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Monday, July 23, 2012


-Title IX thoughts

-Lacrosse Stadium

-Makayla Epps

-Megan Deines

(Sandy Walker brings us the Monday C.C. David Watson, your normal Monday columnist is on vacation for a couple of weeks and 'in an area where bandwidth is the size associated with your ball cap'.  Here's Sandy!) 

In a continued acknowledgment of the celebration of 40 years since the passage of Title IX in the United States we must stay aware.  More work is needed as examples of inequitable treatment of women, including those in athletics are constantly available.
I absolutely believe that in these days of continued seeking of athletic equity between the sexes that airline seating for athletes should not be determined by team ranking.  I am pleased to report that discrimination based upon a team’s ranking does not appear to apply to Olympic teams flying to London.   
Recent news has shown Japan’s women’s world-beating soccer team was flown to London in premium economy seating while on the same flight the lower ranked men’s soccer team enjoyed business class and...while making sure not to be outclassed by Japan...Australia has “one upped” Japan. They flew their women’s basketball team (winners of silver medals in the last 3 Olympics) an upgraded premium economy while the men’s basketball team (who have never won an Olympic medal) flew business class.  Representatives attempted to indicate that the difference in accommodations was partially based upon the player heights while no one could explain how this consideration was made with women’s star player, Liz Cambage, standing 203 cm (6’8”) tall while two of the men’s team stand at 188 and 183 cm.

Apparently sprint cycling in Australia better understands equity as the male and female team members all traveled to Europe from their home country in economy class. 

What I want to know is – where do these players manage to store away their knees and legs during the flight as we are all aware of the joke the airlines consider to be adequate seating and leg space.


In case you have not yet attended a U of L women’s Lacrosse game please take a look at the facilities.  The 2 million dollar Lacrosse Stadium was completed in 2006 and features a “FieldTurf” surface for play.  There is plenty of comfortable seating with a 12’X 20’ Daktronics Video Wall and Scoreboard.  I was unaware and pleasantly surprised at my learning of another top end U of L athletic facility. The YUM! Center is located on your right after you pass through Cardinal Park.


More news surfacing about the 2013 UofL WBB class. Looks like Makayla Epps (Marion County High School, Lebanon, KY) has re-opened her recruiting. 

The tricky game of recruiting. 

WE expect that we'll hear much more about this in the upcoming days. 

We would also remind our readers that we have no insight into what recruits, prospects and talent that is currently hot and in demand with the UofL coaches...because they can't talk about them until the LOI is signed and received. 

If you want rampart rumor speculation, you're at the wrong website. 

Seeing Epps with her knee iced up during the Walz Elite Skills camp raised a question or two. Her game is solid, opening her recruiting up gives her the chance to take a few more trips and see what is out there and she has said for a long time she wants to play her college ball with her teammate at Marion County Kyvin Goodin-Rogers....who de-committed from Louisville earlier this year. As we are fond of saying here at CARDINAL COUPLE: 

"We know nothing." 


Clip below features Cardinal WBB freshman Megan Deines speaking about her family. 

Thanks to Doug A. for the link!

Megan Deines


Sandy W


  1. Epps re-opening her commit says, in my humble opinion, that UofL is looking at better players.

    Curtis Franklin

  2. That pretty much sucks. Even if UL is looking at other (refuse to say better!) players, they evidently thought she was good enough to offer to. Gotta believe Epps has confidence in herself and her abilities.

  3. Tough to say what is going on with UofL in terms of 2013 commits. All signs point to a strong, deep and talented 2012-2013 squad, though and this is the area I'm interested in.

    So much is made of the future commitments and such. Who can successfully predict the thought patterns, issues and agendas of 16-17 yr.high school athletes?

    You get what you get. You develop it to your style and you go from there.

    -- Joe Hill --

  4. One of the best flights I've had was seated in coach class on a flight with members of an ACC field hockey team. I went from knowing nothing about the game to leaving fired up about catching a live contest.

    Blue Lou


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