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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

WBB Rankings -- Favorite Christmas Movies -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Women's Basketball Rankings

Following Sunday's win at a 'neutral site' (LOL) against UConn on Sunday, and some help from some other teams, Louisville Women's Basketball jumped in the AP Poll from #6 to #3. The #3 ranking is the highest of the season for the Cards, now 10-1.

South Carolina (11-0) retained the top spot in the rankings. The Gamecocks are the clear early season favorite for the title. Their schedule is already full of Top 15 wins against NC State (at Raleigh), Oregon (neutral site), pre-Buckers injury UConn (neutral site), Maryland (in Columbia), and Duke (at Durham). Their next game comes against current #2 Stanford tonight at 7:00 on ESPN2.

Stanford (8-2) has been back-and-forth against ranked opponents this season, but did move up to the #2 ranking following a win at Tennessee. Their other big wins have come against Indiana and Maryland while their not-so-bad losses have been to Texas and South Florida. The losses have been by a combined eight points.

Louisville (10-1) has won 10 straight following a season opening loss to Arizona. The Cards have been hot and have climbed from #10 in Week Four to #3 in Week Seven. The Cards have good wins against Michigan, Kentucky, and UConn with the latter two coming by a combined 11 points. Louisville is in the early stages of an 11-day break before returning to action against Boston College on Dec. 11.

Arizona (10-0) remained at #4. Besides their season opener against the Cards, Arizona has played a less-than-stellar non-conference schedule after their game against Texas over the weekend was cancelled. Besides the Wildcats and Stanford, the Pac-12 has not proven to be much of a threat this year.

NC State (11-2) rounds out the top five. They fell in overtime at home to a mid-ranked Georgia team over the weekend and have fallen to 2-2 against ranked teams. A road win against Indiana and a neutral site location against Maryland have been their big wins.

Maryland (9-3) moved back up a few spots to #6. Tennessee (9-1) stayed put at #7. Indiana (9-2) moved up to #8. Michigan (11-1) jumped up several spot to #9. Baylor (9-2) fell from fifth down to #10 after falling to Michigan over the weekend.

The ACC has four other teams in the AP Poll including Duke (#16), Georgia Tech (#17), Notre Dame (#20), and North Carolina (#25). In-state rival UK sits at #22.

Favorite Christmas Movies

After discovering Disney+ added a few more Home Alone movies to their streaming service, I realized that the Home Alone arsenal is up to six movies. The first two follow the happenings of Kevin McAlister while the third one shifts to a new cast and plot. The fourth one semi-reverts back to the first two. The fifth goes in a different direction. The sixth installment, which was released this year, happens in the same universe as the original two with only Buzz McAlister reprising his role.

Although, I enjoy the first three installments, everything after becomes cheesy and disappointing. Besides the Home Alone films, some of my other favorite Christmas movies include National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause (original one), and Elf as well as many of the animated or claymation films. Do you have any favorite Christmas movies? Also, do you consider Die Hard a Christmas movie?

There are no wrong answers to the questions above.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. I have to put Scrooged with Bill Murray in the list and Bing Crosby in the Bells of St. Mary in there.

    I hope our girls stay safe over the break and don't come back Omnikron-ed.

    Nick O

  2. MOVIN ON UP, yes we are! And the little kitties are movin' on dowm. Love it!

    Bad Santa and Jingle Jangle are a couple I like as far as Christmas movies go. Yeah, I'm twisted. LOL.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  3. I'm so happy for this Cardinal WBB squad! I hope the players have a nice few days at home. I just wondered what does Norika Konno do for Christmas? I'd bet another player takes her home, right? Or Walz or Purcell? Maybe a Japanese family here in town?

    you mention Christmas movies and I have to put Ralphie and a Christmas Story up there. I always look forward to a Charlie Brown Christmas, too, although I guess it isn't really a movie. Same with The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

    And who doesn't like Frosty the Snowman?

    Blue Lou

    1. A social media post from Konno-senshu suggests that she did indeed go back home to Sendai.

    2. Wow. Glad for her!

      Blue Lou

  4. Some great choices here! Keep em rolling. I dig Scrooged, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and the old classic White Christmas with Bbbbbing Crosby.

    I'll probably do Christmas favorite songs tomorrow, plus whatever else I can scrounge up women's sports related.


  5. Love that we are a now a top 5/10 program as far as national rankings go on a yearly basis. 11 games in and ranked #3 is pretty darn good imo.
    Charlie Brown is my Christmas go to, along with two other "old school" not quite movies but "Rudolph" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

  6. Hello Friends !
    Arthur Here !

    How about your (and my) Cardinals ! Bea and I watched the replay of UConn, not knowing the score. I kept telling her, Louisville will pull this out.

    Meanwhile, LSU and Mulkey spanked us yesterday and Dayton will probably do the same today. Has Hailey Van Lith got a sister with any eligibility?

    Hope you all have a Merry Christmas ! Bea and I aren't going to California this year to see my son. Instead, we thought we'd try a Honey Baked Ham this year. We are also volunteering at the church for our annual free Christmas dinner for the homeless. That ham should last us a month, LOL.

    We will go to Orlando to see Tigers football play Iowa State in the Cheeze-It Bowl. A group of 12 of us, yeah, we might tailgate. LOL.

    I have always considered Trading Places a Christmas Movie of sorts, but there are more than a few who disagree. That Aykroid scene when he crashes the Christmas party as Santa is classic! Jamie Curtis is pretty easy on the eyes, too, and Eddie Murphy has always been one of my favorite actors.

    A side story, I met Denholm Elliot, who plays the butler Coleman in the movie, in the San Diego airport years ago. He was waiting for a flight like we were. We had a few minutes to chat. We had fun talking about him in the Indiana Jones movies. A true gentleman and quite witty!

    There are so many great Christmas movies, it would be hard to come up with a top ten, much less a favorite. I'd have to include Bing's movies as Father O'Malley, and, yes, Id consider Die Hard a Christmas movie, weird and bloody, but the theme was a Christmas party gone bad.

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer SC

    1. It's a small world cousin Bruce was in Trading Places also. He was one of the guys on the stock exchange trading floor near the end. He made a decent living as a bit actor in Hollywood, did a lot of Western. He's retired mostly now, has a small ranch near Bakersfield


  7. Enjoy it while it last lol birdies. GA TECH, NC State and Notre Dame waiting to pounce. I'll have a Blue Christmas tomorrow night in Rupp when we shoe lol brother how you beat WKU.

    1. (Good thing it isn't your women playing WKU. Over-rated kitties.)

    2. Has Rhyne stopped cryin after the Cards curb stomped her? She should have left with Mitchell and found a real basketball program to play for.


    3. I heard Bellarmine needs talent. Maybe Cryin Rhyne and Treasure Hunt could portal and play for a real coach in a great city.

  8. Ok. We've had enough fun with the stray kitten that wandered over here. Go wash your hands and remember we are about the joy and excitement here. I do want to thank UK for helping us promote that by standing by helplessly while we beat them in WBB.



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