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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

WBB: Walz/Evans Interviews -- Dana Does It Again -- Volleyball Information -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The two spoke separately to the media on Wednesday afternoon. Hear the words below: 



Great material in both pressers and well worth the listen ! Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy and the rest of the "Heigh, Ho...Heigh, ho...we'll interview you, yo." group fired questions at the two. 

No injuries occurred. I even got a couple of queries in, tough sledding with this group. The pauses in questions are due to the "pass the microphone to ask a question" edit that Nick Evans has decreed for these encounters. 

It's still a work-in-progress. 


What a week for the Cardinal WBB point guard! 

Winning the Paradise Jam, getting named espnW and ACC Player of the Week. And we find out yesterday that she's also been named USBWA Player of the Week. This award equally huge as well, because it's the basketball writers who determine it. Sadly, I don't get a vote in it, I probably would have put her in all three of my top picks.  

Her stay in St. Thomas was pretty spectacular. She averaged 21.3 points per game and that led all the participants down there. To get that many points, your shooting has to be pretty "spot on" and hers was.


-- 18-38 from the floor. 47%
-- 11-21 from three-point range. 52%
-- 17 for 18 on free throws. 95%

This excellent shooting trend has been a part of a great start to the season for her. She leads the entire ACC with 19.9 points per game. 

In the ACC, as of Dec 2nd., only four teams remain undefeated. Louisville and NC State are at 8-0. FSU is 7-0 and surprising UNC, under first-year head coach Courtney Banghart. 

Just a brief aside on Banghart: She joined the Heels after Sylvia Hatchell stepped down in the off-season. She's from Princeton. She's an interesting story. She played in college at Dartmouth, and still holds the team record for career three pointers. She became the head coach at Princeton at the age of 29, and took the Ivy League school to a 254-103 record over 12 years. 

Back to Dana. She and Coach Walz will address the media today at 12:15 p.m. I'll pop back in here this afternoon and add the audio. With the Cards now #2 in the nation, I expect it'll be  crowded media session. The more, the terms of spreading the news about WBB.  

The Cards head out on a two-game road swing that starts Thursday night in Columbus vs. Ohio State and then goes to Northern Kentucky for a Sunday afternoon contest. Ol' Paulie will be at both, combining a bit of hoops with Sonya and our visit to a life-long friend and her new husband who live in Lebanon, OH.

So, you guessed it, I won't be on the Saturday Cardinal Couple Radio broadcast. Whether Worldwide Jeff and the other knuckleheads decide to do a broadcast is up to them...


Jared will probe a little deeper into the Cards first-round NCAA opponent (Samford) tomorrow, and our Jeff McAdams will be on site in WKU's Diddle Arena for the Thursday and (hopefully) Friday game. He'll be a fan, cheerleader and will also add to my Friday article, which will cover the hoops results in Columbus. 

Yes, you get a "2 for 1" Friday (keeping in the holiday bargain season/tradition society seems to expect this time of year) and we offer low financing, easy payments and non-aggressive sales tactics. You won't find a better deal anywhere in....(oops, I lapsed back to my 'selling mode' from years past. It's OK. I'm back now.) 

Anyway, you can get your tickets for Cardinal Volleyball at the site below:


Be on the lookout for this guy leading cheers during
opposition time-outs. 
If you are not heading to Columbus, why not take a leisurely jaunt down I-65 to Bowling Green and the WKU campus? Pat Big Red on the head and go watch Volleyball in Diddle? Wave to Cardinal Couple reader Nick in Sonora as you pass. 

Other helpful information: 

Parking for fans will be in the PS2 Parking Structure. Follow the signs once you get near Diddle. A map of the campus is linked up for you below. (PS2) is next to the arena...

WKU Parking Map

The doors open one hour before first match. That'll be 4 p.m. C.S.T Thursday and 6 p.m. C.S.T. Friday. Game time for Louisville is 5 p.m. C.S.T. Thursday.

If the Cards advance, they'll play NCAA Second Round action at 7 p.m. Friday C.S.T. (C.S.T. stands for Central Time Zone. That means it's an hour behind Eastern Time Zone, which Louisville is in. For example, when it's midnight in the C.S.T., it's 1 a.m. in the E.S.T.).

Next we'll cover if six, forget sure to check back later today for the Walz/Evans Media Day link. I'll put it at the top of the page, so even Jared can find it....

Have a wonderful Wednesday !



  1. The hits keep coming for Dynamic Dana. If there is any questions on who the Cards WBB floor general is now, erase them. U don't replace an Asia. you just promote an improved Dana !

    Curtis "#1 Dana and Louisville" Franklin

  2. Guilty on the microphone request so we can hear the question. Without the question sometimes Coach's comments could refer to many players or situations.

  3. Couldn't hear the questions posed to Dana, but figured them out from her answers, much improved when Walz came on.

    1. Couldn't hear them earlier watching on FB, hear them CLEARLY on your link, thank😁

    2. I ALSO FOUND a combination audio/video at another website of Walz/Evans that I put on the Thursday edition of CC.

      It is a process under renovation, this passing of the microphone. Yesterday they had just two micrrophones, one for player/coach and one to be "passed around" to the "twenty-something" people in the media room. And, you know what can happen when some people get the microphone. Trying to get it away from them is like trying to take a hambone from a bulldog.

      The easiest way, of course, would be for coach or player to briefly repeat or summarize the question, and, then provide the answer. Delay times between questions would go down if that happened.

      But, it's their show, their dollar and their room and event. I just come in, smile and grin and wait for the event to begin. Maybe, I'll bring a bullhorn next time. At least "grumpy old man" and "let's say 400 words and not pose a question in any of them." weren't there yesterday. Otherwise, we still might be there. I guess they were busy chasing kids out of their front yards, or looking for a free bowl of soup somewhere.



  4. Dana maker,liz maker,B"maker jaz maker kylee maker Go Cards!
    The benchanting full of maker's!

    1. I do think "E" Elizabeth Balogun will be shining by the end of this season. Make it so.


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