Listen to our weekly show !!

Listen to our weekly show !!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well, that was quick...


-WE'll be back up by tomorrow!

Thanks to some fine pitching by CARDINAL DOMINANCE recruiting and basketball guru Donald Yaste...CARDINAL COUPLE will be back up and fully rolling (including design and admin privileges) by Thursday afternoon. He was the "missing admin" and got us back on the admin list.

Can't tell you how much these last 48 hours have worn on the staff and owners here at CARDINAL COUPLE. To create something, then have it invaded and then eventually being denied access to it...well, it isn't exactly pleasurable.

To those who have offered assistance, paced the floor with us and supplied aid...we offer a sincere and humble "thank you." We would be nothing without you. A fan site, obviously, it dependant on the fan base and we think we've got the best bunch of fans out there.

A word on Donald, you can catch his excellent commentary and critiques on UofL men's basketball over at HE has also co-hosted the CARDINAL DOMINANCE show and was a fairly decent soccer player in high school. We hope he'll stop by here now and then to update us on the fortunes of Pitino's bunch.

See you tomorrow..full speed ahead. Have fun at CARDINAL CARAVAN..we'll have reader reports for you tomorrow...


(You might check out Bill the Goat's site for a bit of fun..we posted there earlier today before we got Donald's e-mail that he restored us as administrators...) Click on it over at "Sites we recommend" over on the newly updated, infamous "left side of the blog."


  1. Any confirmation as to how many WBB season tickets have been sold to date?

  2. We're not getting any official numbers yet...but the lower arena is almost sold out. WE're guessing maybe 9000 season ticket holders so far....


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