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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A Day in the Life of an Essential Worker -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

A Day in the Life of an Essential Worker

Jared "back in the good ol' days" 
As I continue to try to find things to write about I figured I'd talk about what it's actually like as an essential worker right now.  Then, I'll figure out what to write about in future days as they come.

For me, I am part of less than 20% of the company who has to go into their normal building for work.  Less than 15% of us deal with the public on a daily basis.

The drive to work is nice.  Traffic has decreased dramatically.  I do find myself driving a tad faster than normal with the chance of an open road.

We have made changes at work to help protect ourselves and the public.  The lobby is closed except for appointments such as notaries, safe deposit box access, new accounts, change orders, and small personal loans, all which I can do.

Instead of opening an account or filling out a loan application when the person arrives we prepare everything ahead of time so we just have documents to be signed when the appointment shows up.

Transactions such as deposit, withdrawals, check cashing, and loan payments are done in the drive
thru, which is a fancy machine run by a department downtown (currently working from home).  We also accept deposits in our night drop and is a majority of what we do during the day.

There is plenty of downtime to watch movies or play games right now.

We are discouraged from gloves as they can play a role in cross-contamination rather easily.  Instead, we use heavy amounts of hand sanitizer and spend plenty of time washing our hands.

Due to our high risk of exposure from dealing with heavy amounts of cash and still dealing with people face-to-face we are discouraged from spending time with people outside of work.  When visiting my parents I maintain a good distance apart from them, and I don't really see the rest of my family or any friends right now- just a lot of time alone at home.

It is nice with the change of pace at work and just having something different, but I would like to see  things back to normal at some point, whenever that may be.

It is also scary to see many of the reasons people come to the bank for "essential purposes".  Whether to go against the Governor's and CDC's wishes or just because people have a longing to get out-and-about many people are risking their own health and safety for silly reasons.

 Personally, I would like to fast forward through everything to get back to the days where everything is normal.  One day...

Please remember to stay safe and practice good hygiene.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. Thanks for the story Jared. As I have mentioned here in the comments, I'm still out in the working world. Stocking those shelves, unloading those carts and skids and dealing with people.

    I wash probably every hour while at work. I use a lot of hand sanitizer. One particular gripe I have is that people will take something off a shelf, decide they don't want it and leave it on a different shelf. in a different aisle. Remember, someone has to "clean up" after you. If you don't want it, don't touch or take it, please.

    I wear gloves and a mask. I have five different cloth masks and I change the masks every day I work. I wash them in very hot water and Lysol with soap.

    We have closed the break room. Our conversations, plan-of-attack and assignments are done six feet away from each other.

    I am fortunate, though. I still have a job. So many do not now and my heart and thoughts go out to them.

    I will go on record and say that I do not think we are ready to re-open society and gather in groups again. You saw what happened at Mardi Gras.

    Stay home, wash frequently and sanitize and wear a mask in public.

    Curtis "One day at a time" Franklin

  2. Vince Tyra is going to announce layoffs and furloughs for Louisville Athletics. Who gets cut?


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