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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Louisville women's basketball --Cards vs Virginia Tech Tonight... Thursday Cardinal Couple -

Cards vs Hokies

Walz and crew are back out on the road for a game tonight.  This time with a visit to Blacksburg, VA to tangle with the Virginia Tech Hokies.

I was trying to come up with some clever play on words with "Hokies", or that their mascot is a turkey, but I'm just coming up blank this morning.  "The Cards are hoping to gobble up lot's of points on the Hokies?"  Pretty cheesy.

Clever wordplay or not, VT has had a pretty season, coming into the matchup 16-7 overall.  They swept their non-conference slate, though to be fair, without being too terribly tested.  Probably the best wins in the bunch were to a pair of SEC schools, Tennessee and Auburn.  Otherwise, you're looking at wins over the likes of UNC Asheville, Georgetown, and UCF, which, while not cupcakes, don't present a serious threat to a team of VTs calibre.

The conference has been a little harsher on the Hokies, with the Blacksburg folk sitting at 3-7 in
conference at the moment.  Loses to Miami, in a reasonably close game; Duke, by a fairly sizable margin; and Virginia.  The last of those three was a serious drubbing, with a final score of 76-27.  The VT conference wins came against Wake Forest, Clemson, and UNC.

Overall, this paints a picture of a team that really shouldn't provide a serious threat to the Cards, but UofL does need to come out and play solid and consistent ball.

Good News, Bad News

Cardinal Couple has received reports that Myisha Hines-Allen is back to full speed, and has had a couple of very good practices with the team.  The squad will certainly be glad to have a solid contributor back in the lineup and ready to go.

Alas, the bad news...

After seeing Briahanna Jackson take a seat for much of the game at Notre Dame with reported back spasms, the report is that BJ didn't make the trip to VA, with further tests planned.  We, of course, hope for the best, and not just because her play alone is worth the price of admission.

Off the Court Good News

The Atlanta Tipoff Club announced the top 30 players for the Women's College Player of the Year Naismith Award.  From the UofL squad, Asia Durr, and Myisha Hines-Allen made the list.

This list will be further narrowed to 10 on March 2nd.

To re-enforce the idea of the ACC being the current best women's basketball conference in the nation, the conference got the highest number of players named to the list, with a total of 9.

Paulie Picks

The master of disaster when it comes to choosing sides in ACC contests offers these seven selections for Thursday and Friday.

NORTH CAROLINA over Boston College. A home game for the Heels against the cellar-dweller of the ACC.  UNC.

Clemson at PITTSBURGH. We'll go with the home team again. Clemson has looked better as of late but the Pete is a tough place to play. PITT.

NC STATE at Georgia Tech. The Engineers hope to construct a victory over the invading Wolves...but the Pack should huff and puff and blow that house down.  NC STATE

Virginia at MIAMI. The Cavs go sword-fighting on the beaches of Florida but we think the Big Wind should blow them back out to sea.  MIAMI

LOUISVILLE at Virginia Tech. The red birds are hungry for a win and should feast on these Gobblers while doing the Hokey-Pokey.  LOUISVILLE

Wake Forest at FLORIDA STATE. The Demon Deaconesses try to cast a spell in FSU's happy hunting ground but they're liable to get speared tonight.  FLORIDA ST.

In a rare Friday matchup,.. SYRACUSE takes their so-called "best guard combo in the nation" to Durham to face another pretty good guard contingent. "Q" wins a close one. SYRACUSE.

Paulie proudly informs us his record is 61-16 which is good for 79,2%



  1. They better come out and play with some urgency. Like they want to get that bad taste out.

    1. Can't miss those bunnies.

  2. Hicks, Panousis and Cook look like they could be trouble for the Cards, especially if BJ is a no-go. So, do the Cards zone up against a squad that shoots 29% from beyond the arc?

    Curtis "There's a reason you're wide open" Franklin

  3. Taylor Johnson gets more minutes tonight, maybe this might help her get into the flow of the game.
    GO Card's ☺ ☺ ☺

    1. Mariya Moore gets things started ,if she has the hot hand tonight feed her.������

  4. Virginia Tech has lost their last six and three of them have been at home. They're not exactly trending. Hicks is all that for them but you have fifteen fouls to waste on her between T.J., Syd and Attack Yorkie. You man them up and just bully past them. Go Cards!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. Let them shoot all night from outside. They were 2-29 against Virginia from three point range, 10-28 against Ga. Tech, 7-24 against Notre Dame and 6-22 against Syracuse. Those numbers don't scare me. As long as Louisville can get the rebounds and do something with them when they get them, the Cards should be OK.

      It is time for Taylor Johnson to step up with some quality minutes. Back spasms haunted me for years. Sitting, walking, running, laying down were all painful. Muscle relaxers just made me goofy and didn't help the pain much. I still have occasional flare-ups. I know exactly what BJ must be going through. The only thing that helped me was deep tissue massage and chiropractic care. And it took years.

      Blue Lou

    2. Thanks for cheering us all up and you're still goofy, Lou. Seriously, I had a friend was a pretty decent assist guard out of high school who had to give up the game because of them.

      Best to Briahanna and we all hope the spasms can be treated and managed.


  5. Congrats to Asia Taylor who will be playing with the Washington Mystics in the WNBA.

  6. Ditto that for Asia! cards 4 life.


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