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Monday, March 16, 2020



With all the bad news going on lately -- the "virus", presidential candidates screaming at each other, stores running out of hand sanitizer and toilet paper and such, I thought a brief respite from the "new world blues" might be in order this Monday. 

On the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour show, we used to do a "quiz" during the slow months of UofL women's sports. So, I'm going to adjust it for the website. I'll be using pictures of Cardinal student-athletes and related personnel, give you options on who it is and you tabulate the results. 

We don't have the luxury of the studio contestants displaying their answers, no bell or buzzer to indicate whether your answer at home is right or wrong or the on-air chatter between me (the quiz master) and the participants...but, let's give it a try. You're welcome to post your totals in the comments section.

10 points for each correct answer. No bonus option today. The one-eared, toothpick holding bear will be theoretically offered (fictitiously) as a trophy to the best score I see posted in the comments. 

Correct answers at the end of the quiz.  Clear the runway and faster your seat we go! 

1) I was a student-athlete on the University of Louisville women's basketball team from 2014-19

I came to the Cards from California and was a guard. 

I was known for my three-point shooting and ability to distribute the ball.

 I am: 

a) Mariya Moore
b) Nita Slaughter
c) Arica Carter
d) Bethann Ord 

2) Softball was my game and I played it at Louisville from 2016-19. I was a pitcher, great hitter and also outfielder.

I'm from Ashland, KY and the 2015 Kentucky High School Softball Player of the Year

I am: 

a) Jordan McNary
b) Megan Hensley
c) Chelsea Bemis
d) Maryssa Becker

3) Soccer was my game at UofL. 2016-19 was my time on the pitch at Lynn Stadium. I came in as one of Top Drawer Soccer's Top 100 freshmen.

I had four game winning goals in 2018, against UK, Michigan, Notre Dame and Syracuse. 

I am: 

a) Charlyn Corral
b) Maisie Whitsett
c) Emina Ekic
d) Brooklynn Rivers

4) Few could match my three-point shooting skills. I played at Louisville from 2008-12. I was the Pennsylvania Class 4A Player of the Year my senior year at high school.  

I'm fifth all-time in career three-pointers made at Louisville. I led the team twice in threes made for the season. 

I am: 

a) Becky Burke
b) Jude Schimmel
c) Brandie Raddie
d) Sara Nord

5) Anyone wanna play Volleyball? I did at UofL from 2014-17. Known for my superior front line skills, I was an excellent middle blocker and a kill artist. 

I'm in the top ten all time for hitting percentage at UofL. I played with Katie George, Jasmine Bennett and Molly Sauer in my career.  

I came to Louisville from Phoenix, AZ. 

I am: 

a) Yuliya Tokova
b) Daryl Foust
c) Tess Clark
d) Tina Naehr

6) Louisville Lacrosse was the sport I played in my time at UofL from 2013-16. When it came to draw controls, there has never been anyone better than me at Louisville. I'm still on campus, teaching the current players the "art of the draw".

I am: 

a) Katie Oliverio
b) Faye Brust
c) Hannah Koloski
d) Kay Morissette  

7) I spent my time as a field hockey player at UofL from 2015-18. In  I received the title of "best Field Hockey goalkeeper in the world"

I am: 

a) Ayeshia McFerran
b) Isabella Leeker
c) Stephanie Byrne
d) Paddy O' Shea.

8)  When it comes to throwing things, I was pretty decent at it during my time on the Louisville track and Field squad from 2008-10. I was the Big East Women's most outstanding Field performer all three years I was at Louisville 

I am: 

a) Makenli Forrest
b) Jeri Summers
c) Emmonnie Henerson 
d) Anne Kordes

9) I was an assistant women's basketball coach at UofL from 2012-13. 

I am: 

a) Greg Collins
b) Nick Evans
c) Cam Newbauer
d) Nick Curran

10)  Everyone loves to read Cardinal Couple on a daily basis, but, do you know the writers? 

Which one of these pictured here
are not a regular writer at Cardinal Couple? 

a) Jared Anderson
b) Jeff McAdams
c) Paulie Sykes
d) Sonya Sykes
e) Case Hoskins



1) C - Arica Carter
2) B - Megan Hensley
3) D - Brooklynn Rivers
4) A - Becky Burke
5) C - Tess Clark
6) D - Kay Morissette
7) A - Ayeshia McFerran
8) B - Jeri Summers
9) C - Cam Newbauer
10) D - Sonya Sykes

Tell us how you did in the comments section ! 

Have a meaningful Monday.



  1. I scored 70. 3,8 and 9 tripped me up. Going for some sleep.

    Curtis "unwrap it and get it out on the floor" Franklin

  2. Got 6 of 10 right. Not bad for guessing on 7. Re: #9, Cam is doing a nice job at Florida. They would have qualified for NIT. Cam did a great job getting that awesome freshman who should have been freshman of year in SEC. Boston probably got it. Great pic of you and Sonya playing in the rain Paulie.

    1. Thanks Wade. I've caught a lot of flack for wearing a blue rain gear item, but, I found 24 of these in a box at an yard sale and purchased them for the princely sum of $5.


  3. I report 70%.

    3, 8 and 9 got me.

    Thanks for doing this Paulie. People need diversions right now from the constant barrage of CoronaVirus stuff on the TV, on the radio, on the Internet -- everywhere.

    We all know the basics. Follow the five that you have listed at the top of the page, you'll be OK.

    Daggone, you all are a tall bunch at Cardinal Couple!

    Nick O.

  4. Missed three. On all three I knew the name but didn't know a face to go with it.

  5. 60% and don't follow any sports on grass or turf

  6. 9 out of 10!!!
    And don't know how I missed Brooklyn Rivers!


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