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Friday, March 13, 2020



Things are changing rapidly.

Yesterday was almost surreal. The cancellations, postponements and suspensions kept rolling in non-stop. Gone is March Madness. Gone are college athletics for a long while. 

Our daily coverage of the joy and excitement of University of Louisville women's sports has run into a huge "stop" sign, as fa as the reporting on daily or future events for hoopers, stick holders, runners, fence swingers, net-guarders and the like. Most everything people-oriented and fan related is on hold until at least April. 

Spring championship are cancelled. 

We get it. We understand it. We may not like it, but, we have to deal with reality. Why endanger the health of our wonderful student-athletes, dedicated coaches and support staff and the loyal fans who follow them? 

So, our main focus and energy here at Cardinal Couple -- the reporting and analysis of UofL women's sporting events -- has been put on hold because of the Coronavirus. If there's nothing being played, there are no words to write about what happened nor picture opportunities to capture.

Where do we go from here? 

I debated closing the site down until things return to normal. But, that quickly left my thought process when I "thought it through" a little more and realized that there was still the past to recall, the future to debate, items to ponder and alternatives to explore. 

I can tell you that I am fortunate to have three writers here that myself, continue to bring you articles about women's sports at UofL. They may be commentary, or wherever their imagination and ideas take them... but we'll continue. 

We will survive. 

Jeff and Case are exploring the options of remote podcasts since the authorities have closed down the Louisville Free Public Library social rooms and podcast facilities. We'll see how it goes. Their biggest obstacle might be teaching the "lacking in internet skills" Paulie how to join in. They've overcome bigger obstacles in their lives, though.

Social distancing.

It's the new buzz word. We can talk, let's just make sure we are six feet from each other and don't have hand or body contract. Avoid crowds, fish fries, church, concerts and gathering of 100 or more.  But, cell phones still work. We'll explore phone interviews with various coaches -- maybe even student-athletes if NCAA regulations allow -- to give you their intake, ideas, commentary and thoughts. They may have closed down "media rooms" and "press conferences" but your friendly cell phone service is still operational. We'll explore that.

Worldwide even teased me that it might be time to bring back the "summer slump" Cardinal Couple quiz we used to run during the slow months of summer on our old radio show. I still have the one-eared-toothpick-holding bear, our prize for the weekly winner. 

And, tell us what you want us to do.

We're here to cover subjects that interest you. Do you want us to arrange and "best of five" three-pointer shooting match between Paulie and Dana Evans? See Jared suit up in lacrosse goalkeeping gear and try to defend the charging Hannah Morris or Ally Hall on the attack? Seriously, give us your ideas on things to cover. We''l entertain all requests (within reason).   

The thing is, as important as sports are to many of issues take priority every time. Health issues will be a tough competitor to beat. But, teamwork can and will provide a victory for our side. Let's throw politics, ideology and "what side of the aisle you are on" onto the trash heap and team up for the cause. 

Avoid doing this for awhile...
Heed the advice of those in the medical profession. Wash with hot water and soap, use hand sanitizer. Stay home if you don't feel well. Avoid large crowds. Prevent the spread of the virus. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep the faith and be patient. This thing isn't going to go through a miracle cure scenario. It's going to get worse before it improves. Just do your part and help in the prevention of spreading the virus. 

Coach Walz and many of the other coaches we cover will tell you as a "one" we are not very strong, but if we are a "team" in our actions, we can prosper. Let's be a team, dear readers. 

Teams are adaptable and have to perform in situations that are -- at times -- not the scenario they hoped for. But, you adapt, learn, perform and deal with the situation. 

Now, can any one on our "team" tell me why in the world are stores out of toilet paper? 



  1. Here is the official UofL statement:

    – Due to concerns surrounding the widespread health risks associated with coronavirus (COVID-19), the University of Louisville, in conjunction with the Atlantic Coast Conference, has suspended all athletic related activities, including all competition, organized practice sessions, recruiting and participation in NCAA Championships indefinitely, effective immediately. Plans could be altered at any time as more information becomes available in this very fluid matter.

    "We are all experiencing an unprecedented time and as an athletic department, we are doing what we can to help mitigate the spread of this virus," said Vince Tyra, UofL Vice-President/Director of Athletics. "I know our student-athletes will be disappointed about missing the competition, but their health and safety and that of our coaches, staff and fans is foremost in these decisions. We will continue to have regular communication with our university and ACC leadership, as well as guidance on a national level from the NCAA, as this continues to evolve.

  2. Strange times, indeed.

    I work in a grocery. Last night was nuts. As soon as we could get toilet paper out of the storage room, people were grabbing it. We are waiting on hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. They'll go fast, I am sure. Meanwhile fruits, vegetables, milk and bread were going basically untouched.

    I am going to miss hoops, no doubt. I know they will be back eventually, so I'll wait.

    Keep up what you do Cardinal Couple. We need you.

    Curtis "The future is unclear" Franklin

  3. I'm a bonafide conspiracy theorist.
    Saying that, asking if you are all ready for a total lockdown?
    Not getting the runs on toilet paper but not food. Kinda ain't gonna have much use for toilet paper if you haven't been eating 😂


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