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Thursday, November 16, 2017



Seygan Robins is a senior at Mercer County High School and one of three signees headed to the University of Louisville for the 2018-19 season. She is also a part of the Mercer County Titans girls basketball squad that won the 2017 Kentucky Girls High School Basketball Championship. She is a friendly, hard-working and caring teammate and person, as well...qualities that stay with you a lifetime and are admirable. 

I got the chance to drive to Harrodsburg, KY on Wednesday afternoon for an exclusive interview with her and her head coach Chris Souder. It was a fun and informative time and trip. I arrived a little early and got to watch a little practice in addition. The Titans look strong again this season and a special thanks to Coach for letting me come down and chat with him and senior Lexy Lake, who is headed to Campbellsville University to play hoops next year and kept me entertained as we watched the final part of practice.

Seygan saved the team from running a couple of extra "up and backs" running drills after practice by sinking two free throws in a row. Cool under pressure, both tosses were nothing but net.  

They have a Bojangles about 10 miles away from the school. Of course, I stopped there on the way back. It's an easy 66-mile drive from my driveway to the gym and you can bet I'll make that trip several more times this basketball season to see the Titans and Seygan go for the repeat. Why not combine the best in chicken and the best in Kentucky girls basketball, right? 

Here's our chat, and there's a link to listen to it at the end of this section. 

PAULIE:  Let's start by stepping back and looking at Mercer County winning the state title last year. What were some of the emotions and thoughts you went through on that ride to the title? 

SEYGAN: It was a very surreal experience. I remember a lot of locker room moments, talks from Coach Souder before and after games. It was a fun experience! 

PAULIE: Coach is pretty easy on you all, isn't he. He doesn't really get mad at you, does he? 

SEYGAN: Oh, yeah! He doesn't really get mad. 

PAULIE: He's over here grinning right now. You can tell that for sure. Let's take a look at this year's team. Obviously, you've got Faith and Lexy back and some other really good talent...are we excited about a repeat? 

SEYGAN: I really like our team coming back and everyone seems to be working hard in practice. We have a load of talent and a lot of people stepping up this we hope to repeat! 

PAULIE: You get a chance to get out on the court Saturday. It's gotta be nice getting a chance to play someone else than your own teammates. 

SEYGAN: I think we're all definitely looking forward to that. Playing some one other than the practice team. 

PAULIE: It's Bullitt it's going to be the battle of the Chris's right? 

COACH SOUDER: Yeah, Coach Stallings...he's probably my best friend, in the coaching realm, we've been good friends for a long time. It'll be a little different for him, too, with Linsdey Duvall graduated and at Louisville. I'm kinda glad. (laughter) We scrimmaged them last year and I think it was like 107-104 or something. Seygan and Lindsey were just putting on a show. It was pretty fun. I'm kinda glad she's not there. 

PAULIE: So, if regulation ends in a tie, will you and Coach Stallings have a shootout or something? 

COACH SOUDER: Yeah, I'd outshoot him. Best of out five and it wouldn't take but a couple. (More laughter) 

PAULIE: So, Seygan, you're going to Louisville, you did all the announcements Monday, Coach Souder had the red shirt on, it had to be a fun experience. As you go through the season, it that going to be kinda in the back of your mind...'Gosh, I'm going to miss all this next year, I'll be at Louisville?" 

SEYGAN: It definitely will but I'm really looking forward to going to Louisville. It'll be in the back of my mind that I'm going to miss I'll this. It'll definitely be a bittersweet year. 

PAULIE: This summer, you had the chance to get to play with a couple of the girls that will be going with you to Louisville in this class, playing a little club ball with them. Talk about them a little bit. 

SEYGAN: Definitely. When Molly and Mykasa committed I was super excited for them. I think our games mesh very well and we play with each other well so I'm looking forward to doing that.

(To hear the rest of and the entire interview click on the link below.) It's on Soundcloud, so you may need to do the free download to hear it.) 


We will also replay this on our Saturday radio show, THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR, on WCHQ 100.9 FM at 11 a.m. Download the WCHQ app at:

While there you can also listen to the show and interview. Plus previous shows and all the great local music and chat that embodies what WCHQ is.  

A special thanks to Coach and Seygan again for having me in and doing this! I look forward to my return visits. 



The #5 in the nation Cards roll on in the preseason WNIT and next up is #24 Michigan. 

No easy task against the Wolverines tonight at the KFC YUM! Center for Walz, DOOO-BLAY and Nite-Nite. Kim Barnes Arico has talent on her roster galore and Katelynn Flaherty is one of the leaders. She's nine points away from becoming the leading scorer in Michigan women's basketball and had 20 in U.M.'s 74-50 win over Liberty in the quarterfinals. She was was a perfect 10-10 from the charity stripe. 

