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Friday, September 23, 2011

Atlanta fall to Fever 82-74....WBB Tipoff Luncheon to be at KFC YUM!...Smartest Fan...Big ????

friday Cardinal couple comin' at ya....

-Foul plagued Angel watches as Atlanta falls to Indiana

-Walz to headline WBB Tipoff luncheon

-Are you the smartest Louisville fan?

-The conference tug-of-war continues

The Atlanta Dream owned the Indiana Fever during the regular season...sweeping the series against them...but Indiana got a measure of revenge last night in Indianapolis by winning the first game in the Eastern Conference playoffs 82-74.

Angel got hosed in Indiana Thursday night.

Rough night for former UofL star Angel McCoughtry - held to 11 points and 17 minutes due to foul trouble. McCoughtry was visibly upset with several of the alleged violations and expressed her feelings to the officiating crew about them. The Dream was led by Lindsey Harding's 17 points and Atlanta a tie after three quarters at 57-57.

McCoughtry was whistled for her fifth and sixth fouls in the decisive fourth quarter...both on questionable charges drew by WNBA MVP Tamika Catchings. The foul disparity was ridiculous...Indiana going 23 for 27 from the line and the Dream hitting 9 of 17.

They head to Atlanta for Game 2 on Sunday afternoon. CARDINAL COUPLE will get a court side report on the action from one of favorite readers...Sandra Walker...and give you the article on Monday.


The tipoff luncheon for UofL women's basketball will be held at the KFC YUM! Center on Friday, Oct.28th. at noon. Tickets are $25 each or a table of ten can be purchased for $250. Headline speaker will be UofL head coach Jeff Walz. (Makes perfect sense to's not like they're going to bring in Geno or Pat...). Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis.

You can go to and download a tipoff luncheon form and return it either by fax or mail. You can also call the UofL Special Events office at (502) 852-0706 to reserve your seats.


The website SMARTEST LOUISVILLE FAN caught our eye the other day and so Paul went over and took the challenge Friday Morning. You're asked a series of questions about UofL sports and you get a chance at the end to double your score with one additional question. He didn't do too badly...scoring 40 points. You can play once a day and you do have to register and sign up for the site. He used the sign-up through Facebook option. is the link. Good luck!


The conference raiding, realignment revolution is rolling on all eight cylinders. This is getting ridiculous. Trending is the thought that UofL will now be invited to join the Big 12. Ugh.

For women's sports it is a plus and minus. The hoops in the midwest don't compare with the BIG EAST. The volleyball and softball, though is an upgrade. Say goodbye to conference competition in field hockey and lacrosse. Say hello to gymnastics, equestrian and wrestling.

In Jurich We Trust. Remember, Tom...your daughters play field hockey.

A tug-of-war picture that we hope doesn't offend
So are we ready to say 'Goodbye' to the XL Center, Madison Square Garden and winter road trips to play women's hoops in front of 250 people at Seton Hall? Will the Cards be allowed to sell Budweiser products in PJCS and the KFC YUM! during athletic events? (The BIG 12 has a no alcohol sales policy). 

Will the tug-of-war change again tomorrow? Trading Geno and Muffet for Kim and Deb? Once thing is for certain, the barbecue in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas is definitely better than what you'll find in Providence and, based on that...sure, let's go.


  1. PLEASE hold back on the sensuality. I don't know if you're trying to add readers or lose them with the sensuality. Of course, you'll probably gain more than you will lose.
    You know, I was really glad when I heard there was going to be a UofL sports page/blog dedicated for their women's sports. I just didn't think that it would represent the University with sexual situations, follies, irony or whatever it's called.
    Thanks for the warning, but I rather not have to worry about reading or seeing such things here at all. Even if it's humorous!

  2. Funny how a site promoting female sports sexualizes women at the same time! I hope none of our young female recruits look at this site.

  3. The content has been removed and we hope the new "tug of war" picture doesn't offend anyone (besides cat-owners, maybe.)Thanks to everyone for their input.

  4. Thanx,for removing the picture! And yeah, I do believe that alot of young ladies have or will be getting their info about UofL women's sports from the Cardinal Couple.
    You have some good stuff that's already funny! I don't think you need the sexual humor.

    A BIG THANKS to Paul & Sonja!


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