORTH CAROLINA   1 p.m.

Furman at CLEMSON    2 p.m.

Richmond at VIRGINIA TECH  4 p.m.

VIRGINIA at Central Florida     6 p.m.   (ESPN +) 


FRIDAY 11/27/20 

NOTRE DAME at Ohio    noon   (ESPN+) 

Arkansas vs WAKE FOREST   11:30 a.m.

SUNDAY 11/29/20

SYRACUSE at Stonybrook   2 p.m.   (ESPN+) 


As of now, Louisville WBB will be on ESPN + for their first two games (MTSU and Cincinnati). Both are "away" contests for the Cards. They'll have the home opener against EKU at 1 p.m. Sunday and the ACC Network Extra will have the feed. The Friday, Dec 4th game at UConn will be on TV -- ESPN and is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. 

We'll provide more on the schedule as it plays out, in any event, that's got you covered until conference play starts. In case you missed it, the game against Bellarmine has been postponed to a "to be announced" date. If there are any other schedule adjustments, we'll keep you in the loop. 

All the games will also be on radio...790 WKRD, as far as we know -- with Nick Curran and A.J. Johnson providing the call. I always enjoy listening to the radio call while watching and it doesn't bother me if Nick tells me about a score or steal a few seconds before I see it. I suppose there are "syncing" devices available for your laptop or PC if you need them, but, that's a bit over my head, as far as technology goes. 

CARDINAL COUPLE will provide pre-game articles on each match-up and a comprehensive recap of the action, so be sure to check back here.


We haven't received any official word on whether we'll be allowed to attend home games in a media capacity yet. We do know that Jared Anderson has been asked to serve as a "pool photographer" - so we'll at least have pictures. Last I heard, he's been shopping for appropriate swim-wear and a snorkeling device so he can take pictures form the pool. We're assuming he'll be in the Ralph Wright Natatorium waters, but that hasn't been verified. We've contacted Arthur Albiero to see if he'll assist Jared on the back-stroke and treading water...

He'll elaborate a little more in his article Tuesday and I'll have the pre-game scenarios for Louisville vs. MTSU on Wednesday. 

As usual, the disclaimer is that the game(s) could be altered as a result of COVID testing and results. It's 2020, after all...

Have a marvelous Monday and stay safe!



  1. MTSU game cancelled. Bummer. Hope CJW can find a replacement but it's pretty short notice.

  2. Hello Friends
    Arthur Here!

    Sorry to hear about the MTSU game. I fear it's the onset of many such announcements concerning college hoops.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan


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