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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

ACC Softball Standings — Sowry Interview — TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

 Post Derby depression is in full force in Louisville as we all had to head back to work. To cap it off, we also dealt with a bit of rain yesterday with plenty more in the forecast.

ACC Softball Standings

A bit of good news, though, as UofL softball appears to be a lock for the ACC Tournament. The Cards sit seventh in the current ACC standings. The top 10 teams qualify for the ACC Tournament here at Ulmer Stadium in Louisville.

Louisville only has a four-game series against North Carolina remaining. The Tar Heels sit 11th in the conference and will be battling to keep their season alive a little longer. Coincidentally, UofL field hockey will also be in Chapel Hill as they compete in the Final Four this weekend.

Holly Aprile’s squad is 13-19-1 in the conference and fresh of a 2-2 series tie at Boston College. We hoped to see a series victory, but an even series did not hurt the Cards.

They sit a couple games behind NC State, who plays Duke this weekend. If the Cards can take the series in Chapel Hill and the Wolfpack can falter against the Blue Devils, Louisville could move up the 6-seed and earn a first-round bye. The 7-10 seeds play an opening round.

Losing all four games to UNC could potentially knock the Cards out of the tournament. Multiple losses could also knock Louisville down to any of the 8-10 seeds. The 5-seed is out of reach but it would be nice to get the bye since Louisville will more likely than not need to win the ACC Tournament in order to go dancing when the NCAA Tournament rolls around.

We will preview that series as it comes closer.

Field Hockey Interview

Justine Sowry and Alli Bitting will be having a press conference later today to preview their match with 2-seed Michigan.

Louisville advanced to the NCAA Semifinals (Final Four) for the first time in program history with their 1-0 win over UConn. The Cards have a chance to continue making history.

Michigan dominated the Big Ten and then won the Big Ten Tournament and are nearly as good as North Carolina. However, you could make a similar argument about Louisville, who is the only team to defeat the Tar Heels in the last three years.

Never underestimate the Cards as they can be surprising and have plenty of talent.

We will tune in to see what Coach Sowry and Bitting have to say and share that with you tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. A tad Card related, Nicki Collen in as Baylor's new coach.
    Asst coach with Tom for a year here, I believe.

    1. Tom Collen dumped us for an SEC gig but that gave us Walz and we never looked back. His wife has been an assistant coach several places. How that qualifies her to take over at Baylor is anyone's guess, but I guess I've seen stranger hires.

      Nick O

    2. She has quite an impressive resume, actually 👍

    3. Resigned as coach of the Atlanta Dream to take the Baylor job.

  2. The Big 12 just breathed a collective sigh of relief.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin


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