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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cardinal women's golf leads Big East Tourney after Day 2

Anna-Karin Ljungstrom sits atop the leaderboard with her UofL women's golf teammates after 2 rounds in the Big East Championship. Ljungstrom fired a 75 to rise to seventh place in the second round. Sara-Maude Juneau fired a 71 in the round to take a five stroke lead over the competition halfway thru the event. Is there a correlation between hyphenated first names and good golf scores?

The Cards lead South Florida by three strokes, despite losing Laura Anderson early in the second round because of a wrist injury. Daphine Parker finished with a 78 and Canidce Wiley used 81 strokes to complete the Innisbrook Resort course in Innisbrook, FL.


The downtown basketball arena has been named and they did not call it SONJA as many had hoped. Instead, it will be known as the KFC Yum! Center. For you out-of-towners YUM! Brands owns KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and several other fast food restuarants. Don't forget the exclamation point when you discuss YUM! either..they get really picky about that.

The corporation ponied up $16 million for the naming rights...just a wee bit more than we could come up with. They'll also get a half dozen or so concession stands in the get ready for A&W Root Beer, Taco Bell and plenty of chicken choices when you attend the games there starting this fall. They own a few other food groups as well...but a foot long dog with a root beer and maybe an order of grande nachos ought to slay any hunger pains I might encounter there. Interesting sidebar...since it is YUM!...will they allow Papa John's Pizza in there?

Jim Host originally expected that the naming rights would fetch $40 million but in this tough economy the value dropped. I know what he's going through..I recently had someone try to get me to trade two $10 bills for a $5.

You know the place is going to end up with a nickname or two. Louisville already has the Kentucky Center of the Arts right down the street from the KFC YUM! Given the nature of some of the food that will be served in there...maybe we could call it the Kentucky Center of the Farts? "The Bucket" will be another monicker for the center. NAming it SONJA would have been so much simpler...


The Lady Cards will face Tennessee in their debut downtown. Rick Pitino announced yesterday that NCAA Men's Tournament runner up Butler will be his first opponent. Isn't the idea to start with a win? Maybe Rick thought he had Butler High School on the slate instead of the Indianapolis university that came within 2 points of defeating the Dukies in April. Speaking of the Dukies, Coach K turned down the offer to be the inaugural foe. Do you think he's still upset about the 1986 loss to Denny and Never Nervous Pervis? Or maybe the schools couldn't work out a return trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium on the Duke campus. The men's team will be returning the favor and visiting Hinkle Fieldhouse to play Butler. The Lady Cards travelled to Knoxville last season (no matter how hard I try to forget) and got romped by the Vols in Pat's Palace.

Written by Paul (who is getting increasingly aggrevated at the mockingbird swooping at him when he goes to fetch the morning paper. Mama's nesting and she ain't happy...)

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