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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Kylee Shook Interview -- 2019-20 Denny Crum Court rendering -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


On Wednesday morning, I had the opportunity to sit down with University of Louisville senior post player Kylee Shook and conduct an interview. Kylee has been suffering a bit with a sinus infection, but carried off our chat quite well.

Kylee participated in 35 games for Jeff Walz's Cards in the 2018-19 season and started in three of them. She saw 792 minute of court time, an average of 22 minutes a game. Totaling 250 points, Shook averaged 7.1 point per contest, seventh highest on last year's roster. She shot for 51% from the floor and was 21-53 from three-point range, for 40%. 

Kylee grabbed 209 rebounds, second-highest on the team (behind Sam Fuehring) and those skills will undoubtedly be counted upon again in the 2019-20 season . 

An off season surgery on her left knee to clear up a patella tendon issue was successful and she's working on strengthening the knee and leg. 

The interview covered a lot of the basic things that we asked Jazmine Jones and Bionca Dunham in previous interviews. You can hear it at the link below: 


Kylee, like Jaz and "B", made a point of stressing team unity and how well the roster gets along with each other. This is such an important item...we know what "dissension in the ranks" can do to any squad but it appears that syndrome does not exist within the Cardinal roster.

Like many of the players on the Cardinal WBB roster, Kylee participates in the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). She professed to being a bit nervous after the interview was completed but it certainy wasn't noticeable during it. 

Kylee fully understands and is ready for the challenge of a season without "two A's and a F" (Arica Carter, Asia Durr and Sam Fuehring). The dual threat of Shook on offense, inside the paint and from beyond the arc, presents yet another challenge for opposing squads and she's a proven, successful rebounder. 

We wish Kylee a healthy,, productive and successful senior season on Denny Crum Court and on the road ! 



Cardinal basketball fans will see a new half-court logo on Denny Crum Court when they attend games there or watch them via TV or Internet at the KFC YUM! Center this upcoming season. 

We want to know what your thoughts and impressions are on it. Let us know in the comments section below or e-mail Paulie at :

Have a tremendous Thursday ! 



  1. Dunkin Bird is very cool but doesn't really relate to women's basketball, does it?

    wishing Kylee the best this season!

    Curtis "Neve could dunk" Franklin

  2. Love Kylee. Think she has game changer potential.

  3. OMG....

    "No other Louisville logo elicits more affinity across all generations of our fan base than our Dunking Cardinal," University of Louisville Director of Athletics Vince Tyra said in a prepared release. "After a lot of thought and consideration, we determined that showcasing that was something that would really resonate with our fan base. We are excited about both the men's and women's upcoming seasons and can't wait for our fans to see their new court."

    You are WRONG, Vince Tyra. Where is there ANYTHING in a Dunking Cardinal Bird that represents the women's basketball program, their achievements and the most successful coach on campus?

    Another male-oriented decision that is a direct slap in the face to WBB.

    Pissed Off Peggy

  4. Go Captain Shook it's your time to shine.
    Good luck Kylee have a wonderful year and great basketball season.

  5. Shook could see significant competition in the post if Dixon is allowed to play this season. Still, I expect about the same amount of minutes as last season for her and Walz has plenty of paint options again this season.

    I think the knee is the key with Kylee. If it's "good to go" then look out ACC.

    Logo,schmogo. Who cares?

    Nick O.

  6. Love Kylee and her determination. Hoping for the best for her.

    Now, about this logo:

    Why not just go buy a creme pie and smash it directly in Jeff Walz's face? That's what Vince & Co. have done with this stupid rendering.

    Just keep it simple, planners. The word Louisville would suffice at half-court. All-encompassing, pretty easy to understand and not controversial.

    I don't know about in Louisville, but the cardinal birds down here in Naples don't have teeth.

    At the very least, there should be a plan to have an alternate set of boards available to be put down for women's basketball games. Maybe a silhouette of women's basketball player running, dribbling or shooting. Asia Durr would be a fine silhouette. Or Angel.

    This chauvinistic crap has to end, Vince.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. Thanks for all the responses so far, readers. I truly wish Blogger still had an option to put a poll on the site.

      I will go on record by saying I think a better choice could have been made for a logo. Something generic, non-offending and not as "busy"


  7. Easier than somebody being creative enough to come up with something new as well as relevant to both of the teams.


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