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Friday, January 27, 2023

CARDS fall to Wake Forest 68-57 -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Good Friday morning yall - I hope you have a warm weekend ahead! 

Seems weird to say there's only 8 games left in the regular season for the WBB Cards, 4 of them at home.  They will return to the Yum! Center on Sunday 2/5 vs North Carolina.  I encourage you to make it downtown for a game if you can!  Bring some friends/family out for some great time spent and hopefully a Cardinal victory! 


Photo: Jared Anderson

The Cards went on the road looking to get back in the win column but it wasn't "in the cards" for Louisville.  After winning the first half and looking like a team on a mission, the team fell apart in the second half, losing by 20 in 20 minutes.  Morgan Jones fouled out and was the leading scorer for Louisville with 15 points on 5-7 shooting.  Mykasa Robinson was also a leader for UofL going 3-4 for 6 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal.  Louisville lost the third quarter 26-11 to the Deacons.  With the loss, the Cardinals move to 15-8 on the season and 6-4 in the ACC.  


End of 1Q  18-14 Cards  

FG %
6-11 54.5% Cards
5-9 55.6%   WF
Reb. 6-4 WF
3-pt %
1-2 50% Cards
3-5 60% WF

Morgan Jones, Hailey Van Lith, Olivia Cochran, Chrislyn Carr and Liz Dixon started the game but a minute into the contest Dixon turned the ball over and was subbed out for Josie Williams.  Williams made an immediate impact, scoring the Cards first points of the game and securing a defensive rebound in less than a minute on the floor.  WF committed 7 turnovers in the first 6 minutes in which the Cards converted for 11 points, 8 of them in the paint giving the Cards a 14-8 lead.  Jones lead the scoring for the Cards with 9 points 16-8 on 3-4 shooting and 3-4 at the FT line in the quarter.  The Deacons went on 5-0 run to make it 16-13 with a couple free throws from both squads to close out the first quarter. 


End of 2Q  16-11 Cards

FG %
8-12 66.7% Cards
3-10 30%  WF
Reb.  7-5 Cards
3-pt %
0-1 0%  Cards
1-4 25%  WF

Louisville came out to score the first 6 points in the quarter to give the Cards a 24-14 lead over the Demon Deacons.  There were about 2 minutes between 2 HVL buckets while the defense held WF scoreless for the first almost 4 minutes.  Mykasa Robinson forced a steal with 5 min left and got the  assist to Jones to make it 26-16 Cards.   The WF offense struggled with leading scorer, Jewel Spear with only 5 points on 2-7 shooting with 3:30 left in the half but then a little 6-0 Spear spurt made it 28-23 before the Cards went on their own 6-0 run to push back and give UofL the 34-23 lead.  Jones fouled Spear on a 3 point attempt to close the quarter where she made 2 of 3.  

HALF  34-25


End of 3Q  26-11 WF

FG %
5-10 50%   Cards
8-13 61.5%  WF
Reb.  6-3 WF
3-pt %
0-2 0% Cards
5-6 83.3% WF

Dixon returned to the floor to start the second half after finishing with no points and 2 turnovers in 5 minutes in the first half.  She had 4 points and a rebound in the opening 3 minutes.  The Cards committed 5 turnovers in consecutive possessions over a five minute period and while the Deacs went on an 18-0 run including a 4 point play by Spear.   Spear and Williams scored the last 24 points for WF to give the Demon Deacons a 41-40 lead.  A layup by Olivia broke the scoring drought for UofL to cut the WF lead 46-43, she went to the to complete the 3 point play. Spear was 3-3 from both the field and the free throw line.  WF shot 83% from three point land in the quarter. 

End of 4Q  17-12 WF

FG %
5-12 41.7% Cards
4-11 36.4%  WF
Reb.  7 all
3-pt %
0-3 0% Cards
0-3 0%   WF

 Louisville continued to struggle to take care of the ball into the final quarter, committing two turnovers to open the first couple minutes and WF grew the lead to 55-47 lead over Louisville.  Cochran and HVL scored the next 6 points in the game to make it 55-53 WF and 4:30 minutes left in the game. Cochran also recorded a block and a steal in that run but a failed defensive set by the Cards allowed WF to get open underneath the basket to score.  With the score 59-57 WF, a made up walk on Cochran with 1:30 left in the game and phantom foul on Jones at the end of a shot clock for Spear allowed the momentum to go the Deacons way entirely as they secured a 61-57 lead.   WF closed the game on a 9-0 run at the free throw line. 

