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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cards learning some tough lessons in BIG EAST play


-Lady Cards taking some lumps, learning some lessons

-BIG EAST Saturday Review

-SUPER BOWL. We're ready, how about you?

-Good-bye, Charlie...

Shortly after listening to the UofL WBB loss to West Virginia, I turned off the radio...ambled into the den to catch the remainder of the men's game and did a little thinking about the Lady Cards. At first, the thoughts were...

Not pleasant.

Another road loss to a team Louisville was ranked above. Another game where the offense died for multiple minutes and the team played like committing turnovers was as valuable as nailing three-pointers.

I thought about the e-mails we would likely receive here at CARDINAL COUPLE and the next task ahead for this team...facing the mighty UConn on Tuesday night. Sonja left after the men's game to go grocery shopping...leaving me with a list of things she wanted included in the game write up. Honestly, I didn't feel like reviewing this one.

Bria Smith learned
some lessons vs.
WVU. Painful ones.
I did the Saturday article, with the defeat fresh in my mind. If it read like a funeral obituary, then it served its intent. The Lady Cards died for awhile in the first half. It underwent several re-writes before it was published. You probably wouldn't have enjoyed the original piece.

As I reflect on yesterday's game, fresh after enjoying a uplifting early Sunday morning sermon, I turn to this game and this team in a 'lessons learned' point of view.

The object of any team is to learn from experiences and use that knowledge to improve and play better the next time out. Whether it's a 40 point win or 25 point loss, lessons can be learned from the result. Doesn't matter if you're a bench-riding freshman or highly heralded senior, you must continue to learn, try to improve and apply yourself to taking the lessons learned and using them to betterment.

"Dad gummit ! Gimme that ball and
I'll teach ya a thing or two about
guardin' me too close!"
 As the owners of a fan blog about UofL women's sports, we try to learn all we can about the various sports we that we can provide the best articles we can for our readers. And, you...the readers...are here because you are looking to learn about these teams, these athletes and their progress and performance.

Sometimes, the lessons learned aren't pleasant. Sometimes, the lessons learned come from the bitter taste of defeat. The key is to keep in front of you the prime objective of learning. Gaining knowledge. Getting better. Improving.

Lessons learned. Lessons learned through adversity, through loss of players. Lessons from wins and losses.

We like the learning
curve A-Tayy has
been on as of late.
This Lady Cards basketball team still has much to learn. They've learned a great deal this season, so doubt about it. They'll learn tons more as they continue their travels and contests. We hope that they take these lessons... from competition, practice and discussion...and grow from these experiences. The road ahead is not easy. Notre Dame and UConn still ahead. A re-match with DePaul. Syracuse visits. Trips to Pittsburgh and Seton Hall. Six more learning opportunities before the BIG EAST Conference Tournament. Six chances to gain knowledge and display the knowledge previously gained. At least one tournament lesson and hopefully a Big Dance lesson or more. Lessons that will serve them well for next year and seasons beyond.

One senior, two juniors, four sophomores and four freshmen learning the ropes, rolling with the punches and counter-punches. Surviving in the toughest conference in women's college basketball.

As fans, we'll be there for them. Whether the outcome is pleasing or disappointing. The concept of optimism is to expect good things from future events and situations. We're staying positive. We hope these athletes are, too. 

Lessons learned. Can be a valuable thing. If you utilize the learning properly. The tests are ahead and some of them are tough ones. How will the students do?


In addition to the UofL v.WVU game yesterday, 12 other BIG EAST teams took the court.

UConn defended the XL Center with a convincing 66-34 romp over Rutgers. Dolson with 16, Hayes added 14. A nice tune up for the Cards on Tuesday. For Rutgers, a bad beat...

Andrell Smith and
the USF Bulls with
a tough lesson
learned Saturday.
Syracuse in a bit of a surprise over South Florida 76-61. Hemingway with 24 for the Orange and Alexander netting 17. They visit Louisville after UConn...on Feb. 11th.

Villanova stays in the hunt for a plus .500 conference record with a 59-53 win over Providence. Burford playing some good ball for the Wildcats lately. She had 17 points.

Georgetown with a little tougher time than expected with Cincinnati in a 65-54 win. Sugar, Sugar with 19 for the visitors. 29-25 at the half. Cincy may be the best 2-8 conference record team in the nation...

Maybe Anne could suit up for
the woeful Seton Hall WBB team...
Marquette with a strong second half to pummel Pitt 72-48. This one was 36-25 at the half. Morse with 24 for the Golden Eagles. Plouffe contributed 19.

St. John's totally embarrassed Seton Hall with a 55-25 win. 26-12 at the half. Smith with 15 and Stevens 12 for the Red Storm. For Anne Donovan, an 0-10 start to BIG EAST play.

--A good pre Super Bowl matchup today with DePaul and Notre Dame squaring off at 1 p.m. If the Blue Demons play like they did against Louisville, they may hang around awhile against the mighty Irish lasses. Also, UK plays at 3 p.m. against the LSU ladies. Regardless of your feelings toward them, the Cats do play entertaining and aggressive hoops. And, the Matty Mitchell hair-do...


Notre Dame         9-0                         Villanova     5-5
Connecticut         9-1                         Syracuse     4-6
Georgetown         7-3                         Marquette   4-6
WVU                    7-3                         Providence  4-6
St.John's             7-4                          USF             4-6
Louisville            6-4                          Cincy           2-8
Rutgers               6-4                          Pittsburgh   0-10
DePaul                5-4                          Seton Hall   0-10


The Super Bowl later today. We have no team still in Bears falling out early and Sonja's Indianapolis Colts...(well, yeah...mumble, mumble...cough). Still, we'll attend the usual Super Bowl party we head to each year and watch the game, the commercials, consume the chili, guacamole dip and chicken wings and hope our numbers come up on the "dollar square" at the end of each quarter.

Is Brady the best QB in the NFL?
A lazy day, a good day for camaraderie and laughs. Sometimes wish they'd start this thing earlier so Monday morning wouldn't be so rough with lack of sleep...but the time spent with friends worth the trade off.

So, who ya got? Paul calls it 28-17 NEW ENGLAND...Sonja is going with it 24-23 GIANTS. We hope the ex-Cardinal Deion Branch has a great game and Madonna's half-time show is "TV worth watching". Enjoy!


Sadly, we say our final good-bye's to long-time local and regional sports impresario and figure Charlie Ruter. He died in his Fern Creek home, surrounded by friends and family on Saturday.

He was instrumental in so many aspects of sports in our area, especially track and field. I was fortunate enough to know him through Sportsmen's Supper Club and other groups and always enjoyed his insights, quick wit and humor and generosity. I used to tease him that he always tried to trip me when I ran in the Mason-Dixon Games years ago in Freedom Hall. When I'd sell him 50/50 raffle tickets at club meetings, he's always try to "con" me out of a few extra. He was always successful in doing so.

They named the track at Fern Creek High School after him. I walk on that track several times a week when the weather permits and the gates are unlocked. I hope I'm still walking that track at 91...the age he made it to.

Farewell, buddy. Thank you for serving our country in WW II and serving our community for many years after that.

Fern Creek Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements. 


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  1. Well written, Paul. We can hope the lessons learned will lead to many wins in the future.

    Scotty D.


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