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Wednesday, February 12, 2020


With some pressers and interviews today for Paulie, we decided to swap days.  Tomorrow will feature those as well as Paulie's breakdown of NC State.

Midweek Report

We have quite a few teams in season right now with many have upcoming games and matches this weekend so why not take a look at those, right?

Women's Basketball

Sitting at 21-3 on the year, we have had plenty of controversy and discussion on the issues that arose recently.  Everyone should be back for the game against #4 NC State, a game that could ultimately decide the ACC regular season champion.

Still, the Cards are ranked #9 right now and another loss won't kill the season. They're a #3 seed in Bracketology, if that measure matters to you.  Remember this,  none of this decides the ACC Tournament champion or NCAA Tournament champion so I would much rather they lose now than later. I do hope for a Cardinal WBB win in Raleigh Thursday night, of course.


A victory in the season opener is always nice and helps get the nerves out of the way.  The next two matches are at home on a familiar field and several key players have a couple of years under their belt with the Teeter system.

Defense has shown major improvement and Rachel Florek put on a show in goal against Cincinnati.  Offensively, there are plenty of players who have proven they can score.

You can catch them at home Saturday at noon against Denver and Monday at 1:00 against Marquette.


After starting the year with an upset over Ole Miss the Cards dropped four straight games.  Thankfully, softball is a long season with many games.  The Cards lost 23 games last year, so there is plenty of time to make up ground this year.

They remain on the road for several more weeks with early season tournaments before coming home for the start of March.  This coming weekend features the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.  Louisville will face Michigan and Wisconsin each twice.


A shocking loss to Furman last week but the first blemish on an otherwise perfect record.  Still, at 6-1, the Cards are off to their usual early season hot start.

Mark Beckham's squad had a slight schedule change this weekend.  They will now host Bowling Green at 11:00 and Northern Illinois at 3:00.

Swimming and Diving

The Cards are home for the final time this season before the ACC Championships and NCAA
Championships.  They will have both Friday and Saturday action, hosting the Louisville Invitational.

The women are ranked #19, which is a slight drop from recent years, but Arthur Albeiro has shown no concern,  He is fully confident in his team and I don't expect them to disappoint in the postseason.

Obviously, Saturday is a full plate on campus.  Assuming this old man (currently 25) can muster up the energy for it I'll start my day at the Ralph Wright Natatorium, move to the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium midday, and conclude the day at Bass-Rudd Tennis Center.

Burger of the Week

Another burger challenge is from a popular local bar right down the road from my work.  It has had a history of changing ownership often and most recently made some changes when the owner passed away a year ago.

Bambi Bar is home to the Bambi Burger and the Bambi Walk.  They're one of the few restaurants we've looked at so far that is open every day.

I have not yet been to this long time local favorite to try out the Bambi Burger but I have heard nothing but praises from friends and Yelp gives it a high rating.

What makes "the burger" for your taste buds? Lots of "dressed items" like onion, lettuce and tomato? What type of cheese? Or, the size of the hamburger pattie? Are you a mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard dressing fan? Type of bun? A couple slices of bacon?  Let us know what "makes" your burger in the comments section today !

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!



  1. It'll be interesting to hear what Walz has to say today. Why did they move the presser to 11 a.m.? Travel plans?

    Curtis "Hanging on every word" Franklin

  2. Also, I like my burger with American cheese, bacon, fully dressed, sesame seed bun and mayo. If I can get a dill pickle slice on the side and a order of fries, all the better. Cholesterol be damned, when I want meat, I go get meat !

    Curtis "I want it as rare as you will cook it" Franklin

  3. The key is stopping Cunane for NC State. They are a balanced scoring team, but, they revolve around the center. They have more turnovers than they force. Cards need to capitalize on that.

    I don't do burgers much but, when I do, I prefer one that I've cooked outside on my Green Egg, well done, with a thin bun, no cheese, tomato and onion with A1 sauce on it. Wendy's double isn't bad.

    Blue Lou

    1. I agree stop her Cards have a good chance to win on Thursday nite fight Lol.

  4. The Sidebar, across from the KFC YUM! Center, has a GREAT burger. The wife and I make a point of dining there before most home games for the men and women. Tried it a couple of ways, haven't been disappointed yet.

    Concerned about the lack of scoring recently for the women, but they should be back on track, if Diop is healthy and Balogun doesn't have jet lag. I like Jess out there, too, and glad she's getting some playing time.

    Love the site! I just recently found out about it and try to check it every day.

    --Huge Cardinal Fan in Prospect --

    1. We appreciate that, "huge fan" and all our readers. Please tell a buddy, bring a friend that doesn't know about us. We are the joy and excitement voice for UofL women's sports here at Cardinal Couple and YOU are Cardinal Couple, something we never forget.


  5. Walz actually mirrored a lot of what I said previously.
    We're going down there to #playlikelouisville, and by that it means the way we were playing to get to 21-1.
    And I will thoroughly enjoy watching both teams at their best thinking we have a legitimate shot at winning.
    GO CARDS!!!

  6. According to Coach, they had originally planned a noon flight, but weather pushed that back. They were doing walk-thru on the practice facility court when I went to interview Teeter and Ally Hall at 12:30 p.m., but, had left from there by the time I left Teeter's office around 1:15 p.m.



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