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Friday, April 17, 2015

No WBB Cards drafted for WNBA -- Lacrosse Falls to Syracuse--More on Jude...Friday Cardinal Couple

WNB(not)...Sara, Bria, Jude go undrafted

The hopes were good while they lasted...with (3) Louisville WBB players being mentioned at some sites as third round potential picks...but none of the 2014-15 seniors on the team heard their names called in the three rounds of the WNBA Draft Thursday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena. 

As expected, Jewell Loyd, Amanda Zahui B and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis were the top three picks, but as the third round wore on during the ESPN3 started to become clear that the Cards had the possibility of being shut out this year. 

When Arizona State guard Promise Amukamora (a candidate for Worldwide's all-name team) was named as the Phoenix Mercury's third round pick...all 36 slots had been filled and there was no Asia Taylor nor Antonita Slaughter pleasant surprises like in 2014. 

It happens. Sara, Bria and Jude are all considering the possibility of playing overseas and we hope they get the shot. 

For now...though...there will be only Angel, Asia and Shoni to follow in the WNBA. 

Who would have figured Dayton would end up with two picks (Ally Malott and Andrea Hoover) and foes that the Cards handled whenever they played them (Sam Logic, Reshawnda Gray and Brittany Boyd) would get selected and no Cards got picked? 

It is what it is. The 2018 and 2019 WNBA Draft could be chalk full of Cards getting their names announced. 

Speaking of announcing, the coverage really dropped off after it switched from ESPN 2 to ESPN 3. Yes, the Lauren Hill tribute was great and a tear-jerker...but did we really need to see players try to say "Peter Piper picked a piece of Carolyn Peck" or Rebecca Lobo discuss shot blocking with Kiah Stokes when picks were being announced? 



Louisville Lacrosse ended the home slate of the 2015 season with a 16-8 loss to Syracuse Thursday afternoon at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium. 

A game that seemed to follow a common thread consistant with the LAX Cards of late:

-Cards stay close early
-Opponent goes on big run
-Louisville loses by almost double digits

It was 4-4 midway in the first session when the Orange went to work...scoring 10 of the next 11 goals to lead 14-5 halfway through the second half.

There is no doubt the LAX Cards miss Faye Brust. But...the defense seems to have slipped a notch as well. It is the best competition in college Lacrosse, of course...but the un-checked runs and romps by Virginia, North Carolina and now Syracuse aren't pretty to watch unless you're wearing Carolina Blue or Syracuse Orange. The team seems to have slipped a few notches since nearly knocking off #3 Boston College over a month ago.

Cortnee Daley scored thrice for the Cards and Hannah Koloski and Kelli Gerding twice.

The Cards end the conference and regular season at Notre Dame Sunday. The Cards are 9-6 overall and 1-5 in ACC play. The Irish are 9-6 as well...3-3 in conference and own a victory over Syracuse in overtime.

The Cards have lost three out of their last four. Despite the recent has to go back to the talent level that exists in the ACC and how good it is. In a few aspects, this current UofL Lacrosse team is as good as the undefeated AAC squad from last year but the competition curve has gone way up. Losing Brust was a mortal wound to the team. She was the leading scorer and a team captain. Her swagger is missed.

Maybe that coaches' pre-season poll that picked Louisville to finish seventh wasn't so far off after all...



(we continue the lead up to the Louisville stop for the Jude Schimmel book singing on Sunday with this unique look into "22"):

 “I want to positively impact other Native
 Americans so that they can live the 
life they want to achieve and fulfill the
 dreams that they have,” said Schimmel. 
“I went through and witnessed similar
 struggles that many Native Americans go 
through and want to share that with others.
 I want my story to show that there 
can be great success found both on the
reservation and off the reservation.” 
 “Dreamcatcher” shares Schimmel’s story of growing up on a reservation, and 
what it took to succeed in the “real world” outside of reservation life. Jude 
shares many of the lessons her parents instilled in her, as well as many she 
learned along the way. She presents these in a unique way, using some of her 
favorite inspirational quotes and personal stories. She also makes it a priority 
to help everyone gain a better understanding of Native Americans, and the 
oppression that still exists amongst these special people today. 
Jude Schimmel is expected to continue
 her basketball career in the 
professional ranks this summer and 
is projected to be drafted in the upcoming 
WNBA Draft in mid-April. Jude Schimmel
 is the younger sister of Shoni Schimmel - 
the eighth overall pick in the 2014 WNBA Draft by the Atlanta Dream and the 
first rookie to ever be the MVP of the
 WNBA All-Star game. The 2015 season will 
be her second in the league. 
 The Mission, Ore., native was a member of Louisville’s winningest class in 
program history, posting 112 career victories, including four 20-win seasons and 
one 30-win campaign (33-5 in 2013-14). Schimmel reached four NCAA Tournaments, 
including an appearance in the Final Four (2012-13), Elite Eight (2013-14), and 
NCAA Sweet 16 (2014-15). The previous school record of 107 career wins was held 
by her sister, Shoni Schimmel’s graduating class. 

 Having been embraced by the Louisville, Ky.,
 community while playing for the 
Louisville Cardinals and an instant draw to
 Native American fans throughout the 
country, Schimmel has used her platform as

 a collegiate student-athlete to share 
her story of drive and determination. 
 She finished her career at Louisville ranked in the top 10 in program history 
in career assists while piling up over 700
 career points in 135 games, including 
15 in the NCAA Tournament. 

 Alongside her sister, the duo may be best known on the court for a historic 
run to the NCAA Championship game in 2013 that included a shocking 82-81 upset 
of top-ranked Baylor and Brittney Griner in the Sweet 16 and win over 
traditional power Tennessee in the Elite 8. 

