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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Basketball to Host Virtual Luncheon -- Basketball Tournament Locations -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Women's Basketball to Host Virtual Tipoff Luncheon on Thursday

Louisville women's basketball announced a change to their annual tipoff luncheon.  With the ongoing pandemic, this year's luncheon will be done virtually. The tipoff luncheon is set for Thursday at noon.  It will be live streamed through the GoCards Facebook and Twitter accounts and free to view.

Pack up your lunch, order delivery, or hire a personal chef to prepare you a four course meal and sit back and relax on Thursday.

Nick Curran will serve as the host this year.  Curran is a favorite of Cardinal Couple as he and AJ do killer play-by-play and analysis on radio for each women's basketball game.  He also serves as host for the Jeff Walz show, which has been hosted at Chili's and Mark's Feed Store in recent years. Dana Evans, Elizabeth Balogun, Mykasa Robinson, Kianna Smith, and Hailey Van Lith will all take a shot at the mic for interviews.  Jeff Walz and Vince Tyra will also make appearances for statements.

We will send out a reminder on Thursday and then provide a recap on Friday.  Depending on how cooperative technology is, we are hopeful to get a recording from Paulie posted to the site as well.

NCAA Tournament

The NCAA plans to make some alterations to the 2021 NCAA Tournament for women's and men's basketball.  Instead of changing locations each weekend (every two rounds), the NCAA plans to host the tournament in one set location to help create a semi-bubble environment.

Unfortunately, for Louisville, the Cards will not have a chance to host the first and second rounds like they have done in recent years with a Top 16 seed.  This also means we probably will not see fans in postseason games. Could Louisville luck out and host the tournament?  Probably not.  The city does have the KFC Yum! Center, Freedom Hall, Bellarmine's Knights Hall, and the easily converted Broadbent Arena.  However, large cities with several venues such as New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, or Los Angeles would be more likely.

Pick Em

It came down to the wire with a one-score differential in the ACC women's soccer championship between Florida State and North Carolina.  The Seminoles came out victorious to complete an undefeated fall season. The brilliant mind of David Watson finished with a phenomenal 6-1 record to take the win.  Dave-O will have his pick of the lot with his winnings. It's even possible he'll emerge from his garage and make a victory remark or two in the comments today? 

Nick O, Curtis, and Jared were all close behind with 5-2 records.  No one finished worse than 3-4.

We certainly hope to see a normal NCAA Tournament for women's basketball to host our fan favorite WBB Pick Em in the spring.  Fingers crossed!

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. And, so it is in 2020. I discussed the possibility of this very thing -- the virtual luncheon -- yesterday and, lo and behold -- here it is. I am sure it was in the planning stages for a long time.

    Hearing that some season ticket holders have been contacted and will get to choose their seats Friday. No media update on our status yet.


  2. David Watsom11/17/2020 9:34 PM

    Hey ho, it's Dave O!

    I had a well thought out acceptance speech lined up for my upset win over the Cardinal Couple God of Soccer but my wife jotted down things she needed at Wal-Mart on a similar piece of paper and took my speech to the store and left her list here. So...
    Sanitary Wipes
    Dog Food
    Paper Towels
    Cranberry Juice
    Almond Milk
    Bud Light
    Eggs and Hamburger, plus
    Diet 7 Up get credit for my win.


  3. Love it Dave O!

    Blue Lou


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