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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Whitsett Earns ACC Honors -- Field Hockey Ranked No. 8 -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Maisie Whitsett Earns ACC Offensive Player of the Week

Three goals and an assist in your first two collegiate games typically will get you noticed by more than one or two people.  Maisie Whitsett, a freshman from San Diego, did just that, earning the season's first ACC Offensive Player of the Week.  North Carolina's Julia Ashley and Virginia Tech's goalkeeper Mandy McGlynn were Co-Defensive Players of the Week.

Whitsett scored two goals and recorded one assist in her Louisville debut when the Cards stormed past Wright State, 8-1.  In the 2-1 overtime victory against Xavier, Whitsett scored the game-winner when her header sailed into the night after a cross from Allison Whitfield.

It appears Emina Ekic might have a challenger to who will score the most goals this year.  It's also encouraging to see a young player so highly motivated and providing a spark to the Louisville offense.

To those who haven't kept track of Louisville's goal scorers I will try my best to keep it updated through weekly articles.  After two games here is what we have:

Maisie Whitsett  3
Emina Ekic  2
Delaney Snyder  2
Taylor Kerwin  1
Nadege L'Esperance  1
Kennadi Carbin  1

That list features two freshmen, three sophomores, and one senior.  The success from the younger players is a promising sign for years to come.

Field Hockey Ranked No. 8 in Preseason Poll

The first 2018 Penn Monto/National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) Division I Poll was released yesterday.  Louisville Field Hockey comes in as 8th in the country.

The ranking extends the streak to 55 straight weeks the Cards have appeared in the Top 20 rankings, dating back to 2013.  Off-season weeks are not included.  Being ranked No. 8 ties the highest preseason ranking in Louisville history, topping previous program-best No. 9, which was set last season.  Louisville closed out the 2017 season ranked No. 8.

Louisville was picked to finish third in the ACC this year.  The other conference foes are also ranked in the Top 20 including No. 2 North Carolina, No. 3 Duke, No. 7 Virginia, No. 11 Syracuse, No. 13 Boston College, and No. 14 Wake Forest. Seven of the top 14 in the nation in the ACC. Impressive.

Non-conference schedule seems to be equally as tough.  The Cards are set to face No. 9 Delaware, No. 2 Northwestern, No. 21 Albany, and No. 24 Ohio State.  Louisville dropped both games to Northwestern last year including a first round bow out of the NCAA Tournament.  The Cards stunned Delaware at Trager Stadium last year, 3-1.  Ohio State edged the Cards in overtime 2-1 last year in Columbus.  Louisville and Albany last faced each other in 2012 where the Great Danes beat the Cards 3-1 in New York.

With 10 of Louisville's 18 opponents being ranked in the Top 25 they have one of the toughest schedules in all of field hockey this year.  Games at Trager Stadium feature free admission.  The National Championship will be held at Trager Stadium for the second straight year and will be the only time this year that there will be an admission cover. Field Hockey is the only fall women's sports team with a top 10 rankings. Come out and support "The Stick Girls".

What Day Is It

For you food lovers you can celebrate baozi (bao for short), peaches, or pecan tortes.  It is also National Be An Angel Day.  I'm sure we're all angels on certain days, right?  Or if they're referring to the Los Angeles Angels I would gladly take one of their diamond star's contracts for a day.

Los Angeles is sometimes called "City of the Angels". How did the city get that moniker? It wasn't because of the baseball team. "los angeles" is Spanish for "the angels".  And now you know.

Won't you "be an angel" and read Cardinal Couple every day?

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. What a nice honor for Whitsett! I go a feeling it won't be the last time she wins that award. I'll be on campus today gathering interviews from Coach Justine Sowry, Ayeisha and Jeff Walz. If I see Whiitsett, I'll tell her "Jared says hey!"


  2. Posted this yesterday, but it got removed by error: an article from Everton's SBNation site examines the use of "ladies" in a professional sports setting. It points out a lot of intricacies of the use of the word and how more teams are (rightly) shifting to the use of the word "Women's" instead. It specifically talks about professional soccer, but in my opinion it further hammers home the notion that we should leave "Lady Cards" behind for good.

    1. Love it and I've been telling people for years that I AM NOT in favor of LADY in front of any team's name. I hope this catches fire and the term is discontinued. Women is acceptable and, at schools where appropriate...just say the Lacrosse, or Volleyball or Field Hockey squad (if their isn't a men's version on campus).

    2. And, if it is a sport that involves a men's team and a women's team, then designate every time not just an adjective for the women's team. It is men's basketball and women's basketball, men's tennis and women's tennis, etc. not basketball and women's basketball.

  3. You are so correct. I learned, decades ago, in a class at UofL why the term "lady" was often considered derogatory. Well, maybe there are still some women around who do nothing all day but sip tea and do needlework but I sort of doubt it.


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