Recently named a Nike N7 Ambassador, Schimmel visited the 
White House in early April as she continues to work towards sharing the struggles of the Native American community and find ways to improve opportunity for Native American youth in the 566 federally recognized tribes in 35 states nationwide in such areas as education and
 healthcare. Overall, there are over 2.1 million Native 
Americans under the age of 24 in the nation, with over 32 percent
 under the age of 18 living in poverty and nearly 30 percent lacking
health insurance coverage. 

Suicide, the second leading cause of death for Native Americans
 aged 15 to 24 is 2.5 times more likely among these individuals 
than the national average. 

Educational opportunities are also a struggle for the Native American community 
with just 50 percent graduating from high school and 13.3% earning an 
undergraduate degree. 

 Jude will also be starting a foundation with part of the proceeds going 
towards supporting Native American causes.




  1. I'm disappointed that no Cards were selected but not terribly surprised. Bria, Jude and Sara all had solid college careers but each has limitations in her game that are hard to overlook.

    1. I'll always believe Sara should have gotten selected. Looking at some of the second and third round choices, no way some of the girls have better game than her. I realize teams recruit to their needs and the probability of a late second round or third round pick actually making a team aren't great odds, but Hammond deserved a shot.

      As for Bria and Jude, yes, it would have been nice but I understand why there wasn't an interest there. Jude would have been an attendance booster in a league that could use that. I hoped the Dream might pick her in the third round to have the novelty of the first sisters on the same team since the Miller twins both played for Atlanta or that Phoenix or Seattle might pick her up because of the Native American drawing/attendance factor. Maybe even Tulsa. It didn't happen.

      Bria? I never considered her a candidate. I ranked Shawnta' Dyer actually ahead of her. Both should be able to go on and have good careers overseas, though, and actually make more money than they would stateside.

      All in all, a wasted 2/12 hours of watching ESPN 2&3. The Lauren Hill story was touching but I also wish there had been more pick coverage and less sidebars that didn't fit.

      Happy day before Thunder Over Louisville to you locals. Went once years ago and it is a fitting start to the Derby Festivaln activities.

      The Real Joe Hill

    2. Maybe on Sara. Her late season slump probably hurt her.


    3. I also thought Sara was going to happen in the draft. She was perfectly positioned going into her senior year...did the winning 3 on 3 thing and was on several pre-season award watch lists. It couldn't have been set up better for her.

      From a pure basketball standpoint to me Sara was always a "tweener". Walz needed her to play the 4 and sometimes slide to the 5. She clearly wanted to be a stretch 4 or a 3. If our club would have had some bigger kids that could have filled the 4 & 5 slots consistently she would have had a chance to develop her game as she wanted.

      As it ended up she looked like an undersized 4 for the WNBA with a decent midrange game that had trouble finishing around the basket and couldn't really hit the three. Not a good recipe for getting drafted.

      Just to be clear there has probably never been a better character kid come through Walz's program than Sara, except possibly Jude.

      Most folks (once they take off their UofL hat) understood that on pure basketball skills the WNBA draft was going to be tough for us this year.

      I don't think the results diminish what this senior class has accomplished in any way. If anything it says tons about the climate Walz has created in the program and the leadership demonstrated by this senior class to enable us to finish high in the ACC and make the Sweet Sixteen.

      It's All Good...and it's fixin to get even better.

    4. Almost forgot to mention...from my perspective Sara drained one of the biggest threes in ULWBB history with her step back over Griner, so she has her place in the history books regardless of the draft results.

    5. Burn, I totally agree about that three over Griner. Everyone remembers Shoni's shot, but that three was awesome. I relive it on YouTube every few months. Her reaction, the bench's reaction and (especially) Walz's reaction are priceless.

    6. How about WNB--Nay?

  2. Is Rebecca Lobo an emo of herself?

  3. Too bad your little birdies couldn't fly out of the nest last night. Despite being a huge UK fan, I do like to see girls who played for any of the state teams do well. I also noticed Chastity Gooch at WKU didn't get selected.

    Didn't watch it past the first hour. Who needs a 90 minute UConn commerical?

    Matthew Mitchell for Governor and World Peace.

  4. Was just reviewing the Dream Roster and picks. Even with Jasmine Thomas traded you have to wonder just what Michael Cooper is thinking here...


    1. Right! Their front line is still effective although a bit aged. The guard play doesn't need that big of a boost.

    2. Last season the point guard duties were split between Jasmine Thomas, Celine Dumerc and Shoni. Thomas was not effective and Dumerc couldn't score at all. There has also been speculation that Dumerc may not show up. Add to that the fact that many think Shoni would be better at the 2 position. So they wanted a Point guard. Logic will stick and maybe one of the others. Shoni will probably play both guard positions.

    3. I think Logic crumbles vs good competition

    4. Jasmine Thomas was a strange player . Dream guards are awful. I didn't think Shoni was very good last year but she sure was terrific in the all star game. What will be interesting is to see how much she improves this year. Skylar Diggins was a totally different player after her mostly down rookie season.

  5. Cardinal Couple.

    Thank you for publicizing what Jude is fighting for and the plight of the Native Americans.

    Our government chooses to send billions of dollars overseas with no expectation of ever getting reimbursed, why can't this money go to aid Native Americans?

    Jude is one of the lucky ones. Her skills and drive got her out. It is good that she should try to help the others up the ladder of social, financial and political injustice.

    The Rover

    1. I'm totally with you on appreciating Paulie & Sonja's support of Jude in the publishing of her book. Very Cool thing to do.

  6. Watch out for ALEX HARDEN 2nd round pick out of Wichita St by Phoenix Mercury. She will make the team and eventually start in WNBA for someone.


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