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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Women's Soccer to host first round NCAA game...Watson weighs in on re-alignment


-Cards to face Dayton in NCAA Tournament

-Re-Alignment? How about a rotation and balance, too?

-"Bubbles" chooses Pittsburgh

The University of Louisville women's soccer team has received an at-large bid to the 2011 NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament. The Cards will host a first round game against Dayton Saturday night at Cardinal Park. Game time is 7 p.m.

Flyers will try to contain
BIG EAST Offensive Player
of the Year Christine Exeter.
It's the first time Louisville has hosted an NCAA Women's Soccer match and third appearance all-time for the squad. They made back-to-back appearances in 2006-2007.

Dayton will be the first opponent. They enter the NCAA Championships with a 19-3 record. The Flyers recently won their third straight Atlantic 10 tournament title and are on a seven game winning streak. The Cards and Flyers have met eleven previous times...Dayton a perfect 11-0 against Louisville. Winner gets the winner of the #4 seed Memphis vs. Tennessee-Martin match. Louisville and Dayton have not met in women's soccer since 2002.

Difficult, but certainly not impossible for the Cards. Louisville was on a eight game winning streak before running into a strong WVU squad in the BIG EAST Championships on Sunday. 

Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for students and $4 for seniors, kids and groups of 10 or more. Group purchases must be made in advance and tickets are available starting today at 9 a.m. through the UofL ticket office. The timing works for the 7 p.m. game. The football Cardinals play at noon against bring a little extra tailgating provisions and hang out a few hours before heading over to Cardinal Park. 

Also in Louisville's region are the Kentucky Wildcats and West Virginia.   


(David Watson is a special contributor to CARDINAL COUPLE. Today, he shares some thoughts on conference re-alignment)

I have to wonder. How many lawyers does it take to play the game of football? WVU is litigating against the BIG EAST. In turn, the BIG EAST is suing WVU. Pittsburgh and Syracuse have their attorneys standing at the ready, awaiting the outcome of the previously mentioned lawsuits. And, very few of these barristers probably ever suited up in the pads and helmets and tried to take out a running back. Billable hours might be two of the most important words in college football these days - replacing punt coverage and cover two.  

Re-alignment. Have you seen some of the scenarios for the "new and improved" BIG EAST? Hardly 'east' anymore, with the discussion centering around Boise State, BYU, Houston, SMU, Air Force and San Diego State. Toss in the Navy (for tactical support), Central Florida (for Disney World) and maybe Temple (for Rocky references). Simmer for three years and serve with a television contract garnish and sour grapes.

I don't like the idea of sending Cincinnati and Louisville to play in a western version of the BIG EAST. If the idea is to expand to 12 teams, create a playoff scenario and hang on to BCS Qualifier status - fine. Take your BYU, SMU, SDSU, BSU, AFU, Houston and your little dog TOTO too and create your wild, wild west division. And order me a bowl of alphabet soup. Keep Louisville and Cincinnati with Rutgers, Connecticut, South Florida and add a UCF and Navy if you must. And I'll buy a vowel for early departures prices, Pat. Turn over another letter, or conference member, Vanna.

Re-align if you will, but make sure you balance the vehicle properly, rotate the conference tires and remove the floor mats when you're done. Warranty? I don't think so. This clunker might not make it out of the parking lot.  

Would this group travel to Boise to watch football?
Here's one to leave you with. Pittsburgh enters Louisville's Papa John's Cardinal Stadium this Saturday while in the process of leaving the BIG EAST. Syracuse, another leaving school, tried that and lost. West Virginia, a third leaving school, even hosted the conference-remaining Cardinals and lost. I see a trend here. Tom Jurich should only schedule football games against previous BIG EAST members. Boston College, Miami and Virginia Tech fit here. So does Temple. Or, leave the BIG EAST and join the ACC. We're not in Kansas anymore, T.J. Were we ever?
(Or how about members of the previous Cardinal affiliation with C-USA, David? A schedule of Memphis, ECU, Southern Miss, Tulane and Marshall...nope, forget it.)


6'11" junior Marvadene "Bubbles" Anderson has verballed to Pittsburgh, following a weekend visit to the Pitt campus. Pitt associate coach Patty Coyle is the twin sister of "Bubbles" high school coach at Rutgers Prep in Piscataway, New Jersey...Mary Coyle Klinger.

Bubbles with a teammate.
Gotta wonder on how Rutgers lost out on this backyard prospect? If they were interested at all.

As a coach once wisely stated:

"You can't teach height." 

How do you guard a 6'11" teenage girl?
Put her in heels...

With Pittsburgh departing the BIG EAST, it's doubtful the Lady Cards will get a chance to try and defend the amazon. I'm guessing Cierra, Shawnta and Sherrone wouldn't back down from her, though. And, it's just a verbal commitment from a junior. As we well know, in the world of college basketball recruiting, things can and do change. If "Bubbles" turns into a Brittany Griner, superstar type...We expect that that Anderson phone will still keep ringing...


  1. RE: Bubbles. I can not find the source at the moment, but I read on the net that Rutgers did not/has not offered her a scholarship. That speaks volumes, given she is currently in Cviv's back yard.
    True, you can't teach height. But, you have to be mobile, and I get the impression this young woman has height alone going for her. I wish her well.

  2. Rutgers has recruited really well for 2012 and has some great freshmen on campus this year. 6'11" women's college basketball...and possibly still growing.

    Nothing wrong with that.

  3. Agree with the 1st person, she not mobile, now if she had Griners game/mobility then you got something. Just like the Mens Zags 7'5 kid who rarily saw playing time, wasnt a factor. Just personal opinion. Cards are good with what they got ;-)


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