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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Golf NCAA Regional Day One -- Lax Interview -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

 After a break on Thursday I have returned. Graduation season is peak profit time for photography for me and I am still playing catch up, but in a manageable position now. This year, so far, has consisted of graduates from Louisville, Bellarmine, and Morehead State and even some former student-athletes from different schools that have competed in lacrosse, swimming, baseball, softball, and dance.

Working as a photographer who works off donations only can be challenging, but also quite surprising at times. This year's grad photos, which I have more planned in the coming weeks, had certainly helped when saving up for a wedding is high on the priority list.

Thank you to Paulie for stepping up to the plate and knocking one out of the park on Thursday. I surprised him by letting him know of plans for a second Bojangles to be coming to Louisville, although this one is still unannounced. Spoiler: the building permits for this Bojangles have been in the parking lot of the old K-Mart on Poplar Level Rd near the zoo.

Golf Regional Day One

Temperatures were a tad chilly for early May, but the sun shone bright and the University of Louisville Golf Club in Simpsonville was packed with golfers from 18 squads for the first day of the NCAA Regional.

Louisville had a strong showing on the first day and currently sits fourth with a five-over-par score. They're just seven strokes behind leading Florida State, who is the only school to shoot better than par.

UCLA is two strokes ahead of the Cards while Michigan State holds just a one stroke lead over the hosts.

Lauren Hartlage seemed right at home with a three-under-par 69 for third place. Two players are tied for first just a single stroke ahead of Hartlage.

Hana Ryskova shot a 73 for one-over-par to tie for 17th place. Molly Lyne shot a 74 for a tie for 25th. Margot Bechadergue and Agustina Gomez-Cisterna were tied for 54th and 91st, respectively, shooting a 77 and 81.

Louisville begins the second day of the three-day event at 9:00 a.m., on hole one.

Interview with Ally Hall and Alex McNicholas

Although the lacrosse season officially ended Sunday night when Louisville was left out of the tournament, we did have an opportunity to speak with a couple graduating seniors from the squad in Ally Hall and Alex McNicholas. 

The duo was part of a strong class that has gone four years under Scott Teeter. This class actually came in under Louisville's old coach, but quickly became acquainted with Teeter, who was hired right before their freshmen spring season began.

Although Hall (left) and McNicholas (right) will not be returning in the fall we have heard that we may see a few seniors return next year if the dice rolls the right way.

You can check out that interview here.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!


  1. Hello Friends !
    Arthur Here !
    That's a GREAT interview with the Lacrosse girls today and if you didn't listen to it, I think you should. I think that, as fans, maybe we take the student-athlete a bit for granted, but they go through a lot. If you didn't read the recent expose on Syracuse Softball, I recommend you do. I feel for those players. No one should have to go through what they have.

    Speaking of Softball, my Tigers are the #1 seed in the ACC Tournament up in your neck of the woods ! It is truly amazing to see what has been accomplished down here in such a short time and I wish them well in Louisville.

    Finally, I listened to the podcast you all did Saturday and have to share a bean bag toss story. My buddy Cuz, who some of you may know from his entries in contests here, and I were VERY competitive bean bag tossers until COVID hit. We were in a informal tournament while tail gaiting at a Clemson Football game several years ago and were trailing "some young pups" 19-16 in the finals of a contest. We knew we needed a bit of luck. I threw first and put one right in the hole. The first of our opponents tossed his bag but his bag slid past the hole and off the board. Cuz tossed and his bag slid right up to the hole but did not go in. The final fella tossed his and it slid down the middle, tapped Cuz's bag in, and we picked up five points to win the match.

    These guys were so mad that one of them reached over, picked up his can of beverage and threw it at the board down the other way. It went in the hole !!

    Cuz then said: "That's alcohol abuse." and the whole crowd went nuts.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  2. Hartlage off to a good start today and is currently -4 and tied for first place

    -- the Real Joe Hill --


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