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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Vball Moves to #4 -- Soccer season Effectively Over -- Basketball ACC TipOff -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Volleyball Back in the Top Four

Louisville volleyball rejoined the top tier in the latest ACVA rankings, moving up a spot from fifth to fourth. The top four teams announced by the Selection Committee following the conclusion of the regular season are eligible to play host, allowing the Cards to play up to four more games at the KFC Yum! Center this year- the opening weekend plus the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight, given the Cards were to win each prior round.

There is still much of the regular season left to be played so we won't concern ourselves too much with the current rankings. The Cards still have eight more regular season games to be played that include one more against ranked Pitt and two against ranked Georgia Tech. Next up on the schedule is Florida State, who continues to battle for a share of the ACC title at 9-1 in conference play but are 15-7 overall.

After winning a barn-burner at home over Wisconsin, Nebraska moved up to the #1 spot while the Badgers dropped down to #2. Stanford stayed put at #3. Texas rounds out the top five by coming in at the fifth spot.

Washington State suffered their third loss of the season and dropped down to #6. Pitt held the #7 spot. BYU and Oregon flip-flopped with the Cougars coming in at #8 and the Ducks at #9. Arkansas rounds out the top #10.

Notable Louisville opponents include #11 Georgia Tech, #13 Penn State, #15 Kentucky, and #18 Dayton.

Louisville is back in action this Friday against Florida State at L&N FCU Arena. You can catch it on the ACC Network Extra at 7:00 pm.

Women's Soccer Season Down to One Match

For Louisville women's soccer, their season will officially end this Thursday against Duke. The Cards are 3-9-5 overall and are 2-5-2 in the ACC. To be eligible for the NCAA Tournament, a team must have an overall record of .500 or better or must win their respect conference tournament.

The best Louisville can finish is 4-9-5, although, from an on paper standpoint, the Cards will most likely end up 3-10-5. Only the top six teams qualify for the ACC Tournament. Wake Forest is currently sixth with 13 points. The Cards have eight points heading into their final game.

Louisville is on pace for their worst season since 2009, a 5-11-1 (.324) season.

Basketball Heads to ACC WBB TipOff, Holds local TipOff

Louisville women's basketball is headed to Charlotte to participate in the ACC WBB Basketball TipOff. Jeff Walz, Merissah Russell, and Olivia Cochran will represent the Cards.

The event comes a day after the Louisville WBB TipOff Luncheon here in town for the Cards, which was open for fans to attend. Paulie and Sonya were in attendance for this one and he obtained a couple photos to share from longtime WBB fan Karen Nolan....taken at the event at the Grand Ballroom of the Galt House

We also hope to have some content at their media day next week at the Kueber Cerner on Floyd Street.

Louisville is coming off another Elite Eight appearance and are the only program in the country to appear in the last five Elite Eights. UofL opens the season at Cincinnati on November 6 at 6:00 pm. Their home opener is Sunday, Nov 12 against DePaul at 4:00 pm.

*basketball photos by Karen Nolan*

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!


  1. It was a nice luncheon. I attended my first one ever and told Paulie I'd share my impressions. We had a nice table (my g/f and I) near the podium on the right side. Walz didn' get to us to thank us for coming, but he seemed to interact and flow easily through the tables he was at.
    The P.A. guy at basketball games was the emcee. He was OK, nothing special. Our new grad assistant, Josie Williams gave the prayer. Then we got to meet a few of the players before Walz spoke. A nice, optimistic address by Wal. You can tell he is optimistic about this team and has all right to be, with what he's got on that roster.
    The food was so-so, standard fare for banquets, I guess. Chicken, salad, diced potations with gravy and broccoli. The desserts were either chocolate cake or blueberry cheesecake. My g/f and I shared each others desserts, both were good.
    I went to seek Paulie out after the event ended, about 1 p.m. and finally found him and Sonya. They were by the elevators talking to Jerry and Madeline Abramson. He was kind of in a hurry, had to get Sonya back home so she could go to work. He did mention he was surprised to see Walz in a blue jacket.
    Paulie said he was tired, but happy. He said he was up at 4 a.m. Monday, having to go through going his kidney stuff at his clinic, he went in early so he could attend the luncheon.
    I think the players were impressed with the crowd size for the event, especially the new players.
    I sat at a table of 10 the other eight people all knew each other and of Cardinal Couple, and said only good things about the coverage here.
    I also got out of paying for parking. Paulie told me to tell the attendant I was media -- (since I offered to do a recap) -- so they let me park free.
    A fun time among Cardinal fans. I'll be back again next year.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Nick O.

    1. Thanks for the write, Nick O. !! I saw quite a few friends and fans, always great to run into Louisville's First Lady of the Blues -- Robbie Bartlett -- and my buddy from the old days of Freedom Hall, Bill Hancock. Also, a special thanks to Karen Nolan who took some photos of the event and was glad to share them. Always good to see her and Tom, and, well-- it was great to see everyone I ran into and talked to.



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