FINAL 68-57 Wake Forest over Louisville 


Louisville vs Syracuse
Sunday 1/29   12 p.m. 
ACCN or 93.9 The Ville 


(Most Cardinals Fans had to feel like Fred Thompson after the 18-0 WAKE run.)

FREE THROWS --  Louisville went 8-10 at the line where Morgan Jones lead the team going 5-7 from the charity stripe.  Cochran was the only other Card who went to the line and was a perfect 3-3. They were 80% but they did not get there far enough compared to Wake Forest's 19-24... Capital F  

REBOUNDING -- UofL was outrebounded 24-21 where WF Demeara Hinds lead all rebounders with 9.  Olivia lead for the Cards with 6.  Louisville only secured 3 offensive rebounds and had only 4 second chance points.  lower case r 

EFFORT/EXECUTION --  After coming off one of the worst quarters in program history, the Cardinals showed some similar signs of struggle in the final moments of the game.  UofL turned the ball over on 5 consecutive possessions.   HVL and Carr struggled to score combining for 13 points on 6-18 shooting, Carr scoreless in the second half.   As a team, the Cards committed 20 turnovers, 12 in the second half.  lower case e 

DEFENSE --  The wheels totally fell off the defensive bus for Louisville after a strong first half.  The Cards gave up 43 points in the second half to the Demon Deacons where Spear lead with 21, 11 coming at the free throw line.   Both teams had 6 steals in the game.  no letter 



As always 

Go Cards! 




  1. Some observations.

    Josie definitely deserves more minutes. Team seems to play better when she’s in the game and she has the ability to hit jump shots which can stretch her defender out and open up the inside.

    Russell deserves more PT. Of course. I don't coach them and I'm not there everyday. Others were saying he's lost the ability to coach them effectively, though. I think it's more of a matter where some of them just stopped listening to the coaching

    Curtis "Bee Kind" Franklin

  2. Spear did what she does. Kick your ass. Cards had no one to stop that.

    Nick O

  3. Yeah it's hard winning the road in the ACC this year all the teams are battling, but with that said what happened to HVL she's not taking her shots she has to shoot the ball in order for the Cardinals to win that's how it is this year.
    Hey give the Freshman more time because they're going to be here next year so am I humble opinion I think they need to play before they transfer.

    I agree on one thing it was a lot of flopping and they were calling it. The Officials are horrible in women's basketball. GO CARDS!

  4. My opinion is another game lost MOSTLY because of "us".
    Inability to execute, especially during key moments, doomed us.
    This year's team has shown that time and time again this season.
    I'd also like to see underclassmen getting more minutes, building for next year instead of getting more portal players.

    1. I agree kstarksr, develop the underclassmen their future transfer portal is a gamble sometimes you lose when you gamble.

    2. give spear credit she torched the cards and they could not do shit about it

    3. Anonymous Im Anonymous

  5. I don't know how many more losses it is going to take, but this WBB squad has got to start listening to the coaches and run the plays being set up for them.

    The Real Joe Hill

  6. Hello Friends !
    Arthur Here !

    Never thought I'd see this but it looks like Louisville is in danger for not making the NCAA Tournament and also -playing on Thursday in the ACC Tournament. You still got Notre Dame twice to play, UNC and Miami among your future opponents. A couple of losses could do it, and put you out of the NCAA.

    Life ain't so pretty on this side of the street, is it?

    Walz lost this team -- somehow. Some of them look like they'd rather be anywhere else. You better pray Van Lith doesn't enter the portal. I feel for you Cardinals fans and hope you can recover and start kicking butt again.

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

    1. Yes.... it would be a shame if the cards lost to Clemson that would be a losing season.


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