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Thursday, November 2, 2017



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ACC FIELD HOCKEY Tournament Begins TODAY  

The ACC Field Hockey Championship Tournament begins today at Trager Stadium here in Louisville, KY. Three days...six games...and the best Field Hockey action in college athletics is here in our city and the championships get underway today at 11 a.m. this morning when #5 seed North Carolina faces #4 seed Wake Forest. Following that one, around 1:30, #2 seed Duke takes on #7 seed Boston College. The final game of the day (appox. 4 p.m.) will have #3 seed Louisville against #6 seed Syracuse. 

If (or when) the Cards win, they'll get the winner of the B.C v. Duke contest around 2:30 p.m. Virginia is the #1 seed, they'll tangle with the UNC v. Wake Forest match. The finals are on Sunday. 

Paulie attended the UofL Field Hockey press conference yesterday. Coach Justine Sowry spoke first, followed by players Ayeshia McFerran, Nicole Woods and Marigrace Ragsdale. Coach answered a variety of questions and we have the interviews below for you. Some highlights from Coach: 

-- Playing at home is a great opportunity for the Cards. A lot of early season road contests so to have the tournament here is very big.

-- On playing Syracuse: "They've actually changed their lineup a little bit, most teams do a little tweaking of lineups in the season. They've moved one of the back fielders into the front field, so we'll be ready for that. They're very right side dominant...we'll need to make some adjustments, but, ultimately, we'll try to play our Louisville brand of Field Hockey. It'll be a physical game and we need to avoid getting caught up in their physicality."

-- On the strength of the league: "I've said it for's harder to win an ACC Tournament than the NCAA Tournament. It's all about matchups. Our last several against Syracuse have been overtimes. The strength of our conference is unbelievable." 


The players also discussed the team and tournament: 

Ayeshia McFerran on being back to full strength: "The start of the season was pretty rough on me, so to be playing full strength and in the ACC Tournament couldn't be any better for me. It's very exciting and I have full confidence in the team in front of me." 


A tough rough ahead for the Cards...especially ifthey draw Duke in Round Two...but anything can happen come Tournament time and Sowry's squad seems motivated and had a spirited, productive practice yesterday. Best of luck to the Cards Field Hockey squad today! 



WE had previously reported that Coach Walz went in civilian clothes Halloween evening while accompanying two of his girls on their candy quest. We were incorrect. From sources we shall not reveal and with great secrecy and scrutiny...we have obtained these photos of the Mad Hatter! 

Rumors are...he's got a game day version of this outfit and will dress associate coach Sam Purcell up as the Cheshire Cat, associate coach Steph Norman as Humpty Dumpty and assistant coach Samantha Williams as Alice in Wonderland. 



Asia Durr was one of six women's college basketball players picked to go to Bristol, CT and be on the ESPN Network's Women's Basketball National Media Day. 

The junior guard had a one-on-one sit down with ESPN analyst Rebecca Lobo, sideline reporter Holly Rowe, a session with ESPN and social media platforms (CARDINAL COUPLE was NOT invited!), a one-hour press conference with national media and appearances on Around The Rim and ESPNW.

Looking good on the big screen, A.D.! The content from throughout the day will be used on various ESPN platform during hoops season. 


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  1. Nicknames for the cards WBB player's don't know all of them,here's the three I know.
    Arica Carter AC
    Aisa Durr AD
    Myisha Hines-Allen MHA


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