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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Changes on the airwaves...Howie Lindsey going to 790 Cards Radio -- Wednesday CARDINAL COUPLE


Another change in the Louisville sports radio lineup. 

It's being reported by multiple sites and sources that Howie Lindsey, who has hosted The Howie Show for the last six months or so from 10 a.m. to noon on 93.9 FM WLCL is moving to 790 AM to become the host of the morning show over there at the Clear Channel station.

The word from Barrett Sports media is: 

790 KRD in Louisville has finalized their search for a morning host and they’ve identified Lindsey as their guy! The station plans to drop Fox Sports Daybreak and offer local programming in mornings.
Lindsey has hosted middays on 93.9 The Ville since August, in addition to covering the Cardinals for the Louisville Sports Report, an extension of the Rivals brand. With the radio station looking to expand its local footprint and offer a heavier Cardinal presentation due to its affiliation with the school, his skillset seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered.
His start date on the station is unclear at this time.
Interesting move, to say the least.

Who wins this battle of the local channels? 
WKRD had taken some flak for dropping local morning programming. Their afternoon drive-time sports show The Afternoon Underdogs can polarize listeners, although Tony Vanetti and Dave Jennings seem like nice enough guys...and they've felt the ratings drop that 93.9's Ramsey and Rutherford afternoon show have wrought. Both shows take a back seat ratings-wise to funny-man Terry Meiners and his long gig at WHAS...a channel that inexplicably dropped their long-running evening sports show a few months back. 

What in the wide world of sports in going on here.

We're surpremely confident that Howie will hit the ground running and draw a significant amount of listeners from the other current morning sports show available in the Louisville market...The Deener Show...which happens to be at Howie's old station. 

It was Deener who moved to 93.9 and Jody Demling who replaced Deener at 790 and got replaced by syndication. Now Lindsey replaces network programming, Demilng is still at 790 for The Cardinal Insider Show after the Afternoon Underdogs and Deener is at 680 and 93.9. 

I may need a program or media guide...who's on first? 

Howie can't comment on this move currently...his absence from his show today came to my attention first when I heard Marcus Maybin rambling during Howie's slot and then came the e-mails and text messages I started getting wondering why I wasn't on there to do my regular Tuesday slot about UofL women's sports? 

Combined with the e-mails and texts I was getting about Tennessee's 'purported' interest in Jeff Walz, which turned out to be a horn-swoggle and fallacy. I had quite the busy Tuesday morning reading and reacting. 

I had done our weekly women's sports report on the Howie Show slot on Monday...per Howie's request and my happy preview the Louisville WBB game against USF. It went well I that I look back on it...maybe fore-shadowing was at work. I did call in to the show Tuesday, just to see if anyone wanted to discuss the Cards convincing win over the Bulls. I was put on the air with Maybin who let me talk for about a minute, thanked me for calling and hung up on me. I would expect there are some pretty major aftershocks going on there on Cardinal Blvd...but early indications would suggest that Maybin will have no trouble hosting "talk" radio. Listening may be something he needs to add to his abilities. 

So, there was that.

It probably also means that Cardinal Couple's segment over there at 93.9 on Tuesdays will disappear as well...but I've haven't been formally told that. Howie brought us in and has exited. We're no party crashers and we'll leave with who brought us. 

Cards Radio. The Ville. While it is exciting to see two radio groups in the Louisville area showing interest in Louisville Athletics...we'll still call both to task by imploring that they up their coverage on Louisville women's athletics. 

The thought of losing the Tuesday segment does not matter to me personally....I just hate seeing the window of opportunity for exposure for UofL women's sports close. We were always pleased when someone came up to us, told us they heard the spot and liked what they heard. 

When Howie originally proposed the idea to us about the Tuesday segment we were excited to have the opportunity. Howie was essential in helping getting Cardinal Couple started...with his positive comments, suggestions and offers to help wherever he could back when we first got started. He's been a good friend to us, the website and our own radio show over the years...and we're excited for his new opportunity. 

