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Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Cardinal Couple

Golf Back in the Clubhouse

Olivia Cason, the lone member of the Women's Golf squad to qualify for the NCAA championship finished her rounds yesterday.

Cason scored an even par on the last round to finish out the competition with a total of four over.  That scores is good for a tie for 45th in the overall competition.  For comparison, the best score was by Virginia Elena Carta from Duke with a 13 under.  2nd place was 7 under scored by three players.  Even par would've earned you a tie for 15th.

Olivia, as a reminder, is a freshman, so there should be great things ahead for this young woman and this Cardinal Golf team.

Volleyball Trip Update

Last week I reported on the trip that the Volleyball squad was taking to Europe to play, practice,
sightsee, and shop.

The trip is underway at this point, (maybe a little less than halfway), and the VolleyCards have done some of all of the above.  As I reported Saturday on the radio show, the trip hasn't been without some incidents, though everyone associated with the Cardinal squad is fine.  More about that below.

The Wide-Netters flew into Milan, Italy, after an odd couple of connections via Atlanta, and JFK in NYC.  A tour of Milan was undertaken that day with some absolutely wonderful pictures coming across various social media sites from the beautiful city, and then I suspect a fairly early bedtime thanks to jetlag.  The 2nd day saw a trip outside Milan to Lake Como, location of the original Hotel Bellagio, and another steady stream of stunning pictures on social media.  A little bit of a scare here as the team came across the lake on a ferry, and after docking, one of the crewmen on the ferry got hit by a car right at the waterfront.  The car had him sandwiched between itself and the railing at the edge of the dock.  The crewman fell over the railing and into the water.  The Cardinal trainer, Sarah Kasprow, along with the tour guide Federica, and Coach Kordes brother John, all immediately jumped into the water to render assistance and help get the crewman lifted back up out of the water and on short.  The folks rendering aid were all fine, but the crewman did have some fairly significant injuries, with a broken leg, and some other injuries to his arm and head.  He is expected to recover well, though.

The next day was back in Milan for a day of shopping.  The Cards did get their workout in for the day, however, with a 15 minutes sprint across downtown Milan to just barely make it back for the last train of the day back to the training facility where the team is staying.  The team covered, in 15 minutes, what I'm told is typically a 40 minute walk, and keep in mind that they weren't in athletic attire for a day of shopping, and "ancient European city" probably can be translated to, "cobblestones."

The Cards travelled, this morning, to Bled, Slovenia where they will get a half day of spa time, and more Volleyball playing later.


The latest broadcast of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour is available for listening on the SoundCloud at Crescent Hill Radio or by going to the link below:


A broadcast that covered a wide variety of things...including interviews with Louisville Softball players Jordan McNary, Lillie Goetz, Michala Riggle, handicapper Scott Harris (who gave out some phenomenal and profitable selections) and several different Louisville women's sports squad updates.

- JMcA

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