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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Athletic Director's Honor Roll for 493 Student-Athletes -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Louisville Places 493 Student-Athletes on Athletic Director's Honor Roll

The Fall 2022 semester proved to be another great success for Louisville student-athletes with 493 of them being placed on the Athletic Director's Honor Roll. Collectively, all of the Louisville student-athletes combined for a 3.240 GPA, marking it the 24th straight semester of a 3.0 or better mark for Louisville.

412 of those student-athletes has a 3.25 GPA or higher, giving them Red and Black Scholar honors. 89 student-athletes posted a 4.0 GPA.

With a 3.810 team GPA, Louisville field hockey posted the highest GPA of all sports.

Women's basketball, field hockey, women's golf, lacrosse, and volleyball were part of eight Louisville programs with a perfect Graduation Success Rate (GSR).

Women's tennis posted a 3.415 team GPA with eight members on the AD Honor Roll.

Women's swim and dive posted a 3.467 team GPA with 19 members on the AD Honor Roll.

Women's Basketball posted a 3.393 team GPA with 11 members on the AD Honor Roll.

Volleyball posted a 3.465 team GPA with 16 members on the AD Honor Roll.

Lacrosse posted a 3.512 team GPA with 35 members on the AD Honor Roll.

Field hockey posted a 3.810 team GPA with 22 members on the AD Honor Roll.

Women's cross country and track and field posted a 3.50 team GPA with 46 members on the AD Honor Roll.

Rowing posted a 3.132 team GPA with 30 members on the AD Honor Roll.

Women's golf posted a 3.725 team GPA with 11 members on the AD Honor Roll.

Softball posted a 3.742 team GPA with 19 members on the AD Honor Roll.

Women's soccer posted a 3.731 team GPA with 29 members on the AD Honor Roll.

While we spend a majority of our time covering the highlights and successes of what happens on the court and field, we also love to boast about the academic successes of Louisville women's athletes.

While trying to maintain a high GPA can be difficult for any college student, adding the athletics part to that makes these accomplishments that much more impressive.

With women's basketball hitting the road for a couple games, there has been talk of the Cardinal Marching and Pep Band hosting a watch party as Louisville visits Florida State on Sunday. The event is set to be hosted at the George Howe Red Barn on campus. I've known George for several years now and he's an absolutely awesome person. I will gather more information on the event and provide more details on Thursday.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!


  1. Wow...I ha d not thought about George Howe in some time. I was the "social chairman" of my fraternity and George would hook me up with kegs of Drummond Brothers beer (brewed by Falls City) for events and such. We had a 4-tap keg bar room in our frat basement and we always had at least one tap dedicated to Drummond Brothers. I have no idea (and probably don't want to know) what kind of "deal" Howe had set up with Drummond Brothers...but we got it dirt cheap.

    He also used to get us cases of Billy Beer (another Falls city offshoot) for pennies on the dollar.

    My favorite memory of the Red Barn was the ABC’s “Friday Night Live from the Kentucky Derby” in 1980, when singer Dan Fogleberg premiered his song “Run for the Roses.” The song peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100.
    In order to draw attendance (and raise money for our fraternity) we would throw band parties n the basement and tell attendees they were drinking Michelob Draft, instead of Drummond Brothers We had a wide variety of local and regional acts in our basement, Kessler's Friends, Tundra, Bobo, Buster Brown and Red Beans and Rice.

    We also raised money for the "Save the Red Barn" campaign in 1979 and I'll always have great memories of that venue.


    1. Great comment on forgotten days!. I guess the statue of limitations has run out, and a couple of my high school pals used to "crash" parties in the old fraternity quadrangle. One buddy actually pledged (Lambda Chi Alpha) a couple of years later.


  2. If the Hokies and Noles play close to the way they have most of the season, the Cards stand no chance in either. There is a new order in the ACC so far this year and, although the Cards may be one of the top five teams in the league, I don't see how they stop Kitley at VT or FSU. The Seminoles rank fourth in the country in scoring offense at 88.2 points per game And their lowest point total this year is 71, in their last vs, Boston College. The Eagles came out roaring in the overtime. BC scored the first eight points of the overtime period to take a commanding 74-66 lead. Florida State battled back but the Noles could never fully recover from that run and Boston College came away with the 77-71 victory.

    1. Ford, Owasu and Soule transferring in really helped Kenny Brooks and Kitley at VT, as did recruiting and getting Georgia Amoore. I agree with the previous commenter. If VT is "on" they'll murder the Cards. Notre Dame, Clemson and Miami caught them on "off" nights. Maybe the Cards will, too.

  3. All I'll say on this is DON'T underestimate the Cards.

  4. I Agree the cards have HVL!


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