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Friday, March 19, 2010

For the ladies, it all begins Saturday

The late, great pop star indicates how many NCAA Tournament Brackets he filled out last year. Beginning tomorrow, it'll be a "Thriller" for some teams, "Off the Wall" for others and half of the participants will be told to "Beat It."

Louisville hosts the 1st and 2nd rounds ofthe NCAA Women's College Basketball tournament in Freedom Hall Saturday. A lot of us expected that we'd be watching the home team...the Louisville Cardinals..participating in it. Instead, we get the rivals to the east (Kentucky) and Louisville's first round opponent from last year (Liberty) facing off on Denny Crum Court. Warming up the nets for those two in the early game will be Bowling Green and Michigan State.

This is a great time of year if you are a basketball fan. Yesterday tipped off the men's tournament and most of my bracket selections are already scratched thru with the ill advised picks I selected. Notre Dame? Thanks for showing up...time for you to go. UTEP. Don't look now but the Butler did it. Vandy? Loses on a heartbreaking buzzer beater from Murray State.

I love to watch the early rounds and have found that if you go to an establishment to do this you can easily get overcome with sensory overload because there are three games going on at the same time and the action is non-stop.

Saturday is a chance to go out and watch some really good basketball live here locally and I encourage you to go be a part of it, even if the Cards aren't taking part in it. Kentucky is a very talented and fun to watch basketball team. They apply pressure defense, shoot the three very well and should have no trouble with Liberty tomorrow. The early game should be a fight to the wire. Bowling Green will give Michigan State all they want in the paint and just might knock off the Big Ten powerhouse.

How well the local women's basketball fans supplement the attendance of the four schools playing could be a large factor in the decision making of if Louisville will receive additional 1st and 2nd round or other NCAA hostings down the road. A large crowd is needed to give our Lady Cards a chance to play at home in future years in the NCAA.

You can be assured that the UK contingent will be here in force. I've heard MSU fans travel well for their ladies team. What we need tomorrow is a good turnout from the local women's basketball fans. Doesn't matter who you cheer for or what colors you wear, just get out and watch the action.

You may just end up having a good time. CARDINAL COUPLE will be there, covering the action and reporting it back to you if you can't attend.

Written by Paul

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