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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Conference Championships Results - Sunday Cardinal Couple


With all of the entrants in the ACC championships for the Cards in Rowing advancing to the Grand Finals, Louisville had a chance to put up a decent showing in the overall standings.

OK, 6th place overall may not be something to do backflips over, but it's not bad in the ACC field.

Virginia took the top spot with 98 points, and in similarly shocking pronouncements, grass is green, and something about bears in woods.  The second place finish was a tight one, with Syracuse edging out Duke with 83 and 82, Clemson got the 4th spot with 60 points.  Miami was 5th with 52, and Louisville tallied 43 for the 6th spot.

The rest of the field was Notre Dame - 29, Boston College - 26, and North Carolina - 21.

The NCAA Selection for Rowing will be Tuesday, and UofL will await their fate.  The Cards, and Clemson, are the top two teams in the "Receiving Votes" section of rankings.  Rowing ranks 20 teams, and the NCAA championship takes 22 teams with 10 being automatic qualifiers.

To me, that looks like a stretch for Louisville to make it, but I'll remain hopeful.  The Championship competition will take place May 27th through 29th in Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, FL.

Track & Field

Congratulations to Emily Scott, who gets to claim two ACC Championships in the same academic/sports year, in two different sports.  Not too many people get to make that type of claim.

Emily, of course, claimed an ACC Volleyball ring by being part of the undefeated-until-the-Final-Four volleyball squad.  After volleyball was done, and she had made the decision not to come back for her Covid year and...she thought she might try her hand at high jump.

Turns out she's pretty good at that, too.  Scott was the only competitor to clear 1.82m (5' 11.5"), and did so on her 3rd attempt.  She gave it a go at 1.85m, because why not at that point, but wasn't able to clear.  At 1.82m she, as mentioned, won the event and her 2nd ring of the academic/sports year, but also set a facility record and personal record in the process at Morris Williams Stadium at Duke University.

In other Track & Field action, Katie Martin set a school record, good for 2nd place in the competition in the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 57.57 seconds.

Overall, the Women's Track & Field squad finished out in 6th place.

The assumption is that Scott, along with other top Cardinals finishers such as Gabriela Leon in Pole Vault, and Synclair Savage in Long Jump will get bids to the NCAA Championship Preliminary meet, but we'll have to wait for that selection to be sure.

Presumably Louisville athletes would compete is the eastern preliminary meet in Bloomington, Indiana instead of the western one in...Fayetteville Arkansas?  Is that right?  I'm not sure I call Arkansas "West"...but hey, this is the NCAA we're talking about, here.

The prelims will take place May 25th through 28th, with the Championship meet in Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, June 8th through 12th.

Louisville Softball

We find out tonight whether Louisville Softball will receive a bid to participate in the 2022 NCAA Softball Tournament.  64 teams will hear their names called tonight

The selection show will be tonight on ESPN 2 at 7 p.m.

The Cards (27-25) are ranked 44th in the NCAA DI Softball RBI numbers. Checking a couple of NCAA DI Softball Tournament Bracketology sites (yes, they do exist for softball) both have the Cards as being 'out' of the tournament. and six ACC squads (FSU, Clemson, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Duke and Georgia Tech) as "in". Georgia Tech with a #24 the Cards are hoping for a record seven ACC schools getting invites and them being one of them...but it has to be considered a definite longshot   

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast

We were a threesome for yesterday's Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast

Jared, Paulie, and I on the call yesterday.  Daryl was busy with the Bats, and Case is moving house, both worthy endeavors and understandable absences.

Plenty of good discussion with just the three of us, though.  Softball being the biggest subject, with a big look ahead to next season.  Basketball news, Rowing updates, some Track & Field...we go where the sports take us.

You can check it out on the Youtube replay at:


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  1. Well, we gave it a try in the ACC Softball Tournament finals yesterday but FSU got us 8-6. Leaving seven runners n base certainly didn't help our chances.

    I hope your Cardinals get in the Softball Tournament, but the ACC has never gotten more than five teams in.

    Both the Cards and Clemson rowing squads gave good accounts for themselves, but that Big 3 of Virginia, Duke and Syracuse is hard to crack. Once again, I hope both of our squads get in the NCAA Tournament in rowing, too.

    We, of course, had five depart in the WBB transfer portal. I hated seeing Kendall Spray and Gabby Elliott go. I still want to believe in Amanda, but, we lost a lot of leadership and, as far as I know, just got a Princeton guard in return so far. (Oh joy, oh boy).

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC.


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