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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Wishing Well to the WUGs -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

WUGs Wrapups

We've been covering the World University Games, which are formally called the 30th Summer Universiade.  "The WUGs" is so much more fun to say, though.

Alas, the games are wrapping up, with the last competition and closing ceremonies happening today.

Case covered the results for Molly Fears in Diving yesterday, graciously leaving me the volleyball competition to recap.

Of course, if you have read or tuned in to Cardinal Couple regularly, you know the Tori Dilfer was one of the setters on the women's volleyball team at the WUGs this summer as part of the US Collegiate National Team program.

The results, to my mind, were a little disappointing.  The US team faced 5 different opponents in 6 matches, and finished the competition in 9th place.

The format of the competition is a little unusual, but laudably designed to give every team a chance toplay the same number of matches.  16 teams are divided into 4 pools of 4 teams each.  After pool play a tournament bracket is seeded with all 16 teams.  At each match of the tournament bracket, the bracket is split in half with winners advancing to matches competing for higher finishes, and losers dropping to compete for lower overall finishes.  Coming out of a tough Pool D with Japan, Italy, and Switzerland, the US had a record of 1-2, meaning they were seeding in the bottom half of the bracket, competing for positions 9-16.  In the bracket, the US won out, beating the Ukraine to move up to competing for positions 9-12, Argentina to be able to compete for positions 9 and 10, and finally a rematch with Switzerland to win the 9th place finish.

Individual stats are not available for the matches, so we have very little feel for how Tori did with the team, but are confident she represented the Cards well.  We look forward to see her on the floor at "L&N Federal Credit Union Arena" nee Cardinal Arena in 34 days for the Red and Black scrimmage and in 41 days for her first official match as a Cardinal against Miami (OH).

Cardinal Couple Circus

I would say the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour went off the rails yesterday, but, really, I don't think it was ever on the rails to begin with.  Paulie, Case, Jared, and myself were in studio.

We had a lots of fun, oh so much fun, and ragged on Paulie quite a bit, but thankfully there are not a lot of sporting events to talk about.  We did catch up on some basketball news, mostly Cards in the Pros, with updates on Sam Fuerhing heading to Germany, and then veering wildly (though with connections every step of the way) to Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Megan Rapinoe and the US Women's National Team in Soccer.

Strap in and check it out, and match up with us in the Cardinal Couple Quiz.

Case blew the bonus question and I won the quiz in the bottom of the ninth.

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