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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Cardinal Couple

Golf in Second in Miami

Some familiar names leading the Cardinals club swingers into second place at the Hurricane Invitational in Miami, FL.  Senior Emily Haas and junior Katie Mitchell ended the day tied for fifth with 1-under par on the individual leaderboard, but the Cardinals continue to play consistently across the whole team resulting in a second place team score at the end of the first day of play.

With an even par 71, junior Laura Restrepo lands in 11th place in the individual scoring, and senior Katie Petrino finished with a 1 over which is good for 21st position on the leaderboard.

Molly Skapik, a freshman, will start play off tomorrow for the Cards at 7:30am, and starts from 30th position and a 3-over par.

We wish the Cardinal club swingers well, and hope they bring some of the warm weather back with them to the Derby City.  The Hurricane Invitational is a three day event, wrapping up Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday...and Weather

The Louisville Lacrosse game Wednesday afternoon against Duquesne has been moved forward to a one eleven o'clock start from the original start time of 3pm at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium.

The change in start time is in anticipation of unpleasant weather for Wednesday which is forecast to be a pretty disgusting mix of rain, sleet, snow, and probably just about every other type of precipitation that none of us really wants to deal with at this point in the winter.  Switching over to just snow after about two or three o'clock.

About the only weather condition that will cancel a game
for Lacrosse would be if there we enough accumulation of snow that the field couldn't be cleared, and that doesn't look to be the case.  For safety reasons, I imagine a temporary stoppage would happen for lightning, but that also doesn't look to be a factor on Wed.

The forecast for Saturday, however, doesn't look too awful...sunny and a high of 46...for the next home game, against William and Mary.  That will be a bit chilly to be sitting on open bleachers, but at least it should be dry and sunny to warm spectators a bit.



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Sonja says:  Louisville beats Notre Dame and 123 total points are scored.

Leave your picks in the comments sections leading up to Wednesday or e-mail them to

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  1. I really wanted to get out to some Lacrosse games this year. But, between the weather and the schedule, it is beginning to look doubtful. Hope the Lacrosse Cards know that many of us are thinking of them and wishing them great success. Mr Jurich, the Lacrosse team deserves a better playing facility that would be fan friendly.

  2. Off topic a bit but I was wandering around the ACC site trying to figure out if they are going to webcast the WBB tourney and ran across some season ending stats that I thought were pretty great.

    Jude finished #3 in steals and #5 in assists
    Myisha finished #4 in field goal percentage
    Bria finished #5 in steals

    Ya gotta love Jude's results. She's was initially probably one of the least respected and most maligned recruits to come to the squad in some time due to the Shoni effect and she ends up in the top five in two major statistical categories in our first year in the ACC. Couldn't happen to a nicer kid.

    Here's the link if anyone is interested:

    1. Long time reader, first time poster.

      Jude's efforts this year get shadowed by the freshmen and Shawnta' ...but she is Walz's floor general out there and has been steady and consistant. A lot of what she does never makes the stat sheets but her contributions are just as important as anyone else out there...

      My picks for the ACC Tournament (Mr. Obvious speaking)

      Notre Dame over Frorida State. 150 points scored.

      Kenny G.

    2. Welcome aboard, Kenny!

      Hope we see you here as often as you want to visit. One of the things I love about the commentors here is that the intelligence level of our readers/commentors is way better than the average sports website.

      I don't want to imagine what this team would be like without Jude. We're just hoping we get a mention in her upcoming book Dreamcatcher.


    3. Paulie, I've said it before...this is one of the few sports websites that I've seen (and I've seen way too many of them) where there is open, honest, intelligent discussion without name-calling.

      I'll admit - I was in the "Jude can't play at this level, she's only on the team because she's Shoni's sister" camp. She is not Shoni (obviously) and she has some weaknesses, but her leadership, hustle, basketball IQ and determination have been incredibly valuable. She will be hard to replace.

    4. If you dig just a little deeper, Jude is also 3rd in assist/turnover ratio.

    5. Hey Anonymous - I can't seem to find those stats. Can you provide a link?


      Then click on "Overall Statistics Leaders" then on "Individual Leaders".

    7. Appreciate it. That's a great metric and Jude did it again. I see Mariya is #7 in that category and the only Freshman in the top 14 listed. Good Stuff.

  3. Notre Dame over Louisville 72-68= 140 pts

  4. Virginia would have been a good pick for this contest but having to face Miami right off the bat kills them

  5. The Lacrosse game has been moved forward once again. Now set for an 11am start time. Still trying to beat the really bad weather in.

    1. I saw that. Too bad it is still going to be raining. Paulie, are you going to bring umbrellas as well? I'm partial to chocolate icing on my donuts.


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