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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


As the University of Louisville women's athletic teams start to get into the part of the year where they aren't involved in competition against other schools, we get ready for THE CARDINAL COUPLE WORLDWIDE QUIZ segments on our Saturday radio shows. These have proven to be a lot of fun, have created controversy and generally take up about half the show in our broadcasts after Derby.

Yes, I know. There is still Cardinal women's sports activity going on.  Softball is still roaring along strongly. Women's golf and track still have meets to compete in. It seems something is always going on with swimming and diving as well, so not all Cardinal women's student-athletes are in off-season training mode. We'll go through a bit of training today, though -- call it our Spring Training Cardinal Couple Quiz.

You're on the honor system for these. If you do well, let us know about it. You get 10 points for each correct answer. You'll have a bonus question at the end where you can pick up another 10 points.

You can choose NOT to take the bonus question and, in a twist from last year, you'll lose 20 points if you get it wrong but GAIN 20 points if you get it right. I'll list the correct answers at the bottom of today's article. Good luck! Today's quiz topic will be women's basketball



1) Which Cardinal WBB student-athlete attempted the second most shots in 2018-19?

     a) Sam Fuehring  b) Arica Carter  c) Lindsey Duvall  d) Dana Evans

2) Who was Louisville WBB's leading rebounder for the 2018-19 season? 

     a) Sam Fuehring  b) Jazmine Jones  c) Kylee Shook  d) Bionca Dunham

3) Who was UofL WBB's highest percentage free throw shooter in 2018-19? 

     a) Sam Fuehring  b) Asia Durr c) Jess Laemmle  d) Arica Carter 

4) Which of these IS NOT a UofL WBB women's basketball recruit for 2019-20?

     a) Norika Konno  b) Carol Burnett  c) Nyah Green  d) Ramani Parker

5) Which of these players DID NOT attempt a three-pointer for UofL in 2018-19?

     a) Asia Durr  b) Jess Laemmle  c) Bionca Dunham  d) Mykasa Robinson 

6) Louisville WBB scored 107 points in a game last season. Who was it against? 

     a) Tennessee State  b) Western Kentucky  c) Notre Dame  d) Hartford

7) Samantha Williams was recently named the head coach at which University? 

     a) Carnegie-Mellon  b) Eastern Illinois  c) Eastern Kentucky  d) Drake

8)  WBB picked up 3 players thru the transfer portal. Which one isn't one of the three? 

     a) Liz Dixon  b) Danielle Patterson  c) Kianna Smith  d) Elizabeth Balogun

9)  Which one of these 2018-19 Cardinals DID NOT play in all 36 games? 

     a) Dana Evans  b) Sam Fuehring  c) Jaz Jones  d) Asia Durr

10) Beth Burns' official title for the UofL women's basketball team is: 
     a) Student Affairs Commissioner b) Practice Supervisor c) ACC Liaison d) Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach 

*****BONUS !!! *****

Sam Purcell had his first assistant coach job at which of these schools below? 

a) Kennesaw State  b) Georgia Tech  c) Tulsa  d) Georgia


Before we get to the correct answers, let's take a minute to give a shout out to the UofL women's golf squad. For the sixth consecutive year, they've qualified to play in the NCAA Regionals. 

The Cards will travel to East Lansing, MI as the #11 seed to participate in regional action May 6-8 on the Forest Akers West Golf Course.

 No, it's not a mis-spell on "Acres". It is "Akers". 

Louisville Football had a excellent kicker named David Akers who went on the play in the NFL for 17 seasons and six different teams. I wonder if he bought a golf course and named it after himself after he retired from the NFL? 

Anyway...the Cards hope to repeat or better last year's regional performance, where they took 4th in the San Francisco Regional and advanced to the NCAA Championships. 

The Cards did finish fifth in the recent ACC Championships. Head Women's golf coach Courtney Trimble is retiring after this season to spend more time with her family. Let's hope for the best for Margot Bechadergue, Olivia Cason, Lauren Hartlage, Mairead Martin, Meghan Nay, Delaney Shah, Lauren Thibedeau and Linda Trockel on the links! 



1)  D   Dana Evans with 310 shots.

2)  A   Sam Fuehring with 258 rebounds

3)  C   Jess Laemmle was a perfect 2 for 2 (100%) from the charity stripe 

4)  B   Carol Burnett on a basketball court. That could be funny...

5)  C   Bionca Dunham did not attempt a three

6)  A  107 points against Tennessee State on 12/02/18

7)  C   Eastern Kentucky University welcomed Samantha Williams

8)  B   Danielle Patterson is in the transfer portal but undecided where yet

9)  D   Asia Durr sat out one game. 

10)  D   Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach is Beth's title

BONUS   C    Sam Purcell was assistant coach at Tulsa from 2005-07

So, how did you do? 

All 11 --- You were sitting next to Coach Walz when you took this, weren't you? Or you are Coach Walz. 

9-10   ---  Not bad!  We'll consider you All-Cardinal Couple First Team ! 

7-8     ---  You know a bit about hoops. We'll offer you a preferred walk on spot. 

5-6     ---  You can do better!  Maybe it was just test anxiety. Take two aspirin, get a good night's sleep and try again tomorrow. 

3-4     ---  Hit the court and give us a few sprints, laps and layups. You need work. 

1-2     ---  Obviously a UK fan lurking here, aren't you?  

Have a tremendous Tuesday! 



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  1. Darn. Got nine of them right. Missed #3 (Jess!) and the Bonus (guessed Georgia Tech) so I got 70 points? But, nine right gets me on the first team! I'll take that.

    Curtis "No cheating, drank coffee, though" Franklin.


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