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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Louisville women's basketball -- Walz wants big crowd for Virginia game


Jeff Walz held his weekly press conference yesterday and led off, naturally, with the next game on the Cardinal WBB schedule -- the "Think Pink", Play 4 Kay Thursday contest against Virginia that will tip at 7 p.m. in the KFC YUM! Center. Coach said: 

"I'd like to encourage all of our fans...anybody that's a Louisville basketball, football, athletic come out tomorrow night. It's not just for our student athletes, it's for a great cause...Walz stated. "It started off on Monday, where I put out there, after talking with my wife, doing a donation for the Kay Yow Fund. We came up with a creative idea, a dollar per fan over 10,000 to see if we can get a great turnout for Thursday night. Within about 10 hours I received an e-mail from a fan that wanted to remain nameless who said they would willing to double that, so now it's up to $3 a fan. Then, Park Community (a Louisville Credit Union) sends out a tweet yesterday that they'd like to add a dollar." 

"So, now we're at $4 a fan for over 10,000. Everybody has someone affected by cancer. Even if you don't like basketball. Even if you don't like Louisville...nobody likes cancer. 
So, we've got a chance. Group tickets are $3. 10 fans or more, call up and you can get group's an absolutely wonderful way to raise money to help a great cause." 

We, at Cardinal Couple, hope the fans will pack the YUM! tonight. Wear your pink and cheer on a team that's 27-2, fourth in the nation and will only appear at home one more time after tonight in the regular season before post-season begins.

Or, just come out in support of the fight against cancer. A talk with UofL personnel indicated that about 7,000 tickets had been sold as of Wednesday noon, so get cracking and get those tickets. 

LOUISVILLE is guaranteed that they'll begin the NCAA Tournament run with their first two games at The KFC YUM! Center. It also looks very good that, if they advance, the next two could be played at the Lexington Regional site at Rupp Arena.    

Walz continued by talking about the free throw challenge associated with the Play 4 Kay fund-raiser. Cardinal fans have responded well to this, and the amount is around $54 a made free throw now. (Accuracy, girls...accuracy!) 

Other topics covered in the presser: 

On Myisha: Walz spoke of her growth over the last four years and her accomplishments. 

On Myisha's confidence: Walz spoke of Shawnta Dyer's mentoring of her and helping her install a great work effort. 

On the future: Coach talked about the importance of the final two games and what was at stake. Winning a conference title would be only the second conference championship in his career, the first coming as an assistant with Paul Sanderford at Western early in his career. 

On Asia Durr ankle: She has not practiced since the sprain but should be ready to go. "She has two ankles." he joked. He'd be shocked if she can't go. "She loves to play." 

On a test for the team if she can't go: Walz turned this question into a humorous exchange with me. He doesn't like tests, but offered to give me some. 

His take on the denied appeal: Walz thought the situation was ridiculous and questioned how you can take away wins. He feels bad for the kids but does not condone the infractions committed by the players. 

On a closure with the fan base: Walz hopes the fans can get over this and come out and support his team Thursday night. 

On being nominated for Coach of the Year: Walz gave credit to his staff and players for the successes Louisville has had. 


So, the Cards WBB squad continues on with the spectacular season. One of the few bright spots for a University that has been rocked, beat up and ran roughshod over by the NCAA denial of appeal. That, and the continued mediocrity of men's basketball. I won't beat a dead horse here but David Padgett's players need to learn how to play defense. 

Virginia has strengths but...they are on the road, they were previously trounced by the Cards, and they're seeing a top-four spot in the ACC slowly fade into the sunset...I can't see them giving Louisville much of a battle tonight. Let's hope Louisville can shake the slow starts they've been involved in lately and make this one a blowout from the start. 

Wear pink, come out tonight and let's have some fun. It's sorely needed right about now around the Louisville athletic department. 


Two great gals...Daryl (left) and
Paige (right)! 
Daryl Foust has been a frequent guest on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour and we always relish having her in-studio to share her thoughts on "all things Cardinals". 

Her grandmother passed away yesterday and will be buried Saturday. Our thoughts, condolences and prayers are with her at this time. 

It is part of the life process. There are births and deaths. We, too, will someday be spoken of fondly when we are breathing dry air. 

We go through the sadness and grieving but we must never forget the good times we had with those dearly departed. I hope these rememberances of "the good times" will occupy your thoughts, buddy. 


A sincere and heartfelt "THANK YOU!" to all who have wished me a Happy Birthday. It'll be a good day, spending it with my wife and getting to go to a Louisville WBB basketball game tonight. 

I am thankful to still be here. I was selected "guy most unlikely to see 30" in my High School Yearbook and, despite my frivolous and carefree "early days", I've made it to where I can start investigating things like senior benefits and other senior citizen trappings and discounts.  I'm blessed to have Sonja in my life and as my wife. She changed my life at a time when I may have been at my lowest peak. I love her so very much. I am grateful, reciprocating and so very lucky. 

