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Friday, July 20, 2012


-Captain's Quarters Cardinal Caravan conquers storms, captivates capacity crowd. 

Athletic Director Tom Jurich and S.I.D. Kenny Klien
were all smiles after seeing the huge crowd for Louisville's
Cardinal Caravan.
Never underestimate the power of the Cardinal Spirit. Thursday's final Cardinal Caravan stop landed at Captain's Quarters off River Road in Louisville and provided a capacity crowd of over 1600 an hour long show which included UofL coaches, players, LadyBirds and a great venue for catching up on Cardinal Sports. 

UofL womens basketball star Tia Gibbs poses with
Sonja and WBB fans Irv and Peggy Schmidt...
They also beat the weather, which started out hot and humid and turned into strong storms minutes after the  gala affair ended. 

Emcees Drew Deener and Howie Lindsey kept the show moving with the skill of seasoned, professional event organizers as Sandy Pearsall, Ken Lolla, Dan McDonnell, Karen Ferguson-Dayes, Kenny Carter, Anne Kordes and other Cardinal coaches and players spoke to the appreciative crowd.

From what we heard, this could be an incredible season for Cardinal Sports this fall, winter and spring.

Donna Floyd (center) and other eager Cardinal fans
wait to talk to, get pictures with and autographs from
Cardinal athletes. 
Tom Jurich began the festivities with glowing reports on the success and popularity of Cardinal Athletics and told us of his hopes to surpass the record-setting performances of last year's UofL squads in the upcoming season. 

Football, both basketball squads, baseball, softball, both soccer teams...the list seems non-stop for Cardinal teams poised to contend for conference titles, national championship runs. The enthusiastic fans in attendance roared their approval as Tom and the entourage educated the crowd. 

Cardinal Couple's Sandy Walker (left) and Sonja enjoyed the
afternoon activities and interaction with tons of UofL fans 
Tom, you've engineered the perfect example of what excellence in college athletics can be and cultivated a fan base that loves and appreciates it.

If you think Tom is fired up about UofL sports, you should hear his head coaches discuss the subject. It's not hard to see why Cardinal athletes strive to be the best they can be when you hear their coaches and leaders express their passion about their teams, players and philosophies.

The lovely, talented and witty Tia Gibbs
The coaches were a big hit. The players in attendance also drew huge throngs of crowds seeking autographs, pictures and handshakes. Chane Behanan, Gorgui Dieng, Russ Smith, Mike Marra from Rick Pitino's men's basketball team were swamped and surrounded by adoring fans. Tia Gibbs was sporting an ear-to-ear grin as she greeted womens' basketball fans eager to discuss the season, her rehab from surgery ( she's healed and ready to go...look out BIG EAST) and the team. 

Sara, Linda and Chris Stewart had a rail-bird view of
Cardinal Caravan
When Tia informed us her mother reads Cardinal Couple each and every morning, we promised to provide nothing but sparkling and positive coverage of "Butler Bear's"  performances this year.

We understand perfectly. If mama isn't happy, no one's happy. We look forward to writing many rave reviews of #25's domination this season as a part of Jeff Walz's top ten Lady Cards ballers. As Asia and Shoni would say: 

"We are the...CARDINALS!" 

From the beginning of the festivities at 5:30 to the prize drawings one hour later, the event was non-stop, wall-to-wall Cardinal conversation, coverage and   camaraderie. 

"Coach P." Softball coach Sandy Pearsall gives us a smile
as she prepares to address the enthusiastic crowd. 
The skies were threatening, though...and the cold front had dropped the temperature at least 20 degrees by the riverfront stage by 6:15. And, the rains came about 30 minutes autograph signing and other post-Caravan activities were moved indoors.

The crowd got what they came for, though...and the celebration was the first of many that Cardinal fans will no doubt have in the upcoming months.

UofL head baseball coach Dan McDonnell has Omaha
on his mind...with his team hopefully getting to the
College World Series.  
"When you look at the quality coaches and hear them and Jurich talk about their pride and involvement in Cardinal can you not be pumped and fired up about Cardinal Nation?" a smiling Caravan attendee told me, displaying his basketball team picture that Chane Behanan and several other players had autographed.

Our sentiments exactly!

Go, Cards, go! 
It's coming, folks. The full-out, intense team practices in August. The opening games for football, volleyball, field hockey and other Cardinal teams. The roar of the red-clad crowd, the fist-pumping, hive-fiving excitement of Louisville's finest participating and winning on fields and courts. 


'The other' Tom and Tilly the Tour Guide double team Sonja
It's an attitude. It's a philosophy. It's big, it's here and now and it's going to be a lot of fun to attend, to cover and be a part of. A great kickoff to the excitement ahead took place Thursday at the Cardinal Caravan at Captain's Quarters and we can't wait for this "Card Party" to get rollin' down the tracks!


  1. Sounds like a great time for all, Paul! They need to plan a trip to Naples next summer!

    -- Joe Hill --

  2. Nice write up! I enjoyed meeting you yesterday Paul and look forward to cardinal sports this season.


  3. it was a great time and uofl know how 2 do it right

  4. Thanks for the recap. I was unable to attend and wondered how it went. Sounds like it was a great time.

    Curtis Franklin


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