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Thursday, October 8, 2020


 New NCAA Rankings

The NCAA released updated rankings for a few of their fall sports, and of course, the rankings did not disappoint.

Women's soccer had new rankings released.  With the ACC being the only conference in field hockey currently playing there was not a Top 15/25 released.

For volleyball, the Cards moved up to #9, breaking the Top 10 for the first time in Dani Busboom Kelly's tenure. We do have to take that with a grain of salt as many conferences are not playing volleyball, creating a bit of a skew in the rankings.  Reigning champion and runner-up Stanford and Wisconsin are not currently playing, for example.

Games have been updated through Oct. 6, although the NCAA website has an error with Louisville still at 0-1, although they meant to show 2-1. Louisville moved up in the rankings after sweeping Boston College on Friday and then downing the Eagles 3-1 on Saturday.  Their sole loss was a season opening sweep against Notre Dame.  The sweep sounds bad, but they lost the three sets by two points, three points, and two points, respectively.

Seven ACC programs are in the Top 15 with Notre Dame leading the charge at #5.  Syracuse sits one spot ahead of the Cards at #10.  #11 Pitt, #12 Miami, #13 Georgia Tech, and #14 Duke round out the rest of the ACC in the rankings while Florida State was in the receiving votes category.

The Cards host Syracuse in a two-match big-time showdown.  Like the first match, attendance will be extremely limited but is shaping up to be one for the record books.  I think most of us would love to be a fly on the wall... or a head... for these two matches.

Women's Soccer climbed into the rankings to #13 after being unranked in the previous poll.  The Cards hold a 3-1 record after dominating performances in all three wins and a tight battle in their loss Florida State.

There are seven ACC schools in the rankings.  North Carolina holds the top spot with a 4-0 record while Florida State sits right behind them, also with a 4-0 record.  Clemson fell from #3 down to #6 after a pair of losses.  Duke moved up to #7 in the polls.  Virginia held their spot at #10.  The Cards are the next ACC school at #13 and Notre Dame is behind them at #14.

Field hockey does not have an official ranking, but you could make a strong case for Louisville to be #1, right?  The Cards took down reigning champion North Carolina, defeated Final Four team Boston College, and defeated a powerhouse program in Duke twice.  They have the only overall undefeated record and sit at 3-0 in the ACC.  So, congrats to the Cards on their #1 ranking?!

We will see volleyball on Friday and Saturday back in town, in which Worldwide and I will be present for the matches.  Somewhere, Worldwide is jumping with excitement as he gets to head back into L&N Federal Credit Union Arena.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!



  1. it is interesting that louisville continue to have sports on campus with the covid rate higher than it ever been and that city still have riots in the downtown if i was a coach i think twice about bringing my team there

    1. I would like to take a moment to discuss the so-called riots. I have swung by downtown a couple times as well as have colleagues that have been down there almost daily. There aren’t riots happening, but the protests have continued. Near Jefferson Square, you can find people grilling out and enjoying time with family, people playing music, gardens growing, and litter being cleaned up. The media has tried to paint a different picture than what is really going on down there. Campus has also been completely quiet with the exception of a couple marches- one led by the UofL men’s basketball team.

      The COVID-19 numbers are a concern, however. UofL has done an excellent job compared to other schools and other parts of the city minimizing positive cases and pinpointing the source immediately. It isn’t a foolproof method but has been a more effective way than most from what I’ve seen

    2. From a media standpoint, I can assure you that all necessary precautions are being taken health-wise by the University for our personal protection safety. You wear your mask at all times in the socially-distanced press box, there is hand-sanitizer available and there is no face-to-face contact between the media and players or coaches. Only those providing pictures or doing camera work are allowed on the field and I don't think Jared, the Cardinal Couple columnist and photographer, has felt unsafe, in danger of super-spreading situations or afraid riots might break out. The fans that attend are socially distanced as well and hand-sanitizer is available for them as well. I have felt safe in both Louisville women's soccer and field hockey venues.

      The downtown area is several miles from the campus and any reports of rioting just aren't happening currently. It's a different campus, with a lot less people walking about and little traffic congestion.

      In all fairness, I have not been in any of the "enclosed" venues yet (like the L&N Federal Credit Union Arena or the YUM Practice Center for basketball) -- but from what I have seen and heard, those are areas that are socially distancing, requiring masks at all times and providing hand-sanitizer. Limited attendance for Volleyball is in effect and we'll see how basketball is handled -- that's still over a month away.

      I expect we'll hear more from Jeff and Jared on Saturday morning on being inside the Volleyball venue on our Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast. Case will weigh in on his experience of covering WSOC on last Sunday as well -- I would assume.

      The only difficulty I've experienced this fall is "having to take care of a need to use the rest-room" but was able to find a Port-O-Let on campus and took care of that. I carry hand-sanitizer and Lysol wipes in my vehicle, just as a precaution.

      Coaches and players need not fear coming to Louisville.

      (Except for when we beat the tar out of them on the fields of play...)


  2. ok someone must have felt threated because why did they cancel notre dame second volleyball game you all use big words and all that but there should not be no inside events happening i still wouldn't bring a team to your city

  3. Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning it seems. Good responses Paulie and Jared.

    Nick O

  4. Jared, your observations are right on. My daughter-in-law works very close to Injustice Square. My older son is downtown on a regular basis. I am up and down Bardstown Road almost daily.

  5. I think everyone is worried about Pence's pet fly.

  6. I drive into Louisville (the west end) once a week or so to visit my elderly Auntie. I've had no issues, and don't expect any. I think the city has gotten a "bad shake" from the national media.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin


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