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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Cardinal Couple -- Sunday with Sonja


- Heyman, Collins tie the knot.

- What'll ya have, Charlie? 

-What I said wasn't what I wanted you to read.

-We're thinking again (you've been warned).

Another Cardinal couple on the block...with UofL softball pitcher Tori Collins marrying UofL football linebacker Dexter Heyman. Heyman has been signed to a free agency contract by the Kansas City Chiefs while Collins finishes up her teaching degree. 

No truth to the rumor that Sandy Pearsall and Charlie Strong have already offered scholarships to the first two kids these two have. 

We'll remember the bone crunching hits that Dexter produced for a long time on the Papa John's Cardinal Stadium turf. Same for Collins domination in the pitching circle. 

Wonder what T.J got them for a wedding gift? Season tickets? 

(Deep in the secret laboratories beneath CARDINAL COUPLE Worldwide, Dr. Giggles laughs and pumps his fist. The first step in creating a super-skilled UofL breeding pool has been established. To the spectrometer, Co-Co!)  


Makers Mark coming out with a Charlie Strong edition.

This one will be a collector's item...just don't set it too close to your John Calipari decanter.  

We said for years that the distiller made a fortune from UofL fans during the Kragthorpe and Cooper years from just sales of regular Makers' products to drown their sorrows. 

We're still waiting for Pitino to name a horse after the dynamic UofL football coach like he did with Angel, Gorgui and Peyton. We'd like Bill Samuels to create a CARDINAL COUPLE collectable bottle. 

(Yeah, like that's gonna happen.) 

Sales will probably go very quickly on this limited edition. We also expect they'll lag a bit in Lexington...


"Who's throwing me the ball, coach?
Peyton or Edgar? "
Kudos to the C-J for revealing to us that Edgar Sosa is going to be a senior at UofL this fall. In a recent report about the Dominican Republic winning a qualifying Olympic basketball game, the Courier-Journal broke the news that the guard we all figured had graduated still has a year of playing time left. 

We just wonder who is going to break the news to Peyton Siva?

Misprint? We're not so sure. It could be ground-breaking investigatory journalism about Mr. Sosa and the Cards. Or the Courier-Journal can't tell the difference between Siva and Sosa. We've sent Timmy the Intern down to the Belknap Campus to see if Edgar has a room in Minardi Hall. He's also supposed to bring Chinese carryout back.  

Order for Cardinal Couple? 
We can relate. WE never could tell the difference between "Bullet" Justice and Gorgui...or Moo Goo Gai Pan and Cashew Chicken. 


We're now over a month into our "writer's days" at Cardinal Couple and it's gone really well. Just about all the e-mails we've received have been positive and Jenny, Sandra, David and Mark have come up with very creative and informative columns during their days at bat. We pleased with the results on the 'reader submitted articles' on Fridays also.

Admittedly, the summer months are a little slower for Cardinal womens' sports news...but we pleased to announce that our reader "views" and "hits" count are still growing here at Cardinal Couple. 

(Must be a boring summer for all of you).

The Cardinal Couple staff plays for the Heyman-Collins
wedding reception. 
Seriously, we are fortunate to have such great writers on board and thankful for the readership we have. If you have an idea for an article here at Cardinal Couple or just something you like we're doing

(or not doing)

...feel free to e-mail us or leave it in the comments section. 

We are tossing around some ideas for down the road. CARDINAL COUPLE polo shirts -- available for purchase at our cost, a monthly 'Friends of CARDINAL COUPLE' dinner and a few other activities in conjunction with another popular Louisville Sports  website. 

"Where's the Happy Family combo on this menu?" 
Thanks for checking us out and for all your ideas and comments. Eventually, we may just get the hang of this thing and produce a website worth reading...

Thanks for spending part of your day with us. Time to go turn Bill the Goat loose in Waterfront Park and gather up the staff chimps for their weekly spinning session.

Have a great Sunday and GO CARDS! 



  1. I know this is a Louisville sports site, but have you ever considered covering the WNBA during the summer? Or, perhaps just the Atlanta Dream? The league can use as much support as it can get.

    1. Actually, two of our writers are huge Atlanta Dream fans and Sonja and I follow Angel as well. In 2010 and 2011, we extended A LOT of coverage to Angel and the gang. No one this year, however, seems interested to do articles on them.

      WE DO accept reader submitted articles every Friday, though. IF someone wants to "pick up the ball" to speak and provide our readers a weekly update an Angel & Company...we'd publish it.

      We also have a "Vote for Angel" section on the left side of the site.

      Personally, I lost a little enthusiasm for the Dream when they dumped both Kelly and Coco Miller. Been following those two since college at Georgia and they seemed good enough to ge Atlanta to the WNBA Finals last year.

      Another personal observation, I've never been much of a Marynell Meadows fans as a head coach. Once again, just personal preference.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Gorgui and Bullet. Good one, CC!

    -- Joe Hill --

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