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Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Cardinal Couple -- Revisited



-What we are...

-Happy Birthday Mercedes!

( Written while looking for my shuttlecock & racquet.)

Somehow, the gremlins ate the earlier post we had up here for Friday. Not sure what happened, hope you got a glimpse at it earlier today and we'll try to re-create some of it. 

(Runs into backyard, shaking his fist and screaming at the heavens..."Why? Why? Why? The best stuff I've written since 1989 and you take it from me?" AARRGGHHHH!)

We thought this was a phenomena that only happened to our writer Sandy Walker. Guess we were wrong. 

Maybe the dingo ate it? Link below:

The Dingo ate...


IF I recall correctly, we were looking at UofL athletes that were competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Lotta swimmers in that group and our #35 Angel McCoughtry on the hardwood. Carlos Almedia and Pedro Oliveria are swimming for Portugal. Joao De Lucca for Spain and Eszter Povansky for Hungary.

Francisco Garcia and Edgar Sosa were trying to get there for the Dominican Republic men's basketball team but the D.R. failed to qualify. The only silver lining in this cloud is that we don't have to watch their coach (John Calipari) on the sidelines. 

Over 5500 hours of the Olympics on NBC and their affiliates. That's the equal of watching 184 episodes of

Do you have a favorite Olympic event? We've got a poll on the left side of the side you can vote on. 

I like the badminton events. Reminds me of when I won the inter-murals singles tournament in college.
I was pretty ferocious with the shuttlecock and racquet. 

(Insert your joke or wise guy comment here)    

Of course, I also like the basketball, track, swimming...well, I like all of it. Except maybe for rifle events. Not a big gun enthusiast. 


We had previously discussed the state, art and philosophy of recruiting here at CARDINAL COUPLE. Jenny did a bang up job on this Wednesday and we've had some great e-mails about it. Make sure and read her article if you missed it. 

We also had some comments that I went in and deleted later. 

Just for the record: 

CARDINAL COUPLE is a website primarily dedicated to the joy and excitement of women's college sports at the University of Louisville from a fan's perspective. (Most of the time). We understand that some of our readers and fans are passionate about recruiting. We like to know who's a prospect to come to Louisville also.

What we won't tolerate is bashing, bad-mouthing and cynical, snarky comments about the program or possible additions to the program here. Feel free to e-mail those to us...but please keep them out of the comments section. 

We appreciate you reading CARDINAL COUPLE. We're excited about the upcoming fall sports at UofL. Let's do what we can to promote the joy and excitement of womens'  sports at UofL and stay away from the "Debbie Downer, Curtis Critical and Sammy Slammer" type of stuff. 

Remember that coaches, players, recruits and parents read CARDINAL COUPLE. Let's express to them the great things about UofL, the coaches, staff, players and campus. 

L1C4, baby! 



Finally, a very happy birthday to high school girls basketball superstar Mercedes Russell! We hope it's a GREAT one for you!


(I had Paul McCartney write and sing this song especially for her. OK...I really didn't...but it's a fun, little birthday ditty to get up and boogie to for a couple of minutes. Consider it a mini cardio-vascular workout.)

Stay seated, Asia...we want that hip to heal.

If it's your birthday today...first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and show your receipt to our CARDINAL COUPLE cashier when leaving to receive a free toothpick!  

The video below was filmed in the KFC YUM! Center last night when word got out it was Mercedes' birthday. 

(OK...that's not true, either..but wouldn't it be fun to have Paul McCartney come to the YUM?) Maybe for a WBB game.


Have a wunnerful Friday everyone and a "tip of the hat and wink" to CARDINAL COUPLE reader and my "bestest, little buddy" J.P....glad the surgery went well and you'll be tossing touchdown passes again in no time. 

Be strong, Live strong, Stay Strong.

--your senile, senior columnist and co-owner


  1. Happy Birthday, Mercedes! I hope you read CARDINAL COUPLE and see this! Have a great birthday!

    Hey, everybody! Reply to this thread to wish her a Happy Birthday!

    Curtis Franklin

    1. Happy Birthday!

      Nick (Sacramento, CA)

    2. Dear Ms. Russell:

      Best wishes and congratulations on your achievements. A very Happy Birthday from me, my wife and Aunt Cassie!

      -- Joe Hill

  2. Birthday Greetings! Come to Louisville!


  3. HaPPY bIRTHday

  4. Happy Birthday Mercedes. Have a great senior year and we look forward to the possibility of seeing you in UofL Red and Black and playing before the most appreciative fans in women's college basketball.

    Blue Lou

  5. Maybe the Dingo will show up for your birthday.

    L1C4. Cards forever.


  6. Who is in the photo with Asia n shining is that monny

    1. It is LaToya Johnson, who was a guard at UofL but was sidelined with a hip injury. She continued in school at UofL, though and received her bachelors degree this spring.

      A basketball career cut short but an education received. College. It isn't just about


  7. I'm glad that I read your post, I like badminton as well as you. I dreamed of becoming a professional athlete with badminton, but I couldn't play badminton when I got married.


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