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Sunday, August 12, 2018


Louisville Women Get Underway

The UofL women's soccer team got their competition underway yesterday with a scrimmage against Morehead State.

I wasn't able to make it to the game due to previous engagements, but Paulie, and Jared were in attendance.  Perhaps we can get their impressions added in the comments.

Information is scarce on this one as stat sheets and post-game recaps don't get put out by sports information for women's soccer exhibitions.  We do know that Louisville came away victorious with 4 goals and a clean sheet against the Eagles.

Odds are that "Gabby Squared", Gabby Vincent, and Gabby Kouzelos, were instrumental on defense,
Vincent as center back, and Kouzelos in goal.

No word on how much time on the turf Emina Ekic got as she continue to recover from a knee injury last year.

The season (and stats sheets!) officially gets underway Thursday at 7:30 with the Wright State Wolves come to play in Lynn.

( A great job last night on the photos by Jared Anderson! Thank you! )

England U-20 World Cup Advances

Louisville is still down a high impact mid-fielder, with Mollie Rouse still off in France playing for the English U-20 team in the U-20 World Cup.

Late breaking news on this one as England routed Mexico 6-1 to secure the top spot in the group with 7 points for the quarter-finals.  North Korea finished out the group stage with 6.

Rouse and the Brits will play next on the 17th in the first round of the knockout stage, which means that Rouse will certainly miss the UofL match against Wright State.  If England advances, the next game will be on the 20th, meaning UofL would be without her services for the Xavier match on the 19th.  Winning that would put England into the finals which will be contested on August 24th.  That would prevent Mollie from playing in the Dayton match on the 23rd, and could jeopardize her appearance for the Michigan match on the 26th.

We wish the best to Rouse and the English side in the World Cup, but we'll also be glad to have her back in "The 'Ville" playing for the Red and Black, instead of the Red and White of England.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Worldwide and Case try to get some sense out of
The knuckleheads were a man down yesterday as well, Jared off turning 20s into 2 dollar bills.  Most of the show was a recap of the Fall Sports Media Day from Thursday.  We didn't get to hear all of the audio from the event, check out Friday's article for links to all of it, and we didn't get to hear from Taylor Stone, and Katie Walsh at all (my apologies to the two of them) due to me not having sufficient knowledge on how to pause and resume clips.  It's a learning process, folks.

In any case, we interspersed a bit of commentary and analysis with Paulie, Case, and I with the bulk of the audio.  We heard from the three major women's team sports of the fall, with Field Hockey (Coach Justine Sowry, Taylor Stone, and Katie Walsh), Volleyball (Coach Dani Busboom Kelly, Wilma Rivera, Jasmine Bennett, and Molly Sauer), and Soccer (Coach Karen Ferguson-Dayes, Emina Ekic, Gabrielle Vincent, and Gabby Kouzelos).

Check out the replay at:

I did spend a few minutes after the show to learn how to pause and resume clips, so we'll be able to better break up and comment on audio in future episodes.



  1. Taking Worldwide up on his offer to further elaborate on WSOC's win over the Eagles...I'll add these highlights (no names included -- UK fans, staff, coaches, informants and other future opponents may be lurking..."Loose lips sink ships..."

    -- A nice crowd for the exhibition, including a strong contingent of Morehead State fans.

    -- Louisville's defense was impressive...even with multiple substitutions. The Eagles never got a shot on goal recorded.

    -- Louisville missed out on another couple of scoring opportunities in the final half...close-in tries that were either slightly off or stopped by Morehead's keeper...a young lass named Eva Helgadottir, who hails from Reykjavik, Iceland. (I checked with the MSU's assistant S.I.D Ted McCoart, who was there in the box with us -- he didn't mind me dropping a few of their players names and actions).

    -- MSU's Tia Williams (Toronton, Ontario) is very,very fast. The sophomore mid-fielder has some serious afterburners.

    -- The "trailer park" behind Lynn Stadium (tons of parked semi-trailers in the lot to the north of the stadium) are not a nice viewing complement to the beautiful aesthetics of Lynn. I guess UofL is renting the lot to someone for $$$. I'd rather see fans be able to park there...

    -- We weren't able to interview head coach Karen Ferguson Dayes after the exhibition. Another "guard the secrecy of the program" protocol.

    -- The Lynn turf looks absolutely pristine!

    -- More problems with the "strip" scoreboard at field level. Pretty sure these aren't being caused by train-traffic on the tracks to the north of the field. Kudos to Chelsa Bemis who figured out a way to put the clock on the main scoreboard.

    -- Speaking of trains...the count was 0 for # of trains during action last night. I had set the over/under at 2. If you took the "under", congratulations!

    -- I had a brainstorm during the match. Why not have wiener-dog racing at halftime? Surely a starting gate could be set up and removed during the break...and a few "yellow-shirts" brought out to clean up any "mess" left on the grass...

    -- At least for last night...they were allowing parking on Byrne St. (just south of Lynn Stadium) on the north side only. I expect this could change for regular season.

    -- I got a FREE brat and hot dog from the concession folks when I was walking out after the contest. A woman was standing there, handing them out. I LOVE that promotion!


  2. I think Paulie covered last night’s match well. As always, we will have the pleasure of watching some incredibly talented players on the pitch for UofL. Gabby/Gabi squared should be a couple big leaders on defense even more than they were last year. Based off the roster there’s a small army of new faces so make sure to take a picture guide with you to the matches.


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