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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Louisville women's basketball, Young, Durr and Donations -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Side view of the Lacrosse Press Box
As Case covered in yesterday's article, Kellie Young has been relieved of her duties as the head coach for the UofL Lacrosse squad. I believe Case covered it well and I have little to add to the situation due to my lack of familiarity with the coaching staff and the entirety of the situation. I also thought Paulie made his points loud and clear and if you haven't read Tuesday's article yet, I highly recommend you do. 

I will say this. If the accusations about Coach Young are true, then it is in the best interest of the University to part ways with her despite her success with the program. 

Also, what is up with the University paying her legal counsel? Craig Dilfer, who is representing Young, is getting paid by UofL. Sports Information Director Kenny Klein relayed the message that Dilfer will continue to be paid by UofL because he represents the University on the case and not Young personally. UofL expects that Young will cooperate with the legal matter. 

Let's recap. Young is relieved of duty. Young gets legal counsel. UofL is paying the legal counsel because they say he represents them and not just her. I'm no lawyer, but doesn't this seem just a wee bit strange? As Paulie mentioned on his Wednesday morning SPORTS SHORTS segment on WCHQ 100.9 FM -- where's Matlock? Perry Mason? William Shatner? My Cousin Vinny? 

I agree with Paulie. I'd probably want my own legal counsel that wasn't being paid the plaintiff. 

We're far from the end-point resolution in the Young matter.

In the meantime, what's left of the Lacrosse roster waits for a new leader and direction. 


With women's basketball just two days away, we see more news every day about Jeff's Walz's squad. The latest includes Asia Durr and her incredible guard skills. She has been named to the 2018 Ann Meyers Drysdale Award Watch List. The annual honor in its inaugural year recognizes the top shooting guard in women's college basketball. 

There isn't a better player in WBB college hoops right now to win the award. Durr is coming off a record-breaking season as a sophomore and is in a perfect position to continue breaking records. She's already in the 1,000 point club and owns the Cardinal women's record for 119 three-pointers in one season. She's also on a streak of 39 straight games with a made "THREEEE!" and we hope she continues the school record this season. Expect great things this year out of Asia, including -- hopefully -- a few national awards. This team has a goal of reaching The Final Four in Columbus and getting UofL their first National Championship in women's basketball. Durr will be essential in helping them acheive this goal. Night, night! 


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Beside my bold predictions and weekly write ups for the site, I've been seen at numerous women's athletic events with a camera. Sometimes I catch a good play. Sometimes I catch a funny face from a player. Sometimes I forget to take the lens cap off and end up with a blank photo. 

You sent money to who, Edith? Jeez...
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The winner of the first Panera Card drawing is Blue Lou. The drawing was done by putting the 10 names in a cup and having Paulie's friendly next door neighbor pull one out. Blue Lou IS NOT Paulie's next door neighbor. 

Paulie sends this brief bio on him: 

Lou's been a life-long Cardinal fan that moved from New Albany to Georgetown, KY several years ago for work. He deals with UK fans constantly, which makes him blue and despondent. Lou likes to tailgate for Cards and Bengals football, go to Keeneland and enjoys camping with his girlfriend. 

Congrats, Lou! We will start another contest for another $20 Panera Card. Look for the mystery picture and correctly identify it in the comments section. Paulie says there will be another entry chance in Thursday's column and, as he says, "It don't cost ya nuthin". The first correct response we receive gets an entry in the drawing! 



  1. Durr is going to have a huge season, I hope, and the Cards will end up, I hope, in Columbus for the Final Four. She is something very special.

    Thanks, Paulie. I can use the card!

    Blue Lou

  2. The Bird Lady11/08/2017 2:16 PM

    The attorney is representing Young and UofL from a lawsuit by a former player. The lawsuit is NOT between UofL and Young, they are both defendants. It is standard procedure. The misconduct alleged happened as part of Young's job at UofL therefore while she is named, it is UofL's responsibility to defend the case as they will be the ones that pay out. No different than if you do a bad act as an employee. The company can fire you but they will still have to defend a lawsuit if you were acting as an agent of the company at the time of the bad act.

    (I am not an attorney but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once)

  3. That does clear it up somewhat prevailing thought here is that I'd want my own independent legal counsel regardless. Too easy for the university to throw me under the bus, in my opinion, if I'm sharing counsel.

    And, I'd probably pick my Cousin Vinnie.


    1. The Bird Lady11/08/2017 4:09 PM

      For lawsuit purposes they are on the same side. If they throw her under the bus, it hurts them because it will be the university's deep pockets that cough up the settlement $.

      (I am not an attorney but I have watched My Cousin Vinny at least a dozen times)

    2. In general, yes...but at this point, if I were in Young's shoes, I'd be giving serious thought to getting my own attorney to cover this. Yes, ostensibly they're on the same side in this case, but when the attorney is making statements about representing the University, not the coach, that wouldn't be giving me warm fuzzies.

    3. Good call by The Bird an escapee from the corporate world I can confirm that the defendant with the deepest pockets is pretty much forced to defend all named defendants in a given civil lawsuit. This isn't due to altruism, it's because the defendant with the deepest pockets will pay any civil judgements because most other defendants are effectively "judgment proof", i.e. they don't have enough personal assets to make it worth the time of the claimants attorneys to pay out any money even if they win and get a money judgement.

      If they let a Coach hire their own attorney they can't control the arguments or outcomes. If they pay for her defense at least they have a consistent defense argument between the Coach and UofL.

      Frankly the fact I know all of this tells you a bit about the battles I've fought over the years. It was never fun that's for sure. Neither is this mess.

      UofL probably won't throw the coach under the bus in the original lawsuit but that doesn't mean the ex-coach and UofL won't mix it up in subsequent litigation.

    4. The Bird Lady11/08/2017 5:09 PM

      Oh, I don't doubt she has already contacted an attorney for separate litigation over her termination.

    5. Good and informational dialogue all!


  4. Hines-Allen picked 24th in ESPNW Top 25. They haven't announced the top 10 yet. I would have put her higher, Card fans. She's always been a headache for us. No UK WBBers in the list, which doesn't surprise me.

    Matthew Mitchell For Governor,

  5. I don't normally talk a lot about girls basketball prospects, especially freshmen, but, you heard it here early, keep an eye on Dynastee White. A point guard that will play with Molly Lockhart this year at Butler. This ninth grader does a lot of things well.

    Girl has serious game.

    1. I can personally say that this is a truism. Girl is drawing interest already from numerous high profile programs, including UConn and UofL.



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