Whether Walz Wednesday continues or not I haven't a clue. What I do know is that Howie has invested a lot of time and coverage towards Louisville women's sports over the years. Not just women's basketball, either...he's a guy that is well-respected for his knowledge and accessibility with Volleyball, women's soccer, field hockey, softball...the list goes on and on.

We hope that coverage of women's sports continues in Howie's new gig and new call letters.

As in the past, if we're called...we'll be there to gladly serve and support. If we're not, we'll still continue to align our forces with a man who has gone above and beyond in service to the Louisville women's sports programs. Our mission statement is clear..we discuss the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports. Wherever and whenever we can with whoever we can. 

We know where we'll be listening to morning radio in a few weeks and we hope you'll join us over there. We're sure that Howie will continue to get the sparkling array of movers and shakers in the college sport world to join him on the air and Internet listeners will find the channel very accessible as well.

WKRD has landed one of the good guys in Howie Lindsey. 



  1. Best of luck to Howie, I loved his mid-morning show and will follow him to 790 and continue to listen. Marcus Maybin is a joke. He has the attention span of a 4 yr. old.

    Curtis Franklin

  2. I will give 790 another chance now that Howie is headed there. If anything, they are more pro-active, certainly now with this bringing on of Howie move, about women's sports that 939 is. Deener, Ramsey & Rutherford probably don't realize that UofL participates in women's sports. Maybin, after giving him a brief listening try, is a candidate for the 2016 Awful Announcing award. He should stick a hearing aid up his butt and connect it to his ear so he can clearly hear the crap he is producing. With Howie in the morning and Demling after the Dogs, plus live WBB broadcasts at least coverage of women's sports is alive on one radio station in town.

    Paulie, I do hope you get a chance to continue on with a UofL women's sports segment with Howie. You know what you're talking about and I know several of my friends that would always tune in on Tuesday to hear you like I did. Thanks for promoting women's sports here on this website and with you radio show. Hopefully, teamed with with Howie again soon, too!

    The Deb factor

    1. Well said, Deb. I hope you get that call Paulie. Having listened to your spots on Howie's show and your Saturday radio show, you and Jeff keep it about the women's athletes, coaches and events and not yourselves. That is refreshing in today's sports radio.

      Tommy Boy

    2. Thanks for the kind words! Jeff and I are committed to promoting the joy and excitement of Louisville women's sports. We're fans. As far as the Howie deal goes, I'm sure that currently there is a lot more on his plate than thinking about a 10 minutes segment once a week, and rightfully so...but, if contacted I will respond and if chosen I will serve.


  3. No surprise that Jackson had trouble scoring Monday night. It is near impossible to chase a player the entire game and still have the legs to put your shots up. Actually I'm kind of surprised that Jeff did not use her as a decoy and call her off from putting up shots and making defense her only focus.

    1. Walz needs that dependable fourth scorer. You know what you're going to get from Mariya and Myisha. There is usually a third that steps up. It varies on who it is. If Louisville could get consistent scoring from Asia, Briahanna or Arica, then this team would really be dangerous.

      The Deb Factor

    2. So true but really we need a dependable THIRD scorer first. We have no one who is close to consistent now. Asia looked awful the last few games and give Jackson credit for hanging in there but please no excuse for 0-10. She looks spent lately like the ball is too heavy. Everything is short. Thank goodness Moore and Hines-Allen continue to get better. Maybe it will light a fire under Arica. I hope Asia and Arica can pick it up because they are the difference. Jackson is melting down offensively.

    3. With Asia struggling we have NO BENCH. The freshman aren't ready yet. We scored 5 points last game.

  4. Faith Randolph is back in the lineup for Virginia Thur night vs the Cards.

    1. Yes she is. Her return does worry Coach Walz. She was a key component in them beating us last year late in the schedule. Virginia needs wins bad right now to salvage any possible hope of an NCAA bid. A win over UofL would be a huge RPI boost for them. The Cards need to be ready.



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