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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Final Stretch Key for Louisville WBB -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple

 21-6...Was it what you expected at this point in the season for UofL WBB?

Louisville WBB is 27 games thru their 31 game, 2023-24 season. Obviously assured of a 20-win season, one has to wonder...can they get to a 25 win season and take a four game win streak into the ACC Tournament. Pundits and observers like to look how teams have done in their final ten games, the best Louisville cam muster here would be a 7-3's hard to say whether that would put them in the two-gme bye, Friday slot, but right now they are alone in fourth place at 10-4 in conference. And, FSU is one-half game behind them, and one of the final four on the regular season slate.  

Next is Ga Tech, they sit in tenth place at 6-9 and are 15-12 overall. It's a contest in Atlanta...last year Louisville beat the techsters 63-55 in Louisville.10-4 is not bad for the Cards, but the recent below .500 performance by Walz's club isn't exactly the way you want to close a season. And Boston college scared the (you know what) out of Louisville in the Cards last road game they played...and we won't even dwell on the destruction Va. Tech dropped on the Cards in the KFC.

(How about this bunch for teams to remember?)

So, can this UofL squad finally learn to play with each other (whch Olivia Cochran seems to think hasn't happened yet) and listen to the coaching (which Jeff Walz points to) . Can they learn how to play defense better (they have allowed over 66 points in each of the last four games}.

Not everyone out there in the ACC has a Liz Kitley and Georgia Amoore, who did pretty much what they wanted to the Cards, but Georgia Tech has freshman Rusne Augustinie, who has been coming on with a torrid rush as the season ends, and Kara Dunn and Tone Morgan, who are averaging over 15  points a game this season. Louisville WbB is 6-4 on the road this year...not a mark that instills confidence for getting a road win, The good thing is, the folks don''t flock to where GT plays. 4,000 would be considered a huge crowd for them in the the McCamish Pavillion...

Louisville does not have that one team leader that Cardinal WBB teams have had in the past. Kiki Jefferson and Olivia Cochran are talented scorers, but, as team leaders, I think the jury is still out, Nina Rickards can be so explosive but not consistantly. 

It's the finl go-arojund for all it's time to leave it all out there.

Let's face it, a lot of teams out there would love to have a  21-6 mark right now. Here at Louisville, the fans are somewhat satisfied but not rolling in the aisles with glee. Losses to Syracuse and UNC weren't expected.  There is time yet, though to get on  roll and head into the ACC Tournament flying high. 

Let's hope they do it...



  1. Walz has a knack for getting teams ready for postseason, This may be his biggest challenge yet

  2. Took an 11 loss team to the elite eight last year soooo...


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