Junior Hallie Thome has impressed as well. She averaged 16.2 ppg in 2016-17 and grabbed an average of 7.1 rebounds a night. Walz got to see both of these stars in the U23 trials. 

Michigan won the post-season WNIT last year with a triple-overtime victory over ACC's Georgia Tech 89-79. The Cards and Wolverines have squared off three times in the series, Louisville holds a 2-1 edge. They last met way back in 1980 in Freedom Hall...UofL gathering a 89-80 win. 

This one begins at 7 p.m. and will be on the ACC Network Extra. We recommend you check out the radio feed of Nick Curran and Adrienne Johnson on WKRD 790 AM. 


Myisha and Asia have been named to the John Wooden Award watch list, that recognizes the top 30 in women's college basketball. 

The two have certainly brought a standard of excellence to Cardinal WBB this season and throughout their playing careers. 

Louisville is one of eight universities to have multiple players on the watch list. As you might guess, UConn has a starting five in Collier, Nurse, Samuelson, Stevens and Williams listed. In the ACC, Duke had Greenwell and Brown chosen. 

Excellence on the court. 

At CARDINAL COUPLE, it is our goal to cover the excellence, joy and excitement of Louisville women's athletics each and every day. We're "full in" with basketball season now, but we'll still keep you up on Volleyball and any other sports events that the Red and the Black are participating in. 

We feature article about the up and coming stars, like today's article about Seygan. We look into the past and have brought you interviews with ex-stars such as Asia Taylor, Candyce Bingham, Sara Hammond and more. We'll be here every day reporting on something Cardinal related and we'd love it if you join us.

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  1. I noticed next year's roster will have five players from the state of Kentucky.

  2. I see that sexism is alive and well at the courier journal. What game tonight? Who is # 5 in the nation?

    Looks like CC has the best coverage in the city as the CJ seems to want to forget that any women's teams exist.

    1. The C J sports coverage has sunk to a new low. No mention of Tuesday's game even though it ended at 9PM. No high school football articles any more on Saturday morning.

  3. Surprised that Danielle Lerner at the C.J. didn't have a little something about the game tonight. We'll do our best to keep you in the know here at C.C.


  4. Great look at Seygan today Paulie. Hope that she and Mercer County have a big year.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  5. I was checking out some other things on YouTube last night and ran across this in my Favorites...If you need a smile take a look... a few of these kids are still around

    1. I think I may have spotted a Jared Anderson in there, even. Around 2:42.

    2. And I still think "Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy" is one of the best lyrics ever.

    3. The Bird Lady11/16/2017 10:36 AM

      I concur. Great line.

    4. Didn't know you folks had a YouTube star on the team...

      Since we're still in our fundraising month I've got another challenge...How about a reprise of this with Jared, MHA & AC. If you can pull off at least sixty seconds of them showing their skills again I'm in for another fifty bucks. The video doesn't have to be high in quality but it will be graded for enthusiasm.

    5. Looks like we got a challenge out there. Just wonder if Jared still has that hands-in-the-air dance skills in him?


  6. Hey, Paulie --- I'm up for a road trip to a Mercer County game.

    I'll spring for the Bojangles....

    1. WOO HOO! They play Bullitt East down there this Saturday but unfortunately I'll be wet and cold at UofL Football. It should be a good game tho. 12/9 they take on Sacred Heart but UofL WBB plays that night also. We will get to Harrodsburg eventually, oh yes...we will.


  7. Someone already beat me to my almost daily complaint that the C-J provides practically no coverage of any U of L sports other than football and men's basketball. It's incredible that two top 25 women's teams could be playing here tonight and anyone limited to the C-J would never know it. To those who complain about having to take out a second mortgage to take a family to a sporting event, a family of four could attend tonight for about $30 and that's if you have to pay face value for the tickets. There is no reason we should have less than 10,000 in attendance.

    By the way, because I'm always trying to win stuff, is that Lancaster Gordon in the picture?

    1. Nice try...but DENIED! It is not the Gordon's Fisherman.


  8. Kudos to WAVE 3 news, last night they did have a little bit on the game today and showed Asia and Myesha at the presser with the new nicknames.
    Still sucks that the ladies can't get local coverage, 20 seconds to mention a game, instead of 20 seconds of banter about nothing.
    And that's Junior Bridgeman in the photo. That's the era I first became a fan, I was like 10 years old😀

    1. BINGO! We have a winner. "K" you are entered the drawing for the $20 Panera Card! Congratulations.

      Bridgeman, Murphy, Cox, Wilson...what a great team that was!



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