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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Breakout Fall Players -- Go Vote -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Predicting Breakout Fall Players

Keeping with my bold predictions I'm going to predict my breakout players for the fall sports for the 2020 season.  With each new season it's up to different players to step up and fill larger roles as seniors graduate and continue on with their successful lives.

When guessing breakout players it's important to note that I'm not going the easy route by picking stars such as Emina Ekic and Mechi Pastor.  Those are obvious great players that we already expect to have great seasons.

It's also important to make note that this is going off the assumption that these players are returning for the 2020 season.  I did not name any freshmen to the list.

Field Hockey

Starting with Justine Sowry's squad there's shoes to fill with the departure of several key players.

Erica Cooper has been a favorite of Coach Sowry's and sees a lot of playing time.  The Louisville native had two game winners, her only two goals on the 2019 season, but will be Pastor's dynamic duo partner on offense the upcoming year.

Margot Lawn was low on the list in minutes played but was fourth in total points and fifth in goals scored.  She has one game winner on the year, but with her high point percentage in terms of minutes played she has a good shot at having a breakout season.


There's only one player that graduated even though a couple players decided to retire from volleyball so a majority of the roster returns for similar roles.

Anna Stevenson doesn't see the court as often as other players being a middle blocker.  However, she makes the most of her time on the court and led the team in blocks by 43-block margin.  Her talent level is too good for Coach Dani Busboom Kelly to not find a way to integrate her into the rotation more.  Stevenson has the potential to be one of the top blockers in the country.

Amber Stivrins got hot in the back half of the season and her playing time increased.  Besides being middle of the pack in sets played she ranked fifth on the team in points per set, fourth in kills per set, and sixth in attack percentage.  One of those ahead of her in attack percentage graduated, another transferred, and one went 1-for-2, moving her up to third in the category if those numbers repeat themselves.


Anna Henderson showed leadership capability during the spring season and showed she can run withthe big dogs.  With plenty of key players having graduated someone will have to step up to be the number two beside Emina.  Henderson ran under the radar last season giving her an advantage over opponents in their scouting reports.

Delaney Snyder seemed to be overshadowed by other offensive players last season but finished third in goals and points.  Snyder has ball control that mirrors that of Ekic, so even though she lacks breakaway speed she makes up for it in skills and soccer IQ.  She'll outmaneuver defenders on her way to a breakout season.

Go Vote

If you have not gotten a chance to go vote yet your time is quickly running out.  It appears all of Louisville has to vote out at the Fairgrounds so if you're headed out to vote in person prepare for possible wait times.

If you're like myself you already requested your mail-in absentee ballot and sent it in.

We aren't endorsing any candidate here at Cardinal Couple or telling you who to vote for but please exercise your right and freedom to vote!  When 2/3 of the population pulls the "my vote doesn't count card" it doesn't work well.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. If you don't vote, don't complain. If your candidate(s) lose, you have that right to complain. If your candidate wins, you helped make that possible. I voted via mail and if you haven't, I hope you go vote in person.

    Nick O.

  2. And, I might add to Nick's remarks. If your candidate didn't win, don't be a sore loser. In the general election on Nov 3, support the candidate that most closely matches your position. NO candidate is going to be perfect for everyone.


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