I don't feel old. I have my friends, family and activities to thank for that. On this day, like on most days, I'll remember the careful nurturing and raising that my parents provided. I'll count my blessing and remember friends and family that are not still with me. We'll wait until the weekend to formally celebrate (Sonya's birthday is Saturday).

We grow old, we grow wiser and we look forward to each day. No quit in the "tall boy who never backs down". Onward. Confidently. Happily. Confidently. 

Thanks, again. 


Louisville Lacrosse travels to Indy today to face Butler University at 3 p.m. in the home open for the Bulldogs. 

The Cards (2-1) face a a Bulldog squad that is 0-1. They lost to Michigan 12-2. The Bulldogs were picked to finish 10th (last) in the preseason Big East poll. 

Louisville plays or has played (5) Big East schools, including Butler, in their first six games this season. They have wins over Marquette and Cincinnati, lost to Denver and will play Vanderbilt on 2/27. 

BIG EAST Women's Lacrosse Preseason Coaches' Poll
1.   Florida (9)     81
2.   Denver (1)     73
3.   Georgetown 62
4.   Temple          56
5.   Connecticut  49
6.   Vanderbilt     37
      Marquette     37
8.   Villanova       27
9.   Cincinnati      19
10. Butler            9

Good luck to the LAX Cards today in Circle City. 



  1. Happy Birthday Paulie and I hope the Cards get a win to celebrate it. It is also my wife's Deloris's birthday this weekend 2/25/18. They can win on that day too to help her celebrate hers!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. Happy BirthdayπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

  3. Paulie...Happy Birthday wishes from the Watson Family and hope it is great for you. Birthdays these days remind me of the ancient Chinese philosopher. Yung No Mo.

    You are young and heart and hardly look to be a senior citizen. I hope that you've adjusted well to velcro shoes, using a hand-rail on steps and being called "sir" and referred to as "that grumpy old man". It took me a while to make that transition.

    Don't pull a hamstring chasing kids out of your front yard, You might want to consider giving up hula hoops, hide and seek and orgies now. It'll be tough...but you can do it! Eat soft foods, don't drive at night and avoid spicy foods. A bowel movement is the best bodily experience you can look forward to now. I have sent Sonja a sympathy card, along with your birthday card (in HUGE letters).

    I'll forward this letter to you that I received on a birthday a few years back.

    Dear Friend:

    I hope you can help me. I am (name withheld) and I actively speak to groups about the evils of partying and alcohol. For years, my assistant George would sit on the stage as I addressed these groups. Nose running, un-shaven, dirty clothes and tangled hair...he would babble incoherently, pick his nose, belch, fart and smelled like a brewery. He would ask loudly where he was, what day it was and whose round was it?

    At times he would wander about the crowd, asking for money, liquor and smokes. Other times he would carry on loud discussions with no one in particular. He would giggle incoherently, cry loudly and, at times stare out at the audience with his bloodshot eyes and ask them "who the f--- they were and why were they there?"

    The sight of George, accompanied my by speech was an impressive thing. We saved thousands of people from evils of drink and excess. We were in high demand for speaking engagements and booked well into 2019. .

    Unfortunately, George passed away last week. Your name was given to me as the ideal candidate to replace George. Would you be interested?


    Dave O
    David Watson

    1. Thanks, buddy, (I think). Glad you remembered the website link and how to access your PC. Thanks to all for birthday wishes. I am grateful.


  4. Hey Paulie, great stuff on Walz and the Cards today and hilarious stuff Dave O!

    As someone who knew you from "way back when", we've both been through a lot in our lives but we're still kicking and thriving.

    I didn't think you'd get to 30 either. Or me. HA, HA.

    Remember "looking for north?"

    Happy Birthday

    The Deb Factor

    1. Oh, boy. It's all coming out now. Thanks, Deb and I'll reply with the "whose shoes are these?" incident. Surely you remember that...


  5. Go Cards and happy birthday Paulie!

    Curtis "Cut the Cake!" Franklin

  6. Happy Birthday Paulie and many more!
    I hope these emoji show up.πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽˆ

  7. Happy birthday Paulie from your favorite Clemson fan! Have a blast and be safe. Good luck tonight against VA. Should be a piece of cake. No pun intended.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC.

  8. Another game against another hungry ACC opponent. I think the cards have a real good team this year ,so many Dynamic players two great ACC players of the year candidates. Also AC's having a great year,But I've been noticing Kylee Shook stepping in the passing Lane getting steals and deflections. Blocking shots at 6-4 and if she keeps progressing her game she's going to be really special.
    Go Cards beat the Cavaliers!

  9. Shook's been a rebounding force too lately. GO CARDS BEAT CANCER! Happy Birthday Paulie and thanks for being here for us with the best UofL women's athletics sports site around. Long may you run

    Blue Lou


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