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Friday, June 18, 2021

Academic accolades -- Olympic/Former Cards News; FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Welcome to the holiday weekend, finally! Was yesterday not the Monday-est Thursday ever?? 

There is not a whole lot of UofL athletics scores or events to report on in mid-June.  The academic achievements for each program are rolling in and are most certainly wonderful for the programs ...but aren't the most thrilling topic for our readers to read about so I'll just give the shout out to the players who excelled in the classroom.

Academic Achievements

To be eligible for consideration, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.0 grade-point average for the previous semester and a 3.0 cumulative average during one's academic career. Athletic achievements during the most recent season are also considered in selecting the All-ACC Academic Team. We've covered Field Hockey and Lacrosse academic excellence in earlier articles this week. Some others to note: 

-- University of Louisville women's golfers Lauren Hartlage and Hana Ryskova were named to the All-ACC Women's Golf Academic Team, the league announced on Thursday.

-- Volleyball's Amaya Tillman, Anna Stevenson, Aiko Jones, Tori Dilfer and Anna DeBeer join the best of the ACC scholar-athletes. ACC Champion Louisville and Notre Dame lead the league with five players each on the academic team.

Global Cards

The University of Louisville sent two swimmers to the semifinals of the U.S. Olympic Trials at the CHI Health Center in Omaha.

Mallory Comerford turned in a 54.43 in the semifinals of the 100M freestyle and teammate Kelsi Dahlia posted a time of 54.46. Olivia Smoliga and Natalie Hinds tied for the top two spots with a time of 53.55.

Dahlia earned her slot in the semifinals of the 100M Freestyle after posting a 54.96 at her morning swim. Comerford made the cut as well with 54.8. Other prelim swims in this event included Gabi Albiero who posted a time of 55.86, Casey Fanz who went 56.29 and Tristen Ulett, who turned in a 56.37.

In the prelims of the 200 breaststroke this morning, Adeline Farrington stopped the clock at 2:35.12 and Morgan Friesen posted a time of 2:31.87.

Former Cards news

Let me start this segment with the reminder that we desire to share the *joy and excitement* of UofL women's athletics here at Cardinal Couple.  I realize that bad things do happen to and by people who come through the program.. and yes, I did see the comment from yesterday's post asking why the story of former Cardinal great, Shoni Schimmel wasn't mentioned. 

After group discussion on the news, we decided to omit sharing the story at the time.  I will, however, l share a snip of the info below as it is news to report. Many other sources have covered this incident in about the same matter.  

It is important to note that we at Cardinal Couple are not excited about this story and we can all agree that we hope Shoni gets the help she needs.  We will monitor the story as the facts unfold. 

PENDLETON — Former WNBA All-Star Game MVP and Louisville All-American guard Shoni Schimmel is being held in the Umatilla County jail on multiple charges, including felony assault and criminal mischief.

Schimmel, 29, was arrested early Monday and remained in the Umatilla County jail on $48,750 bail. The Sheriff’s Office website also lists several misdemeanor charges including domestic abuse, menacing, reckless endangerment and harassment.

Some other crappy news to share...

Former Cardinal star, Myisha Hines-Allen suffers knee injury Thursday night Mystics vs Dream.  The star forward was averaging 14 points and 7 rebounds in 26.1 minutes of play per game before leaving halfway through the second quarter.  Hines-Allen had 9 points, 4 rebounds and an assist in 10 minutes on the floor before exiting and not returning for the rest of the game.  Let's hope it is nothing serious and she can return to the floor as soon as possible.  She has proven to be a vital piece to her team. 


As far as i know, we should have a full crew on radio this weekend. With not a lot of games going on it could get weird.  Paulie will most likely have another Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast Quiz for us in the second half of the broadcast -- can anyone de-throne Jared as the back-to-back-to-back winner of these? These can be fun, even if it's just for the off-the-rails and irrelevant chatter between Paulie and the quiz contestants. 

There is a Cardinal Couple You Tube Channel where you can hear past podcasts: 

As always, 
Go Cards!


  1. all you all have done here is rehash what ten thousand other sources have reported on who gonna provide details and how this thing went down it sure aint yall about shimmel

  2. Hello Friends!
    Arthur Here !

    Man that is tough news on Myisha! I do hope she can heal qucxkly, she's been a ton of fun to watch with the Mystics.

    On Shoni, I don't come here to read about stuff like that. I know you probably got to make some mention of it, but, you've done that like so many others have and it's done and it's time to 'move to another stall and check out the next occupant'

    Finally, my Clemson Tigers are going to take on gymnastics and lacrosse? Wow. I gotta admit I'll be doing some learning on these two activities but I think it's great for our programs and I hope we can rise being good in these in a short time like we did in softball.

    Paulie and crew, I may need you to explain the ins-and-outs of lacrosse to me like I was a five year old or something. I know one team tries to toss the ball in a net with a stick while the other team tries to stops them .And they run a lot. After that, I got nothing.

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

    1. Don't worry, Arthur. That's about the limit of my lacrosse understanding as well. The best way I've found to approach it is as a mix of hockey and basketball on a field. That doesn't help me understand the rules so much but it does make it easier to digest the gameplay!

  3. Allright, let's face it. Shoni messed up. You commit the crime you pay the time. Learn from it and make amends. Apologize and get your life together. And move on.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  4. A previous lacrosse coach spent a considerable amount of time years ago pointing out the similarities of lacrosse and basketball to me. They both have shot clocks, fast breaks, zone or
    man to man defenses, patterns on offense, fouls, passing, shot attempts, turnovers, double teams, goals scored and other similarities. There are more on the field or play, of course, and only one point awarded for a successful shot attempt in lacrosse, but good shooting percentages and solid defense win you games -- just like in basketball.


  5. Thanks guys, that helps a lot. I also have a neighbor whose daughter plays in high school so I'll be interested to learn more from her.



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