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Monday, August 8, 2022

A Cardinal Couple Worldwide Quiz -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


And, in the "Just when you thought you had made it through the summer without one of Paulie's quizzes" know I wouldn't let ya down...

It was mentioned on our immensely popular, low in calories and somewhat shady podcast Saturday that we hadn't had a quiz on the show this year.. And, that was true. We were fortunate to have a lot of things to discuss each week in the world of Cardinals women's sports and didn't need to fill a 20-30 minute gap of dead air with one of my notorious quizzes during "the summer slump".  So, I figured I'd spring one on you as we get ready for fall sports to begin. 

Today's quiz subject will cover things that happened in the 2021-22 season and a glimpse into the future. Remember the rules? (Yeah, I thought not...) Relax, they're simple. Please don't cheat by Googling the answer. Please do not call any coaches, student-athletes or sports information directors for the correct answer. And, in the scoring get 10 points for each correct answer and the option to take a bonus question at the end of the quiz...where you could pick up 20 points, or have 20 points subtracted from your score. Do not pass "Go", do not mix cottage cheese and bratwurst and always flash "the L" the correct way. 

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Take them up with Case...I'm far too busy to put up with your 'points of order' and disputes. Answers at the end of the quiz. You are on the honor system, which is, I know akin to asking a hungry beagle to watch a freshly grilled steak for you while you go to a neighbor's. . 

Ready? Away we go: 

1) Which women's sports below had the best overall record last year (percentage wise)?

(A) Women's Soccer (B) Field Hockey (C) Volleyball (D) Women's Basketball

2) Which squad will freshman Nyla Harris play for? 

(A) Lacrosse  (B) Swimming (C) Women's basketball (D) Mountain Climbing

3) We played our 2021-22 games "at Dobina". We are: 

(A) Softball (B) Field Hockey (C) Chess (D) Lacrosse 

4) I had a batting average of .400 for Softball. I am: 

(A) Cheryl Hines (B) Korbe Otis (C) Burton Ernie (D) Carmyn Greenwood

5) I'll play Field Hockey this year for UofL and I am from Louisville Manual high school: 

(A) India Reed (B) Indiana Jones (C) Sofia Pendolino (D) Malachi Mahan

(HALFTIME...hit the locker room or go outside for some fresh air or perspective . Or a slice of pizza!)

6) Kokoro Nakazawa played which sport for UofL in the 2021-22 season?

(A) Women's basketball (B) Bocci (C) Lacrosse (D) Field Hockey

7) What sport did Sam Booe play at Louisville in the 2021-22 season?

(A) Lacrosse (B) Softball (C) Volleyball (D) Backgammon

8) This squad will travel to South Dakota to face Northern Kentucky in.

(A) Rowing (B) Bowling (C) Women's basketball (D) Volleyball

9) If you are at the "Bass-Rudd" you are:

(A) watching Tennis (B) trying your hand at pole-vaulting (C) watching soccer (D) fly fishing

10) Lauren Thibodeau participated in

(A) Ice Hockey (B) Golf (C) Cross Country (D) Rowing

BONUS: Women's Soccer has an exhibition match Friday against:

(A) Cincinnati (B) Fort Knox (C) Transylvania (D) Austin Peay

Let's see how you did!

1-C  (Volleyball)   2-C Women's Basketball  3-A Softball (Don Dobina Field)  4 -D Carmyn G. 5- A  India Reed  6-C Kokoro a Lax Attacker !  7-B Sam's a softball pitcher  8-D Volleyball  9-A your serve, it's tennis 10-B (Fore! She's a golfer) BONUS-A (WSOC opens against UC), 

IF you scored:

100-120  Go ask Josh Heird for an application! You know your women's sports! 

70-90  Not bad, You can chase errant Lacrosse balls for Scott Teeter

40-60  Not so great. Review your answers with Jared over lunch (you're buying...)

10-30  Never drink before quizzes...

0- -20  You must be a UK fan lurking over here. 

Anyway, thanks for playing and feel free to post your score in the comments section! 



  1. Hey, I got a 110. Sorry Lauren Thibodeau, thought you were a runner.

    Nick O.

  2. Also a 110 here. Missed the Manual HS Field Hockeyer.

  3. Got a 70. Not enough WBB questions for me to do any better. Cheryl Hines playing softball? Just don't let Larry David coach!
    Blue Lou

  4. 90 and proud of it!

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  5. Hello Friends!
    Arthur Here !

    I had wondered if y'all had just 86'd the quiz, and I'm glad to see it make a return. I didn't score so well, getting a 70, but I chose the bonus question, got it right, and that "saved me" from having to buy Jared a meal. I probably would have handed him a couple of dollars and dropped him off at A&P Restaurant, on the condition he wears a Clemson WBB shirt. Y'all can pick him up in the alley .

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  6. 70 without the bonus👍


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