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Monday, March 28, 2016

Danielle Cosgrove...A player to watch for 2018 -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


We get a lot of questions about UofL WBB recruiting here at CARDINAL COUPLE and, although that aspect of basketball isn't one I follow with a wild-eyed interest or passion, I recently saw a mix tape of a very intriguing 2018 prospect that has Louisville on her prospective list. 

Meet Danielle Cosgrove. a 6'4" post from Sachem East in Farmingville, NY. This smooth operator also plays for the renown Philly Belles club team. She scores, she rebounds, she plays defense and the central Long Island star looks quite similar to incoming Card Kylie Shook. I'll go a step further. At this point in her young career, is she the next Breanna Stewart?

Watch the You Tube clip at the bottom of this article. You will see, like I did, how hard she works inside the paint. Notice that she can step outside and hit the long range jumper with a smooth release and relative ease. Defensively, she gets after it and watch how easily she can create space for herself in the paint to get open and score. She goes to the boards to rebound with aggression and seems comfortable with either hand on the dribble or the pass. She's got speed as well and can get out on the transition break. 

So, who is in her wheel base? The Cards have offered. Other schools she mentions are Michigan, Wisconsin, St. John, Fordham, Lafayette and Ole Miss. No mention of UConn yet...but it is still very early in the recruiting process for her. 

She's one to keep an eye on. A player who is looking very special with two years of high school yet to go. 

Players go through a lot of changes throughout their high school careers...just like college basketball programs. Louisville gets a lot of national recognition for the great recruiting classes they've had over the last three years. Words like "future dynasty", "the next UConn" and "potential powerhouse" get tossed around when Louisville women's basketball is mention. The key to the transition is turning these high school stars and All-Americans into competitive and effective college players. Another key is seeing how a particular player reacts when the rest of the college basketball world starts to send the letters, texts and coaches. 

We've seen the transition of the 2014 Cardinal recruiting class into a sophomore supreme scenario with Myisha Hines-Allen, Mariya Moore and Arica Carter. The 2015 Class established Asia Durr as a powerful Card for the future and the sophomore season for this group should see the continued development of several more in that class. We'll watch the growth of the incoming 2016 juggernaut class that is so impressive and awarded.

And...we are continuing to see the "Walz effect" when looking to 2017 and 2018. 

Exciting times ahead, no doubt. 




  1. I enjoy watching the recruiting game and i thank you for this heads up. Research time.

  2. And then there's this disjointed e-mail I sent to the chairman of the men's tournament I'm in (and trying to get to third place in).

    If UNC can beat Syracuse, you win the contest. IF not, you end up in a tie with
    Emily, who can score no more points, with 41 points. RACHEL CAN SCORE NO MORE
    POINTS and finishes with 38. I could score two more points if Oklahoma wins the
    national championship and possibly get to 39 points, which would place me in
    third place. Agreed, go Oklahoma and UNC.

    Or...if a ram could eat an orange...he'd send the bill to Park. The heretofore unknown Emily doesn't get anymore to eat, especially no fried Wildcat or prairie bird. So Parkie doesn't have to worry about adding that check to his total. If a Beaver ate a bruin and still had room for a fried Wildcat (and that would be one
    FULL Beaver!) then your oldest-born could rub bracketorial success in her absent sister's face. And also stick Parkie with the tab. Consider the plight of Paulie Sooner...who could have to dine on a northeastern species of Wildcat, then either an Orange or Ram. The bar tab alone here would send Parkie screaming into
    the darkness. Consider the starving Fariba, suffering Sonja and drunken Flip...who didn't get invited to dinner. Won't Parkie at least get a doggie bag for them? Or buy them a hot dog? Or Colt 45?

    No soup for you! Who's in the kitchen...Marlon Perkins? Where's my whine?

    ( it is..."The Cardinals would have won it all, Why President Ramsey Why?...Syracuse never should have got in the Tournament".)

    Can I just get a check over here (that I'll hand to Parkie) and get out of this bizarre dining scenario? Whaddya mean dessert? How about a slice of humble pie with a huge
    whipped cream topping that I'll shove right in your kisser! Let them eat cake! And indigestion will surely follow. Don't stop me Sonja, this senile old man is just getting started.

    To all that have competed and lost...I offer a prom queen wave. To all that are lost and need to get your priorities in order.

    I just wish I could remember who to send this to...


  3. She should be a good one to follow


  4. Poor Baylor, poor Kim. lost another jacket. Missed another finsl 4.

  5. 9,055 show up for a quarterfinal NIT game in El Paso to see Oregon edge UTEP 71-67. Starr Breedlove ends career with 17 points.
    Read the final paragraph of this link. Very touching.

    1. So glad to see Starr Breedlove have some success and get the chance to play. It's been a long time coming for her...and multiple stops, including Louisville.


  6. FL STATE 2016 Hoopgurlz recruiting class
    19, 21, 23, and 53.
    15, 18, 29, and 55


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