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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Saturday Action recap and The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour -- Sunday Cardinal Couple


The Lacrosse season is winding to a close, and unfortunately, the rebuilding Teeter squad is still looking for its first conference win.

The Laxers tangled with UVA for their final home game of the season, but went down to defeat 18-10.  The first half went swimmingly (if you'll pardon the word play on the generally rainy conditions for the day), with the lead being exchanged several times on the way to a 6-6 halftime tie.  UVA went on a 6-0 scoring run in the second half to achieve the solid win over UofL and sink the Cards' chances for a winning season.  Cardinal goals came from both Blalock twins, Caroline had 4, Sarah had 1, Madison Hoover with a pair, and Tessa Chad, Jillian Balog, and Ally Hall each finding the back of the net once.

After graduating four in 2017, and having 10 athletes leave the program via transfer, a coaching change (prompting one of those transfers to reverse course), we knew this year was going to be a rough season for Lacrosse.  The squad did reasonably well in non-conference play, but when it came to the brutal competitiveness of ACC play, the level of play for UofL just hasn't been there.

While there will be post-season play for the Laxers, all 8 ACC Women's Lacrosse teams go to the ACC tournament in Durham, NC, the prospects for NCAA tournament play are pretty much non-existant.

Now the next bit of bad news for UofL Lacrosse competitiveness.  Yesterday's loss to UVA was
senior day, and the Cards honored 11, count them 11, seniors.  Many of these players are names that we've written amount on these pages frequently:  Jillian Balog, Lexi Cheetam, Leigh Gatons, Madison Hoover, Emily Howell, Casey Madura, Taylor Webster, Julia Wood...and several more.

Scott Teeter is a fantastic coach, but he has a real rebuilding job ahead of him, and that process will almost certainly continue next year.  If there's an upside to the large degree of turnover, it helps Teeter bring in his process, tactics, and player types faster.  That is not to suggest in the slightest that the carryover athletes from the previous coaching tenure are in any way obstacles to Teeter's success as I believe the Louisville Laxers that have remained with the team deserve nothing but the utmost respect, but it leads to a different relationship and environment when the coaching staff has had a hand in the recruitment of players rather than inheriting them from another coaching staff.

Coach is adamant that the team has continued to improve as the season has progressed. Let's remember this is the ACC...the toughest Lacrosse conference in the universe. We have no doubt that once Scott is able to hit the recruiting trail and gather more student-athletes -- plus teach his system -- "The Teeter Way" of lacrosse. there will be much success ahead and continued improvement for the "Girls of the Ellis".

The Cards will wrap up the regular season next Sunday at Syracuse with a 1pm first draw. ACC Conference play follows that.




 Softball was supposed to be in action in Syracuse yesterday to wrap up that series after splitting a double header on Friday.  Softball in April in Syracuse is always dicey, and sure enough, the rubber match was cancelled due to cold and falling temperatures.

Pearsall's squad will continue their road trip Wednesday with a visit just up the road to IU in Bloomington.  Hopefully better weather awaits.

The road trip continues the next weekend in Tallahassee with a series against league leading Florida State.  Our own Jared Anderson will be in attendance for two of the games, I believe, presumably wearing black, red, and likely a camera.  He will be joined by his lovely girlfriend, who will almost certainly be decked out in garnet and gold.  We're skeptical of how successful this relationship will be between a Cardinal and a Seminole, but also a little bit jealous that we haven't gotten a chance to meet Katy, yet.  Have a good trip and visit, Jared!


The ever-active Jared also was at the final UofL Volleyball Spring match with camera in hand.  The Cards welcomed Butler into Cardinal Arena.  The fans were left to their own devices, with no PA announcer on hand at all, but that didn't stop the Cards from rolling over the Bears.

The Cardinals theoretically won the match in a 3 set sweep, but with this being Spring exhibition play...a chance for teams to get extra practice and playing time under their belts, both coaches decided to go ahead and play a 4th set to 15.  The Cards won that one, too.

As with any sporting event, there are places to tune and improve, but the Cardinals looked great last night against this Butler squad.  In the extra 4th set, the Libero jersey got exchanged, with Alexis Hamilton donning the odd-man-out jersey, giving her some extra playing time.  She continues to impress your intrepid reporter.  I don't believe I've ever seen a DS fly around the floor quite like she does.  She's athletic, quick, covers an absolutely ridiculous amount of territory with accuracy and success in improving the ball that is, at times, just mind boggling.

Brianna Lester, as we reported, has returned to UofL, after a year at Pepperdine playing basketball, and a red-shirt freshman year on the UofL Volleyball squad.  She saw some significant playing time and impressed as well.  Look for her to be a 3rd middle blocker/hitter behind Jasmine Bennett and Piper Roe.  Speaking of Jasmine Bennett, maybe the highlight play of the night was Jasmine thunderously returning a Butler overpass.  I think proud papa Winston Bennett bounced as high out of his courtside seat to cheer as the ball did.

This wraps up the spring schedule for Volleyball and yours truly will certainly be ready for an exciting season that should start right at the end of August.  4 and a half months sure feels like a long time for this fan.


The knuckleheads put on a good radio show yesterday.  The studio contingent was Paulie, myself and recurring guest Mike "the man with 4 first names" Gilpatrick.  We saw Daryl Foust pop into the Facebook live chat as well. The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour -- never a dull moment or waste of an hour. We even have podiatrists listening while they examine feet!

A good discussion ensued about Myisha Hines-Allen's prospects along with long-time Cardinal Couple favorite Asia Taylor with the Washington Mystics.  We recapped various events of the week, got a full Scheduling and Twitter segment in with only minimal interruptions, and even discussed some potential future in-studio guests.  Nothing is lined up for sure at this point, but we're hopeful.

Check out the stream at

(Photos today by Mr. Jared Anderson...the tall, smiling guy with the camera and good source of gossip!) 


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