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Monday, September 2, 2013

Field Hockey defeats Richmond...Dunbar decides


-Two freshmen score in 2-1 Field Hockey win

-Soccer cancelled due to rough weather

-Dunbar commits to...

-Louisville Football romps in season opener


Getting goals in the second half from Shannon Sloss and Jennifer Pels, Louisville Field Hockey defeated the Richmond Spiders yesterday in Richmond, VA. The Cards improve to 1-1 on the season with the victory.

Today's game was brutal," said U of L head coach Justine Sowry. "The conditions were some of the toughest we've experienced, but we endured. Richmond was the more poised team and showed more discipline on the day, however we showed a lot of toughness. We were resilient and kept fighting until the end which shows how much character this team has. It was not pretty by any means, but it is an outstanding result for the program."

Louisville trailed 1-0 at the half...the teams went the first 30 minutes of the game without a score. It took the Cards 11 minutes into the second half before Sloss got a pass inside the circle and belted it home to tie the contest.

The game winner came with seven minutes left...Pels getting a penalty corner pass from sophomore Elisa Garcia and finding the back of the net for the win.

Louisville returns to action Friday when William & Mary visit the Trager for a 1 p.m. tilt.


The Kickin' Cards match against #10 Wake Forest was first delayed for two hours, eventually started but halted when weather became severe in Winston-Salem.

Louisville trailed 1-0 when the contest was stopped...the game will not be counted as official since less than 70 minutes were played.

Soccer head to Kentucky next for a Friday game against the Wildcats.


On the recruiting front, Cardinal target Kortney Dunbar has decided on where she'll attend college and the Edwardsville, IL wing has chosen Tennessee has her hoops home. We wish her the best.

It is also rumored that Myisha Hines-Allen may announce where she will play basketball on Tuesday.


Louisville football. Wow. Teddy for five TD's and the Cards deliver at 49-7 thumping to the Ohio Bobcats. Despite the heat, it was a fun day for football at the Pizza Oven.

80 Under 80 was rockin' and PJCS looked pretty full to me.


Cardinal fans start early. Below...Reagan Yaste tries to get the family involved by doing the CARDS cheer. (At least we think that's an "R" she's trying to do.)

Have a great Labor Day, everybody!



  1. Not sure if you missed this, but Katelynn Flaherty committed to Michigan last Thursday.

  2. WE wish her the best of luck. We saw it. We chose not to cover it.


  3. Odd choice. You do a big piece on her when she's a Louisville target and then don't even inform your readers that she picked someone else?

    1. We try to present a broad-based view on all Louisville women's sports. We realize that WBB is our most popular reader sport, but we do try to give access to all women's sports at UofL. I'm sure some of our readers would love it if we were women's basketball and women's basketball recruiting...but that's not the case.

      Flaherty will do well at UofM. We felt other aspects of UofL women's sports had a higher priority.

      We do appreciate your comments, however....and hope you continue to enlighten our readers in the comments section with topics you would like to discuss and share.


    2. I think you entirely missed my point. You devoted several paragraphs to this prospect and then left your readers hanging because you couldn't bother to spare a single sentence informing them that she was no longer a Louisville prospect. Hey, it's your blog. But I don't think that makes any sense.

      By the way, are you familiar with NCAA rules that forbid boosters from contacting prospects? You might just want to look into that.

    3. Cardinal Couple LLC is a multi-media organization that reports on UofL women's sports. A comment that gets retweeted hardly consists of contacting a prospect.

      And it is our website (not a blog).

      We appreciate you reading and commenting. We won't escalate your comments. We'll just simply say that Cardinal Couple LLC is not a member of the CAF (Cardinal athletic Fund) and has no booster ties with any of the UofL women's sports or potential recruits of the program.

      In other words, "You mad, bro?" Or are you just a huge Katelynn Flaherty fan?

      - "There is no gambling at Bushwood, sir and I never slice" (Judge Smells)

      - "What we have a failure to communicate" (Strother Martin)

      Good night and....good luck!


    4. How is tweeting directly at Hines-Allen not contacting a prospect?

    5. hey poopie pants i tweet with my bff every day and she might play ncaa sports somewhere someday because she is like an awesome volleyball player and shell play in college guess i am violating ncaa rules too like you got your point across here and got your girl plenty of exposure so why dont you just shut up and enjoy the site cos the cardinal couple people are really good i know one of them and they dont need your crap on here hater

    6. I agree. Why u wanna be over here stirring up trouble on a great site? Go take your hater attitude elsewhere, biotch. Flaherty was flirting with 10 different schools. So what if Cardinal Couple did a feature on her. They also did one on Kortney Dunbar and other girls that didn't end up here. It isn't their reponsibility to report on every girl that DOESN'T come here.

      Leave, loser. Just go.

      Skinny Pete
      Leitchfield, KY

  4. Get 'em P.

    Somebody is feeding the chimps gumballs. Will the 5th and 6th grade class from Our Lady of Quiet Desperation please report to their bus in the zoo parking lot immediately!

    Tommy Boy

    1. Ahoy polloi... where did you come from, a scotch ad? Spalding Smails.

    2. You know, Danny...I've sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn't want to do it. I felt I owed it to them. (Judge Smails)

    3. Danny: Where'd it go, where'd it go?
      Ty: Right in the lumber yard. It's OK we'll work on it.

  5. btw that is a really cute pic of miss reagan thank you cardinal couple for posting it


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