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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cards grab a Tiger by the tail tonight -- Thursday Cardinal Couple

Louisville WBB travels to Clemson

Louisville WBB looks to stay in the hunt for the ACC top spot tonight with a trip to the Littlejohn Arena tonight to face the Clemson Tigers. 

(No, the arena was not named after Robin Hood's running mate, the Louisville pawn shop owner or the rapper Lil' Jon. We'll check and see if Friar Tuck and Maid Marion show up, though..) 

Not much fight left in these southern kitties these days...Clemson has lost ten in a row and is tied for basement dweller in the ACC with Virginia Tech and Wake Forest with a 1-10 conference record. 

Despite the losing ways, the Tigers could put an exclamation mark on an otherwise dismal season by upsetting the visiting Cards tonight. Louisville will need to keep an eye on 5'10" senior wing Nikki Dixon...who leads the felines in scoring with 15.5 a game. She went 11 for 11 from the charity stripe in a 89-60 loss last time out. 

Other dangers exist in Tiffany Lewis (8.6 ppg) and Shelbie Davenport (8.4 ppg). Chelsea Lindsay has 22 blocked shots for the Paws. Lindsay is only 5'6"...

One noticeable name absent from the Clemson roster is Charmaine Tay. She began her career as an All-American high school guard at Louisville. Ruled academically ineligible after her sophomore year, Tay transferred to Clemson. She did not return this season to the Tigers...preferring to pursue her musical talents. She records under the name Maineyy. You can check out her song "Vent" on YouTube. 

Interesting stuff...

It would take a monumental collapse of all facets that are Louisville basketball to give this one away tonight. Clemson ranks at the bottom in 12 of the 21 major statistics used to track basketball. The Cards do need to get past one of those aggravating slow starts that they occasionally display and some timely three point shooting wouldn't hurt tonight from Mariya Moore and Jude Schimmel.

In the series history, Clemson leads 3-0. They last downed the Cards back in 1993 out in Las Vegas in the UNLV Showboat Shootout. Bud Childers was coaching the Cards back then and Nell Knox, Gwen Doyle, Kelly Rose, Jody Martin and Kristin Maddox were leading a team that won the 1993 Metro Conference Championship.

Clemson averages a little less than 1000 for their home games. With Louisville in town, that number might increase. The Tigers took it on the chin during the non-conference schedule...falling 99-41 to South Carolina and 69-28 to Middle Tennessee. In the ACC, Notre Dame beat them 74-36. Florida State and Miami have 30 point wins.

This one will be available for free viewing on the internet. Go to the website and watch it on TigerCast. We'll try to watch it there and listen to Matt Andrew and AJ call it on the Cards Radio WKRD 790 AM and see how the two platforms sync up.  


Ready for your five minute cardio workout? Get up and dance on this one...Uptown Funk Mark Ronson and a lot of UofL faces you'll below




  1. I really like that the president of the university is so down to earth and will participate in these types of activities. Fun video.

  2. Ha! That video is great! That's the most I've seen Arica smile all season! She's out front repping Long Beach Poly in a big way. Also never thought I'd see Jude letting loose a bit. Too Funny.

    Let's go tonight Ladies! Find your stroke early, hit the outlet pass, score 80+ and let's get ready for UNC.

    Hope the web broadcast is watchable. Go Cards!

  3. TigerCast does a great job with their broadcasts. I think you UofL fans will enjoy it. And it's free! Unfortunately, my WBB Tigers are not doing such a great job.

    As far as Tay goes, Yes, she was talented but was a distraction on a team trying to build
    unity from what I've heard. I think it was a case where she was told that she didn't need to come back rather than her deciding not to come back. This is just the stuff I've heard.

    Good luck tonight against us. You probably won't need much of it. At least we own a football win over you. What a nailbiter that was!

    And, for Paulie. No, you won't see Friar Tuck or Maid Marion at the game tonight. If you don't drive carefully, though, one of our many Sheriffs Of Nottingham will pull you over.

    Tiger In My Tank Tim

    1. Hey, Tim!

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site and commenting. You weren't one of those guys I posed for a picture with when we were down there for football, were you? I handed out a bunch of website business cards and....oh, well.

      Never mind....

      I always thought Tay had potential here. When Louisville beat Xavier a few years ago in the NCAA, Tay was the guard in there at the end that was hitting clutch free throws

    2. Nice of you to stop in Tim. Looking forward to a great game tonight. Louisville should have won that football game. James Quick was loose on a bomb completion and could get to the end zone. You Clemson fans are among the friendliest group of people I've had the pleasure of tailgaiting with.

      Blue Lou

    3. I'd second that, Blue Lou! Cards should have scored on that bomb and we had a GREAT time tailgaiting with the Clemson fans. Organic Chemistry building...Al Vilcheck and BBQ. Good times...


  4. While your Cardinal Birds are trying to fly straight against an absolutely horrible Clemson team the best women's team in the state the Kentucky Wildcats will face real competition in #13 Mississippi State. Walz's birds have trouble getting out of the nest. Be careful, little birdies. Those Tigers may gobble you up if you can't get airborne in time. How about that Epps kid, UofL?

    Matthew Mitchell for Governor

    1. Gov, much as is pains me to say it your Cats have earned you some bragging rights. I totally agree that top-level teams measure their season by success in the NCAA tournament, and the Cards have had considerably more success in that regard than the Cats, but the regular season losses to you guys hurt a lot, especially the last two in the Yum!.

  5. Hey, Gov...thought that loss to the Vols might have finally pushed you over the edge and you might be busy shopping for UofL hoodies and scarves. Granted, Miss. St. is a tougher opponent than Clemson...but I'll also have to agree with Mike D. that Louisville's NCAA Tournament successes have trumped the Cats.

    As far as Epps is what it is. No way to predict what she (or Goodin-Rogers) would have done here if she hadn't flipped on the offer. I'm pretty content with the choices Walz has made, though and the future player and prospects scenario looks pretty awesome for the Cards.

    Mitchell has yet to prove he can take the Cats to a Final Four venue. Walz has been there twice and gotten within one game of getting there two additional times. With less McDonald's All-Americans that UK and in tougher conferences than the SEC.

    Ball doesn't lie. Neither do the stats.


  6. Hey Gov - Mike & Paulie beat me to it but since I already banged this out here you go…

    Let's compare notes in March when all of the good programs measure the success of their respective seasons by the only metric that really matters, NCAA tourney results.

    In the interim we'll go ahead and just focus on who we're playing next. I suggest you folks do the same since it looks like there's a real possibility that your kittens could lose three straight within the next eight days and bump your losses up to 8, which would be quite an accomplishment.

    While beating UK would be nice I'm thinking that wasn't what Walz pitched to the kids that are coming to U of L next year in the best recruiting class in the country. I'm sure it was our national reputation, which has built over guessed March.

    What’s an Epps? Is that the amazing baller that is going to be playing in the NBA Celebrity All Star game tomorrow? Oh no, my mistake, that would be Shoni. You may have heard of her when she won the MVP of the WNBA All Star game last season or when she took the Cards to the Final Four & National Championship Game a few years ago. Have Epps check it out, it will give her something to aspire to. You may want to suggest it to Mitchell too.


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