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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Amanda Green and Molly Sauer Interviews -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Cardinal Couple Sits Down With Amanda Green and Molly Sauer

Have you ever wondered what candy players prefer: M&Ms or Skittles?  What about either Beyonce or Rihanna for musical favorites?  Yesterday, Paulie and I took some time to ask these questions to UofL volleyball stars Amanda Green and Molly Sauer. It was the VolleyCards first day of practice and we wanted to talk to these two and discuss their overseas adventures and competition over the summer, review the past season and look ahead to the 2018 season.

A special thanks goes out to Dani Busboom Kelly, head coach of the UofL Volleyball team and Nancy Worely, associate sports information director of Volleyball for setting the interviews up.

2017 has not yet been added
The questions about snacks and music were not the only reasons we went down to Cardinal Arena, of course. Both Green and Sauer spent time this summer on Collegiate National teams. Sauer visited China about two months ago while Green was part of the CNT (Collegiate National Team) coached by Dani Busboom Kelly that visited Europe recently.

Molly Sauer has spent her entire career wearing a red and black uniform.  The Louisville native is a graduate of Assumption High School where such players as Katie George and Alexis Hamilton also hail.  Our libero in the #1 jersey has played a key role every year.

Amanda Green transferred in from Marquette and enters her redshirt junior year.  Hailing from Skokie, Ill., Green joined the Cardinals when Coach Kelly took the reigns as head coach.  She immediately made an impact on the court and wears #18, a popular number in the NFL among Colts fans.

When asked about what they got most of their time across the oceans,  the two teammates had different answers.  Molly and the CNT in China spent some time working with elementary and middle school volleyball players, having the chance to interact and communicate with them despite the language barrier.  In Europe, Green enjoyed the opportunity to continue playing volleyball with some of the best players around the country and improve her skills.

There are nine players on this year's roster that were not part of the 2017 team.  Both seniors gave us some input on the new faces and each listed two incoming players to keep an eye out for this year.  Three are incoming freshman while one is a sophomore transferring returning to her hometown where she attended Mercy High School.

These dual interviews are something you do not want to miss.  The interviews contain a healthy mix of fun with the CNT recap and 2018 preview.

You can check out the Amanda Green interview here.

You can check out the Molly Sauer interview here.

Fall Sports Media Day

Big doings today down on the Belknap Campus. Representatives of four squads-- plus lots of media will swarm the Lynn Stadium offices for the Fall Sports Media Day.  Field hockey, volleyball, women's soccer and cross-country will all be present for the event.  Due to its size the football media day is its own event this coming Saturday.

Have you seen this man?
Paulie and Worldwide Jeff McAdams will be in attendance to hear from  coaches Sowry, Kelly, Ferguson-Dayes and Dale Cowper -- plus selected players from each squad.  Besides interviews with the trio of coaches you can expect to hear from a few players from each team as well.

These media days (they hold one also for spring sports and women's basketball conducts one also prior to the start of their season) are a great opportunity to catch up what's been going on with the programs since their seasons ended, things the players and coaches will be working on for upcoming season and any additions to staff or roster.

We've also built a little fun into the player segment. In past interviews, we found out that Molly Sauer loves a particular type of bread stick with her pasta, we learned that Jordan McNary was considering a run for Kentucky Governor, discovered that Arica Carter has a future as Paulie's assistant interview specialist, it was revealed what shampoo Worldwide uses and we've been a part of many other humorous and delightful tales and revelations.

Yeah. We're a little goofy at times. But...we have fun with it and the players seem to enjoy it. We hope you do, too.

What Day Is It?

Grab a seat, pick up a book, and enjoy Book Lovers Day!  If reading isn't your style I'm not sure why you're reading this. Other "National Days of" include the chance to turn some polka on the radio or snack on rice pudding.  If none of those suit your style grab a buddy or significant other for National Hand Holding Day.

I won't be in the studio Saturday for The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour on WCHQ 100.9 FM but you can experience the other three knuckleheads back at the Magnificent Majestic Media Mansion on Mellwood (or whatever this week's name is). Be sure to listen at 11 a.m. or watch them live on Facebook Live.

Since I won't be able to put my sly joke on the white board I will leave one here for you- "What do you call a cow that cannot produce milk?"

"A milk dud."

And then there's...

"whoa...what a, man!" 
Don Mueller, a New York physicist, has composed a song about the decline of "Papa John" Schnatter. The musical section is the old "Popeye The SailorMan" tune. The vocals quite interesting. 

Check it out at the link below at your own risk and make your own conclusion. No dirty words, just some rhymes. 

Maybe it's time just to put the Schnatter ordeal on the shelf and move on to UofL fall sports and positive-type things. A lot of potentially great things ahead for Cardinal Athletics. From the words of another song:

You've got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Send gloom and doom to the minimum

Papa The Pizza Man

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. Love the interviews and Papa the Pizza Man. They should have had Snotter sing it.

    Nick O

  2. Sauer so key to UofL chances this year. Go Volleyball!

  3. Angel McCoughtry out for the rest of the year with torn ligaments in her knee.


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